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Marina Mogilko

Marina Mogilko

  • Lives and works in the US

    Talks to native speakers every day and knows all insights about work and education in America.

  • Popular blogger

    Runs 3 YouTube channels with almost 3 million subscribers.

  • Got accepted into MBA programs at 5 American universities

    Five universities accepted her to the programs and two of those offered full funding.

  • Passed multiple language tests with high scores

    With just self-preparation, she scored 117 out of 120 on TOEFL and 700 out of 800 on the GMAT.

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Venya Pak

Venya Pak

  • Lives in the USA

    Knows the ins and outs of American culture and has up-to-date English knowledge.

  • Speaks like a native speaker

    Graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in LA. Has a good ear for music and a decent pronunciation. Makes music.

  • Popular blogger

    Has a YouTube channel with 750 000 followers. Shares tips that help people learn English and talks about life in the US.

  • Experienced teacher

    Author of 3 textbooks and has his own methodology. Has a teaching certificate — TESOL.

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Xenia Almog

Xenia Almog

  • Experienced teacher

    Has been teaching English for over ten years.

  • Passed multiple language tests with high scores

    Scored 8.5 out of 9.0 points on IELTS and 118 out of 120 on TOEFL.

  • Graduated from an American university

    Xenia has a Master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh — among the top-20 state universities in the USA.

  • Speaks 5 languages fluently

    Xenia is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Russian.

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Michael Zagorski

Michael Zagorski

  • He’s an expert in exams

    Scored 780 out of 800 on GMAT, 340 out of 340 on GRE, and 178 out of 180 on LSAT (only 0.1% of all people passing the exam score that highly).

  • His students gained decent results

    The highest score from one of Michael’s students is 170 out of 180 on LSAT.

  • He’s an experienced teacher

    Has been teaching for over 10 years.

  • He has a degree in mathematics

    Can teach you not only English but will also give a hand with any mathematics part of an exam.

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Anastasia Ivbule

Anastasia Ivbule

  • Practicing teacher

    Scored 119 out of 120 on TOEFL and 9 out of 9 on IELTS. She has been teaching English and preparing students for exams for over 5 years.

  • Graduated from an American university

    She holds a degree in Linguistics from Boston University — among the top-40 universities in the USA.

  • Speaks five languages

    Knows Russian, English, Spanish, French and Italian. At the moment, she is learning Hebrew.

  • Applies the communicative method

    Starts speaking with students in English from the first lesson.

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Joseph O'Neill

Joseph O'Neill

  • Certified professional teacher who is a native speaker

    Has been teaching English for 5 years.

  • Has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature

    During lessons, can discuss books and talk about American culture — Joe is from Boston.

  • Launches author’s products

    Created a personalized pronunciation course.

  • Business English lessons

    Helps students to get ready to work for an international company.

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Elizaveta Baboshko

Elizaveta Baboshko

  • Professional linguist and teacher

    She is getting a degree in early child development.

  • Certified tutor

    Has got international certificates: TEFL and CELTA.

  • Working experience with kids

    She works in China, teaching children of 3–12 English. Also, she gives personal and group online lessons.

  • Continuing education

    Takes online and offline courses; takes part in teacher contests and studies Chinese and Italian.

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Jonathan Huggins

Jonathan Huggins

  • He is a native English speaker and professional tutor

    Jonathan is a certified language tutor from California with over 20 years of professional experience.

  • He passed TOEFL twice

    Can give well-timed feedback to students.

  • He works with your background

    To choose the strategy for your classes, Jonathan will try to get maximum information about you, including your current level, and your interests.

  • Continuing education

    He is learning Spanish, French, German and Russian himself.

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Maria Busyga

Maria Busyga

  • Grammar pro

    Specializes in teaching brutal English grammar to students with all levels.

  • Researcher

    Conducts linguistic research and dreams that one day all teachers will use contemporary methods of teaching.

  • Own vision

    Uses inductive methods during classes: instead of explaining a featured rule, Masha pushes students towards realizing it with examples.

  • Experienced methodologist

    Works with the structure of courses and compiles handbooks for students learning English

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Dmitry Chaika

Dmitry Chaika

  • Outstanding GMAT results

    He himself scored 740 out of 800 on GMAT. Got 51 (97%) in the quantitative section.

  • Impressive experience

    Has been teaching math for 8 years.

  • Inspiring students’ achievements

    Dmitry’s students have successfully passed their exams and continued their studies in the UK and the USA.

  • Versatile background

    He majored in mathematics and can improve not only your English language but can help with math too.

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Anastasia Eustace

Anastasia Eustace

  • Professional linguist and teacher

    She has a Specialist’s degree in Linguistics and Teaching Methodologies

  • Certified tutor

    Has international certificates: TKT, CELTA, CPA and DELTA. Scored 8.5 on IELTS.

  • An experienced teacher

    She lives in the UK and knows pretty much everything about local culture. She has been teaching British English in language schools for more than six years.

  • Polyglot

    She is fluent in Russian, English and Spanish, and has a good command of German, French and Hebrew.

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Elena Anisimova

Elena Anisimova

  • Employment in the US

    Leads North America market for Jacobi Strategies, an investment tech company headquartered in San Francisco.

  • Extensive global experience

    With over 13 years of experience, she became skillful in strategy, business development, product sales, commercialization and financial analysis.

  • Achievements

    She was awarded Citi Leaders in Excellence and recognized as a Progress Maker.

  • Business English

    She is aware of how to write a worthy CV and pass an interview with an American company.

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T'Keyah Day

T'Keyah Day

  • Native speaker

    T’Keyah grew up in the American state of New Jersey and now lives in Los Angeles.

  • Creative person

    Singer — graduated from American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, does covers of trending songs. Actress — acted in a Hollywood movie.

  • Blogger

    Makes educational videos for’s YouTube channels.

  • Tutor

    Often talks to Russian-speaking people and takes notice of their mistakes in English

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Aliona Fedorenco

Marathon "From Intermediate to Advanced"

"If I did it, you can do it too". These are the words that motivated me to attend one of Venya's online English coures "From Intermediate to Advanced in 30 days". Was it helpful? Absolutely. This course set me on the right path. I started noticing things I never thought were important. I began practicing on my own using his useful explanations. The most important part is that Venya is really proffessional in the topic and knows how to explain the difficult parts yet don't make it seem complex or boring. He uses techniques that are completely controversial to traditional education, which I think is exactly what most people are looking for. If you struggle to speak English, go check out LinguaTrip website where you will find many interesting English courses and webinars.

Vedran Bajramovic

Intensive "Get 100 or above on TOEFL"

I can only recommend this platform. I did the course "Get 100 or above on TOEFL" with Anastasia Ivbule, and she helped me a lot, especially for the speaking part, she gave me very helpful tips, and I finally managed to get a score of 25+. The course consists of 14 lectures, and you also get excellent templates that are very useful for writing and speaking! Most importantly, I managed to get my desired score and it wouldn't be possible without Anastasia!

Elizabeth Korobeinikova

Marathon "From Elementary to Intermediate"

Intensive courses seriously helped me in learning English. First of all, I would like to say a big thanks to LinguaTrip for organizing everything and to Venya for the excellent presentation of the information. I liked everything! The classes were so informative and interesting. Homework helped consolidate information, and I liked the tests very much. I highly recommend enrolling in at least one intensive course. You will understand everything by yourself. For me, this is not the last workshop because it is the best way to learn English I've seen so far.

Valentin Aliferov

Intensive course "Master the Use of English Tenses like a Native"

Intensive lessons with Venya were memorable for me because I received only relevant, current information on the topic. Everything was explained with real-life examples, in simple terms, and with humor :) Furthermore, I was pleased with technical and organizational sides, including webinars, chats and reminders. Everything was clear, modern and tasteful. I'm looking forward to the next intensives!

Dominick Vaitsekauskas

Handbook "Grammar is all you need"

Really awesome book. By the way, it's crazy cheap but the content is really useful. 🔥

Alina Rozova

Intensive course "Learn to Speak English like an American"

My first intensive worksop with Venya left the most positive impression on me! Everything is very accessible and understandable. The knowledge that I once had was extended and put into the system. And what's important in my opinion: the intensive course is easy and fun, unlike the lessons with a tutor in school in the past. To sum up, I can say that this is not my last intensive course, and Venya is a very talented teacher. Everything is great, keep it up!

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