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Applying to US universities

Applying to US universities

With our assistance, over 300 students have been accepted to American higher education institutions

How to enter a US university?

Hi, my name is Marina, and I have recently been admitted to five American universities, two of which offered me full funding. I was applying for master’s programs in marketing and MBA, and everyone kept telling me it was impossible to get funding for such programs anywhere, let alone in the USA!

The long-awaited letter of acceptance, which fell into my mailbox along with notifications from the deans about full funding of my studies, was preceded by months of strenuous work: selecting US universities, writing letters, pinpointing entrance requirements, putting together a full set of papers and preparing for one of the most challenging exams in my life.

Today I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about American higher education, so that you could make up your mind if you are ready to go and conquer America in the next few years.

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What kind of program should I apply for? Bachelor’s, master’s, PhD?

If you are about to finish school, you can try entering a BA program (the first stage of higher education).

If you already have a bachelor's degree, you can go for a master's program, with an opportunity of changing your field if you want to. Thus, with a BA in psychology, you can take up a master's course in Economics.

If you have a specialist's degree (higher professional education in some countries, ranked between BA and MA), you can go for master's, MBA, or even PhD.

When should I start preparing?

At least a year, preferably two years before the course start date. We also work with guys and girls who plan to get down to their studies in just a few months, but the choice of establishments in this event is considerably narrower.

What papers do I need to prepare for enrollment?

Requirement may vary in different universities and faculties, but in most cases you will need:

  • exam scores (TOEFL, SAT/GMAT/GRE)
  • a copy of your school certificate and/or higher education diploma
  • two motivation letters
  • two letters of reference
  • a filled-in university application form

I haven't yet obtained my certificate/diploma, can I apply?

Yes, you can, but you will need to submit your current academic record and send your certificate/diploma later, as soon as you get it.

Do I stand an actual chance of getting a scholarship for my studies?

If you have a high average score and a few nice-looking achievements (such as academic contests and publications), you are quite likely to get funding. The most important thing is to choose the right universities and file all the papers in advance.

I realize that you might still have a lot of questions. If you are still unsure whether studying in the USA is right for you, we can discuss your personal circumstances at a consultation and draft a list of steps that could be made as early as tomorrow, a list of papers you should start collecting, and exams you could start preparing for.

If you are positive that an American education is the only way for you to achieve your life goals, we'll be thrilled to help you make your dream come true.

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How we can help you enter a US university:

  • find US universities that meet your requirements (we can select 5 or 6 universities to apply to)
  • help consider funding options according to your budget
  • prepare a full set of papers and correspond with selected universities
  • prepare documents and forms for the US visa application
  • find accommodation in the USA
  • stay in touch during your course of studies

What universities do we work with?

Each and every accredited university. Our selection of universities is not influenced by the commission we can get from them (which is quite typical of most foreign education agents). Instead, it is based exclusively on your needs and requirements.

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