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Online course with Venya Pak


American pronunciation in four weeks

Start date

July 22


4 weeks


Starts at $89

Pronunciation is not only the key to fluency and the understanding of native speakers, but it also provides the opportunity to learn English faster and more actively. After all, the more clearly and correctly you speak, the more confident you become. When people feel more confident speaking a foreign language, they tend to practice more often and improve in other aspects as well!

We went a step further and transformed this marathon into a challenge — now there is even more practice in the course and an opportunity to win cool prizes from LinguaTrip!


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The course is amazing. I loved absolutely everything. This course has helped me a lot even though I had had a good pronunciation before this course, I still decided to buy it. I highly recommend you to buy this course if you don’t have a good pronunciation. After this course, you’ll have it) The course is incredible🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️


Venya is really good teacher. He explains the material very clearly. This is the most important thing gor me. I`m grateful to the linguatrip team!


The course helps me feel more confident about my accent and motivates me to record voice messages on Telegram daily to control the difference in my pronunciation. I have already recommended this course to my friends and colleagues.

What you’ll get from this marathon

Modern Pronunciation

You'll work on your American pronunciation and get tips on how to get rid of your accent so that you'll always be understood

No more language barrier

You'll stop being afraid to speak English, and you'll be able to speak effortlessly and confidently at a native speaker’s level.

Better listening comprehension

You'll begin to quickly pick up fluent American speech by ear in conversations, TV shows, or movies.

Free communication

Feel more confident in communications at work, school and in everyday life

Perfect for

  • Those who want to speak fluently and sound natural in English

  • Those who want to be immediately understood without being asked to repeat

  • Those who want to become more confident in communication and overcome the language barrier

  • Those who want to understand the speech in conversation, TV shows and movies

Our revolutionary "CHALLENGE MODE" is a course with a built-in ranking system. All participants receive points for completed tasks. Complete all the challenges, climb your way to the top, work on your English pronunciation faster, and win prizes.

How the Challenge Works

A lot of practice

Practice throughout the whole marathon: lessons, quizzes, challenge tasks and online with Venya.

Incentives and motivation

For each challenge task and participation in live streams, you'll get points from tutors and move towards the top of the tournament bracket.

Total scores for pronunciation

Those who complete all homework will get an extra assignment and bonus lessons. These will help you to get extra points.

Prizes from LinguaTrip

The more points you have, the higher your chances are to win prizes!

Join the challenge, get better at English, and win prizes from LinguaTrip

Individual consultation with Venya Pak

Pronunciation private lesson with native

Two intensives of your choice

60% discount on any marathon

Subscription to the Lingua Speaking Club PRO for 3 months

Everyone who participated in our challenge and completed the course till the very end will receive our e-book!

Venya Pak

  • Certified teacher from Los Angeles (TESOL)
  • Lives and works in the USA
  • Author of his own language methodology and four textbooks
  • Graduated from a music college in Los Angeles and writes music in English, so he has an excellent ear and perfect pronunciation. Even native speakers can't tell he's a foreigner!
  • Has his own channel on YouTube where he has been teaching real English for six years
Video preview

Course Features

Practical Lessons and Live Streams

19 practical lessons, 1 live stream with Venya, and 3 online sessions on how to sound natural. You'll also have access to general live streams.

Face-to-face Practice with Venya

Those who choose STANDARD and PRO packages will have an extra opportunity to practice pronunciation with Venya every week and have all their questions answered live!

Tasks for Consolidation and Independent Practice

After each lesson, you get homework to practice and consolidate your pronunciation. Do it immediately and regularly to achieve maximum results!

Ranking System

To get to the top and win the grand prize, you have to complete all challenge tasks on time, attend live streams and do the task from Venya at the end of the course.

Prize Lottery

The winner takes it all! They will be able to get American pronunciation, speak English more fluently, and win awesome prizes from LinguaTrip.

Pronunciation Guide by Venya

Venya created an unbelievably handy pronunciation guide with diagrams and audio tracks to practice and reinforce the skill.

Live Communication

You will be provided with access to an exclusive chat room for Marathon participants where you will be able to ask tutors questions and communicate with classmates. For the PRO package, there will be an additional personal chat with Venya available for 4 weeks.


Available for STANDARD and PRO packages

A Certificate and Discounts for Participants

You can add your certificate of course completion to your resume and use it to help you obtain a student visa. Also, you’ll get a $30 discount on any course from LinguaTrip.

Course Program

  • Week #1

  • Week #2

  • Week #3

  • Week #4

zooms take place in the evening at Moscow time at 20-21:00

July 22

Articulatory gymnastics

You'll prepare for pronunciation training

July 22

Lesson 1 | Regular T & D

You’ll learn to position your tongue to pronounce T and D correctly.

July 23

Lesson 2 | Different types of T

You’ll learn to pronounce the most challenging sound in English – the T sound.

July 24

Lesson 3 | Sounds R & H

You’ll learn to pronounce the sounds R and H the way native speakers do.

July 25

Lesson 4 | Unvoiced TH sound

You’ll learn to pronounce the essential sound TH that shows you’re a foreigner if pronounced incorrectly.

July 26

Lesson 5 | Voiced TH sound

You’ll master the voiced sound TH.

July 27

Lesson 6 | Sounds V & W

You’ll stop mixing up the V and W sounds.

July 27

Online stream for practice and communication with Venya.

zooms take place in the evening at Moscow time at 20-21:00

July 29

Lesson 7 | -ING

You’ll by no means learn to pronounce the endings without mistakes.

July 30

Lesson 8 |MAN vs. MEN. Sounds æ & e

You’ll learn the articulation in English that is different from your native language. You’ll start to pronounce the sounds æ & e.

July 31

Lesson 9 | LIVE vs. LEAVE

You’ll start getting your message across without any problems as you’ll no longer mix up these similar sounds which could change the meaning of a word.

August 1

Lesson 10 | Sounds ʌ & ə

You’ll sort out the laziest sounds in English — ʌ & ə.

August 2

Lesson 11 | good vs food

You’ll start sounding cool by practicing to position your lips right.

August 3

Lesson 12 | cold vs called

You’ll learn to hear the slightest difference in the pronunciation.

August 3

Online stream for practice and communication with Venya.

zooms take place in the evening at Moscow time at 20-21:00

August 5

Lesson 13 | ED & S endings

You’ll find out some tricks and nuances in the pronunciation of the endings ED and S that you shouldn’t forget.

August 6

Lesson 14 | R-modified vowels

These are essential for awesome American pronunciation.

August 7

Lesson 15 | Intonations

You’ll sort out the intonation to sound like a native speaker.

August 8

Lesson 16 | Sentence stresses

You’ll master the art of stressing words in a sentence to sound more natural and to better deliver the shades of meaning.

August 9

Lesson 17 | How to connect things to make your sentence flow

You’ll learn all the shortcuts to speak more fluently, smoothly and naturally.

August 10

Lesson 18 | How to keep learning

You will learn effective ways to continue improving your pronunciation without losing your motivation.

August 10

Online stream for practice and communication with Venya.

Bonus tasks and lessons for those who completed all the assignments within the course.

August 12

Lesson 19 | How to appear more confident

What to do and say when you don’t feel confident in a conversation.

August 13

Lesson 20 | The art of presentation

You will learn how to effectively present yourself and perform in public. These are valuable skills that will come in handy both in life and in creative expression.

August 17

A final online stream with Venya, presentation of creative assignments and choosing the winners.

Packages & Fees

  • Reserve your spot

    in the marathon

  • marathon +

    Lingua Speaking Club Pro


  • Three-month access to classes

  • 23 pre-recorded lessons

  • Homework for each lesson

  • 2-month access to Venya's monthly Q&A broadcasts

  • Discount for online intensives

  • Certificate





  • Everything in BASIC

  • Lecture notes

  • Homework checked by mentors

  • Access to a group chat with mentors

  • Challenge and lottery with amazing prizes from LinguaTrip

  • Pronunciation guide by Venya

  • Streams with Venya to practice every week






  • Everything in STANDARD

  • Personal chat with Venya for 4 weeks





Reserve your spot

Start date

July 22


4 weeks


from $89

Reserve your spot for the online marathon “PRONUNCIATION HACKING ”

How to participate:

  1. 1Reserve your spot
  2. 2Make the payment
  3. 3Get access to the lectures via email



If you have any questions, email us at

We reply from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m Moscow time only on weekdays

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