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    Challenge marathon with Venya Pak and Marina Mogilko

    From Elementary to Intermediate

    30 days to build a solid foundation and get to the Intermediate level.

    Start date

    October 5 2023




    starts at $89

    We made our best course even better, and more than 10,000 people have already taken it! You can join the marathon as a regular course or in challenge mode.

    Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and finally learn English?

    What's in the course

    A Clear System

    Get your shaky English up and running and become confident in your knowledge.

    Strong English base

    You'll feel confident in what you learn and won’t feel like you need to relearn everything in the future.

    Everyday words

    Learn the words you need and real-life examples, no old-fashioned stuff.

    Enjoyable English grammar

    You’ll practice grammar in a fun and practical way.

    The challenge marathon is a course with a ranking system where all students are divided into pairs. Those who complete all the tasks rise to the top, quickly improve their English, and win prizes. The course goes on for 5 weeks straight – no breaks. We know you can do it!

    The coolest thing about the course is the special way you do homework on your own and with your buddy. Our homework tasks are designed to put what you’re learning into practice and help you speak stress-free. Turn English into a useful skill!

    Join the challenge, get better at English, and win prizes from LinguaTrip


    Apple Watch or AirPods PRO

    8 lessons with a native speaker and 2-month access to Lingua Speaking Club

    4 lessons with a native speaker and 1-month access to Lingua Speaking Club

    Any 2 LinguaTrip courses (Master package) and access to Lingua Speaking Club

    Groups from 6th to 10th place will get $50 off any LinguaTrip course

    All challenge participants who successfully complete the marathon will receive one of our handbooks as a gift! And the teams that make it to the TOP 10 will also get an extra free turbo-intensive course!

    How it works:


    We'll form teams with participants and find you the perfect partner — someone who is around the same age, has similar interests, and lives in the same time zone.

    Scoring system

    Mentors will check your homework and award points. The points will be added to your team total. All assignment points will be added up at the end.

    Prizes from LinguaTrip

    Each team will have a chance to win cool prizes. The more points you get, the higher your team's score and the better chance you have to win prizes!

    Having fun and staying motivated

    We have found that students enjoy working with a partner. It helps keep them on track as they rise to the challenge in an enjoyable way — together!

    The main goal of this marathon is to learn new things really well and reach the Intermediate level. The marathon is like a fun challenge (GURU package), where prizes are like extra nice surprises to keep you excited about English.

    Learn and get chances to win cool stuff – doesn't that sound awesome? .

    The course is perfect for those who…

    • want to start learning English in the right way and remember it for a long time.

    • feel lost with basic grammar and need a helping hand to guide them.

    • struggle to overcome the language barrier and have not seen much progress in their studies.

    • are planning to take language exams in the future.

    Marathon Instructors

    • About Marina Mogilko

    Marina has passed multiple language exams with high scores: 117 out of 120 on TOEFL and 700 out of 800 on the GMAT. She was consequently accepted into MBA programs at five American universities. Marina now lives in Silicon Valley, where she runs, as well as three YouTube channels with more than 8 million subscribers.

    • About Venya Pak

    Venya is the author of various English guides: "English like a Boss" , "10 Laws of Perfect English", and "Tenses". He has also developed his own language-learning system. He lives in the U.S. and communicates with native English speakers on a daily basis. Venya also has his own YouTube channel, VenyaPakTV, which already has more than 700,000 subscribers.

    Course Features

    35 lessons and livestreams

    Lessons open every day, recordings are available anytime, anywhere. There are also live streams with Venya and live streams for answering questions and having discussions.


    Access - 2 months from the marathon start date.


    You will get homework from Venya after each lesson. This will help you learn the material better. You will also have additional writing tasks.


    Additional tasks are checked by a tutor in the Master and Guru packages only.

    Rating system

    To get to the top of the leaderboard and win the ultimate prize, you need to complete all individual and team homework on time. The homework will be interesting, on hot topics, and will allow you to quickly improve all your skills.


    Guru package only.

    Certificate and Discount

    All participants who pass the final test will receive a certificate that you can add to your resume and use for obtaining a student visa. You'll also get a $30 discount on any intensive course.

    Prize drawing

    The best get everything! Winners will be able to boost all their English skills, move to the Intermediate level, and win cool prizes from the LinguaTrip team. Are you with us?


    Guru package only.

    Personal Advice

    Want more feedback? Gain access to a personal chat with a mentor. In this chat, the mentor checks homework and answers questions about the marathon.


    Guru package only.

    Course content

    • Week #1

    • Week #2

    • Week #3

    • Week #4 + 2 days :)

    Week #1

    October 5

    Lesson 1 | Verbs “to have” and “to be”

    Let’s take a closer look at these two important verbs.

    October 6

    Lesson 2 | Articles

    Where, when, and why?

    October 7

    Lesson 3 | Rules of vowels

    Not as easy as it seems

    October 7

    Lesson 4 | How to read consonants

    Pronunciation secrets of native speakers

    October 8

    Lesson 5 | English etiquette

    Polite ways to say “Hello”, “Goodbye”, and “Thank you”

    October 9

    Lesson 6 | New vocabulary

    Name friends, family, character, and personality.

    October 10

    Lesson 7 | Describing appearance

    Let’s say how beautiful we are out loud.

    October 11

    Lesson 8 | Present Simple

    It’s very present and very simple.

    October 11

    Lesson 9 | Daily routine

    Describe your typical day (going to bed at 3 am, and waking up at 7 am, right?)

    Week #2

    October 12

    Lesson 10 | Present Progressive

    Let’s talk about the present and…the future.

    October 13

    Lesson 11 | Hobbies, sports, leisure time

    What are the things you do besides learning English?

    October 14

    Lesson 12 | Pronunciation

    Work on your accent.

    October 14

    Lesson 13 | Intonation

    How are you speaking to me?

    October 15

    Lesson 14 | What is “There is”?

    Count milk, girls, and bananas.

    October 16

    Lesson 15 | Word order in a sentence

    Put those words in the correct order.

    October 17

    Lesson 16 | Future Simple: “To Be Going To”

    Share your future plans for conquering the world.

    October 18

    Lesson 17 | Past Simple

    Tell us how you conquered the world yesterday.

    Week #3

    October 19

    Lesson 18 | Irregular verbs

    Nobody's favorite- let's make them more interesting.

    October 20

    Lesson 19 | Past Progressive

    Were you washing the dishes all night? Good thing that’s over.

    October 21

    Lesson 20 | Present Perfect

    We’ve just finished learning all the tenses in this marathon!

    October 22

    Lesson 21 | Let’s go to the mall!

    Vocabulary for American shopping

    October 23

    Lesson 22 | How to study

    Some pieces of advice, resources, and life hacks.

    October 24

    Lesson 23 | Modal verbs

    Meet MAY, MUST, CAN and their friends.

    October 25

    Lesson 24 | A cup of tea, please

    How to order food and tip a waiter

    Week #4 + 2 days:)

    October 26

    Lesson 25 | Prepositions of place

    When to use AT, ON, and IN.

    October 27

    Lesson 26 | Prepositions of time

    AT, ON, IN… these again? Let’s sort them out.

    October 28

    Lesson 27 | Phrasal verbs

    Verb + preposition = surprise!

    October 29

    Lesson 28 | What to do in confusing situations

    They still do not understand me! SOS!

    October 30

    Lesson 29 | Comparative adjectives

    What is good and what’s better?

    October 31

    Lesson 30 | Used to/get used to/be used to

    What was then is gone now.

    October 31

    Lesson 31 | Language barrier

    Climb over it with our proven techniques

    November 1

    Lesson 32 | Conditional clauses

    Zero or first? What are the conditions?

    November 2

    Lesson 33 | Passive voice

    Stop being passive about it.

    November 3

    Lesson 34 | TOP 10 idioms

    Turn your English studies into a piece of cake!

    November 3

    Lesson 35 | Final lesson

    Summing up, praising ourselves, and writing down some tips.

    November 3

    Final live stream

    If you get sick, go on vacation, or something else happens, don't worry - you can freeze your access to video lessons for two weeks. That way, you won't stress about the deadlines. Take a short break and come back to lessons when you're ready.

    Packages and Prices

    • Reserve your spot

      in the marathon

    • marathon +

      Lingua Speaking Club Pro


    • 2-month access to classes

    • 35 pre-recorded lessons

    • Homework

    • 2-month access to Venya's monthly Q&A broadcasts

    • Discount for online intensives

    • Certificate

    • Habit Tracker

    • The option of freezing access for 2 weeks






    • 2-month access to classes

    • 35 pre-recorded lessons

    • Homework

    • 2-month access to Venya's monthly Q&A broadcasts

    • Discount for online intensives

    • Certificate

    • Habit Tracker

    • The option of freezing access for 2 weeks

    • Lecture notes

    • Homework checked by mentors

    • Access to a group chat with mentors

    • Challenge and lottery with amazing prizes from LinguaTrip

    • Additional homework with your buddy






    • 2-month access to classes

    • 35 pre-recorded lessons

    • Homework

    • 2-month access to Venya's monthly Q&A broadcasts

    • Discount for online intensives

    • Certificate

    • Habit Tracker

    • The option of freezing access for 2 weeks

    • Lecture notes

    • Homework checked by mentors

    • Access to a group chat with mentors

    • Challenge and lottery with amazing prizes from LinguaTrip

    • Additional homework with your buddy

    • 4 private lessons with a teacher







    Valentin Aliferov

    Intensive lessons with Venya were memorable for me because I received only relevant, current information on the topic. Everything was explained with real-life examples, in simple terms, and with humor. :-) Furthermore, I was pleased with the technical and organizational sides, including webinars, chats, and reminders. Everything was clear, modern, and tasteful. I’m looking forward to the next intensives!

    Elizaveta Cherepanova

    Venya is a very good teacher. He always smiles and jokes. And when the mood is good, I’ve noticed it’s much easier to study. When explaining the material, Venya usually gives such vibrant--I would even say "flashy"--examples that stick in your memory very well. I also liked that Venya communicates with everyone as if they were long-familiar friends. This vibe is very comfortable. That would be great to talk face-to-face! I have done only one intensive grammar course so far. It was rather short but capacious. It may seem a bit complicated if you’re a complete beginner. But those who know the grammar will still find something interesting in the course. And it won’t necessarily be related to the grammar :-) It is more important that there be instant communication with the teacher, a resident of the United States. He is immersed in the language environment and knows all the life situations first hand. It was very useful that he repeated and reinforced many rules and topics. To all those who are still thinking about it, I recommend trying at least one intensive course. That way, you’ll see how the process is organized and how Venya is in action. He’s so cool!

    Alina Rozova

    My first intensive workshop with Venya left the most positive impression on me! Everything is very accessible and understandable. The knowledge that I once had was extended and put into the system. And what’s important in my opinion: the intensive course is easy and fun, unlike the lessons with a tutor in school in the past. To sum up, I can say that this is not my last intensive course, and Venya is a very talented teacher. Everything is great, keep it up!

    Elizabeth Korobeinikova

    Intensive courses seriously helped me in learning English. First of all, I would like to say a big thanks to LinguaTrip for organizing everything and to Venya for the excellent presentation of information. I liked everything! The classes were so informative and interesting. Homework helped consolidate information, and I liked the tests and speaking tasks very much. I highly recommend enrolling in at least one intensive course. You will understand everything by yourself. For me, this is not the last intensive workshop because it is the best way to learn English I’ve seen so far. I highly recommend enrolling in at least one intensive workshop, and you will understand everything by yourself. Personally for me, this is not the last intensive workshop, for now it is the best way to learn English.

    Juliana Glukhova

    When I receive a notification that there is a new video on Marina’s YouTube channel, I go to watch it straight away. I enjoy learning English with Marina’s videos, as there is always something to note down and then to use in practice when communicating with people from other countries. Lessons with tips and tricks from Marina help me boost my pronunciation. I actually do go to the mirror and practice until I manage to make the right sounds. This leads to an understanding of language and not simply memorizing words and phrases. I’ve even started to think in English! Videos are always well-structured: there is an introduction, key points, and examples. I like this approach. Marina includes only the important bits and no filler.

    Kristina Belaya

    I discovered Marina’s channel over a year ago when I started seriously researching the topic of moving to the USA. She had a lot of videos on this topic, as well as numerous interesting English lessons. Since watching the first video, I can’t stop. I’ve been learning English for a long time but didn’t have enough time to attend offline courses. But Marina is a perfect teacher for me. In her videos, she briefly but comprehensively explains the theme. In 15-20 minutes you learn everything you need to know. Also, Marina uses real-life examples and it makes her lessons more relevant. She combines useful information with interesting stories and it makes classes more exciting. Her videos are a few minutes of English learning every day, even for those who have no spare time.


    • I see that the lessons are pre-recorded. How does that work?
    • When are the live streams and how do I access them?
    • Where do I find pre-recorded lessons?
    • And what about homework?
    • It says that there are lecture summaries. Can I download them straight away after each lesson?
    • How can I freeze access to the course?
    • I want a $30 discount for an intensive course from How can I get it?
    • It seems that the Guru package is the best. Why?
    • I want a refund. Is that possible?
    • I want to win prizes! What do I need to do?

    If you have any questions, email us at

    We reply from 10 to 19 Moscow time only on weekdays

    Reserve your spot

    Start date

    October 5, 2023




    starts at $89

    Reserve your spot for the online marathon "From Elementary to Intermediate

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