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Oxford International Oxford
Without exaggeration: it was the best experience in my life!
2 weeks at SMEAG Global Education, 2018
My name is Daria Volynets. I studied at SMEAG school in the Philippines, in Cebu (June 25 - July 14 2018). I needed to improve my working English in a short time. I looked for a school in terms of criteria ‘Price - Quality’ for a long time. I took my 9-years-old daughter with me. The school offered us the Family program (a child can learn how to speak in a language while you learn, too). The school is international. There was a camp organised for Russian children. The Family program (for adults): we studied with Cambridge English. The classes for adults began at 7 a.m. the first lesson was ‘Morning Sparta’ (grammar, vocabulary), but The Family program lets you omit it. Then we had breakfast, the main classes started at 9. My schedule consisted of the following: the first class (there were two classes for 45 min.) where a teacher and 4 students discussing a topic + vocabulary for it. The second class is a one-to-one class with a teacher (listening, grammar, speaking). Then we had lunch. The third class is one-to-one, too (reading and speaking + grammar). There were some optional classes then. I liked them (there were discussions of spme topics, work in pairs, vocabulary). Then we had dinner and 'Evening Sparta'. Classes finished at 8.55 p.m. In general, my study was from 9 till 9 with breaks for a breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a result: full immersion into the language environment, but without optional classes you can finish at 3 p.m. The children program was from 9 till 8:55 (with optional classes): 2 classes (one-to-one), 1 class - a teacher and 4 children + evening classes. There were entertaining activities: waterpark (2 times a week), golf, culinary class, singing, cartoons in English. My daughter was enjoyed the process, she started speaking in English and made international friends. The quality of education is high, teachers are friendly and understanding. Additional expenses: 6500 peso for a person, 3000 is a deposit, for books we payed 2600 (daughter's and mine), electricity and water cost 200 a week. We stayed at the campus Sparta, there were everything you need except a towel, you can buy hygiene items in the campus shop or in the shopping-centers, they are nearby. Our school has a coffeshop, a small shop, the food is pretty plain and usual. For 2 weeks I managed to improve my English for 1 grade, I like it. This school is for those who want a real study. You can have fun on weekends. I'm satisfied with the school. I also appreciated how our manager Anna worked. She could always help us, she told us everything in our first day.

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