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Ilya Strekalovskiy
Blogger with an audience of 3.6 million subscribers, 15-year Russian Fitness Bikini Champion, founder of a fitness school

Video blogger with an audience of 1.6 million subscribers, actor, musician, former member of the pop-band “Khleb”
Blogger with an audience of 786k subscribers, creator of online courses and the copywriting platform “Spacecool”, author

Blogger with an audience of 2.6 million subscribers, author, has taught over 750k people worldwide
Blogger with an audience of 2.9 million subscribers, fashion influencer, TV host on TNT

Blogger with an audience of 7.7 million subscribers, actress, singer, author, and TV presenter
Video blogger with an audience of 2.98 million subscribers, streamer, ranked among the top 6 most popular automotive bloggers in Russia

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Marina Mogilko
  • LinguaTrip co-founder
  • YouTube blogger with 16 million subscribers worldwide
  • Scored 117 out of 120 on TOEFL and 700 out of 800 on GMAT
  • Admitted to 5 American universities for MBA and postgraduate studies
  • Lives in California
  • Created her dream life in the USA
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