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I spent two weeks at the school in August 2014 doing the beginners course.As I was a mature student (60) and the oldest in the class by 37 years! I was a bit concerned that I may not feel a part of the overall experience. This wasn't the case, the teaching and support staff are all very friendly and helpful. The lessons are tailored to your experience and as the whole class start at the same level it made it a fun learning experience. The extra curricular activities are also a great way to meet other students from all over the world who are not in your own tutor group. I was amazed at the diversity of nationalities taking the classes, and the fact that everyone speaks English at break time made me feel quite humble that it was my only language apart the Spanish I was learning. I had a wonderful time and learnt a lot. But not enough, I have already booked another session.
Sandy Saunders about
Unique place. The best school I've been to so far. Especially teachers, such legends as Charlie, Dominic and Carol won't ever make me forget those 6 months.