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Pronunciation Coaching with Venya Pak

Four weeks of pronunciation classes with Venya Pak – including private lessons!


Any time


4 weeks


1500 $

You've been waiting, and we've delivered – Pronunciation Coaching with Venya Pak! Personal consultations and an individual chat with Venya, lots of feedback, and review of your pronunciation work. Develop your speech and be understood by everyone, including native speakers! Learn to speak English confidently and refine your current accent with our pronunciation guru, Venya!



The course helps me feel more confident about my accent and motivates me to record voice messages on Telegram daily to control the difference in my pronunciation. I have already recommended this course to my friends and colleagues.


The course is amazing. I loved absolutely everything. This course has helped me a lot even though I had had a good pronunciation before this course, I still decided to buy it. I highly recommend you to buy this course if you don’t have a good pronunciation. After this course, you’ll have it) The course is incredible🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️


Venya is really good teacher. He explains the material very clearly. This is the most important thing gor me. I`m grateful to the linguatrip team!

What are the benefits of Pronunciation Coaching?

Up-to-Date pronunciation

You'll refine your American pronunciation and eliminate your accent to the point where you'll be understood effortlessly.

Breaking language barriers

You'll overcome the fear of communicating in English, enabling you to speak confidently and comfortably with native speakers.

Listening comprehension

You'll develop the ability to quickly grasp casual American speech in conversations, on TV shows, or in movies.

Free-flowing Communication

With more confidence in your speaking skills, you’ll no longer be worrying about your pronunciation, but instead be able to express yourself more freely and fluently.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Those who want to speak freely and sound natural in English.

  • Those who want native speakers to understand them on the first try without having to clarify what was said.

  • Those who want to become more confident in communication and overcome the language barrier.

  • Those who want to instantly comprehend spoken language in conversations, on TV shows, and in movies.

Who is Venya Pak?

  • Certified teacher based in Los Angeles (TESOL).
  • Has been living and working in the USA for 10 years.
  • Author of four instructional guides and creator of a unique language-learning system, which he developed and perfected while teaching himself English.
  • Graduated from a music school in Los Angeles, composes music in English — possesses an excellent musical ear and impeccable pronunciation, to the extent that even native speakers cannot discern him as a non-native speaker.
  • Runs his own YouTube channel, where he has been teaching authentic English for 6 years.

What’s included?

Private lessons with Venya every week

All mentorship participants will have the opportunity to practice pronunciation individually with Venya every week. Ask questions and clear up your doubts — Venya is here to help!

20 video lessons on pronunciation theory

20 lessons on how to sound natural. Lessons will be available whenever and can be accessed from wherever!

Assignments for reinforcement and self-practice

After each topic, you'll receive homework for training and reinforcing pronunciation. Complete tasks immediately and regularly to achieve the best results.

Personal chat with Venya

You can upload your audio/video materials with practice assignments or ask questions and Venya will answer you personally!

Venya’s Pronunciation Guide

Venya has put together an incredibly useful pronunciation guide with diagrams and audio tracks for practice and skill reinforcement.

Certificate and discounts for participants

A mentorship completion certificate can be added to your resume and can be used for obtaining a student visa. Plus, you’ll get a $30 discount on any course from LinguaTrip.

Course Program

  • Week #1

  • Week #2

  • Week #3

  • Week #4

Introductory Consultation with Venya

“BEFORE Coaching” assessment and advice on what to pay attention to.

Lesson 1 | Regular T & D

Learn the correct tongue placement and proper pronunciation of the T and D sounds.

Lesson 2 | Different types of T

Master the pronunciation of one of the most challenging sounds in English — the T sound.

Lesson 3 | Sounds R & H

Be able to pronounce the R and H sounds like native speakers.

Lesson 4 | Unvoiced TH sound

Learn to pronounce the most crucial TH sound, the mispronunciation of which may reveal your foreign accent.

Lesson 5 | Voiced TH sound

Start proficiently pronouncing the voiced TH sound.

Lesson 6 | Sounds V & W

Stop confusing the pronunciation of the V and W sounds.

Private lesson with Venya to practice what you’ve learned this week!

Lesson 7 | -ING

Grasp how to pronounce -ING endings.

Lesson 8 | Sounds æ & e. MAN vs. MEN.

Understand the articulation unique to English, absent in Russian, and correctly articulate the sounds æ and e.

Lesson 9 | LIVE vs. LEAVE

Learn to express your thoughts accurately and avoid confusing similar-sounding but different-meaning words.


Understand the laziest sounds in English — ʌ & ə.

Lesson 11 | Good vs Food

Learn to make sounds correctly through lip placement practice.

Lesson 12 | Cold vs Called

Distinguish the subtle difference in pronunciation between these similar-sounding words.

Private lesson with Venya to practice what you’ve learned this week!

Lesson 13 | ED & S endings

Learn about subtle nuances and tricks in pronouncing ED and S endings that are crucial to remember.

Lesson 14 | R-modified vowels

Master a crucial set of sounds for American English.

Lesson 15 | Intonations

Understand intonation in English to sound like a native.

Lesson 16 | Sentence stresses

Master the art of placing proper stresses to speak more naturally and express yourself more accurately.

Lesson 17 | How to connect things to make your sentence flow

Learn all the tricks and life hacks to speak more freely, smoothly, and naturally.

Lesson 18 | How to keep learning

Venya reveals effective ways of working on pronunciation without losing motivation.

Private lesson with Venya to practice what you’ve learned this week!

Lesson 19 | How to appear more confident

What to do and say when you feel very unsure in a conversation.

Lesson 20 | The art of presentation

Learn how to present yourself effectively and speak in public—an invaluable skill for life.

Final Consultation with Venya!

“AFTER Coaching” assessment and advice on how to continue developing your pronunciation.

How much does it cost?

Pronunciation coaching with Venya

  • 5 personal consultations with Venya

  • Private chat with Venya

  • 20 recorded lessons

  • Assignments for each lesson with feedback

  • Progress tracking

  • Pronunciation assessment: BEFORE and AFTER

  • Access for 2 months

  • Discount on any intensive

  • Certificate


17001500 $

Spots Available




If you have any questions, email us at

We reply from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Moscow time only on weekdays

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4 weeks



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