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Giancarlo Cavicchioli
Sooner or later I will be back in St Petersburg and I hope both: school and the family will accept m...
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Сборы школы


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До начала курса осталось меньше месяца, необходимо внести полную стоимость курса при бронировании

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4.8 из 5

ProBa Language Centre

Russian courses in the very centre of St Petersburg since 1995, Study&Work, Volunteers programs, Visa support

ProBa Language Centre established in 1995. At present ProBa is one of the leading institutions offering academic courses of the Russian Language for Foreigners and intensive language practice in Russia.

Our Russian classes are open all year and offer a combination of pronunciation work, grammar and vocabulary input and speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. The school is open throughout the year with classes at all levels from total beginner to advanced.

Our school is located in the historical building built in 1896, renovated in 2005. ProBa Language Centre is located in the very heart of the city-centre: on the Nevsky Prospect – the main street of St. Petersburg. The State Hermitage, Kazan Cathedral, Russian Museum, Church of the Spiled Blood are all within easy walking distance.

Learn Russian at ProBa – near Nevsky Prospect – it’s mean to be in the focus of cultural life, business activities and public amusements of St. Petersburg.

Located in the very centre of the city, ProBa is one of the most central language schools in St. Petersburg. Learn to speak and understand Russian in a historical building in Central St. Petersburg – maybe the best location in the city for a language course!

Walk to the Nevski Prospect, Kazan Cathedral, Summer Garden or Central Square in minutes! Russian in Russia is Russian in the old capital of Russian Empire – where Pushkin and and Dostoevski wrote and worked! Students are within easy walking distance of shops, museums, galleries and a wide choice of restaurants, bars and cafes. However, our goal is to give the student more than just Russian Language Tuition

Языковые курсы и программы обучения

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Crash Course
  • 16+ лет
  • 1 учеников в группе
  • урок 45 минут

The Crash course is designed for participants wishing to get sufficient results in a very short period of time. This course is specially developed for business people willing to acquire a sufficient knowledge of Russian in a fast and efficient way. Every participant receives a detailed intensive day-by-day programme beforehand so that they can choose those points they consider to be most important. Learn basic conversation skills in only 2 weeks! In this new super- intensive foreign language course you will learn how to speak at a basic conversational level. Classes are taught daily with two different teachers. The most suitable and useful variant of the Russian Crash Course is between 1 to 3 weeks.

Included in the course fee: Transfers from and to the airport, Entry test, teaching material, Course certificate, information material, Intensive individual tuition with two or three teachers, Lunches at fine restaurants (with the teacher), Guided evening program, Guided excursion program, Chauffeur-driven car at disposal, use of our office infrastructure.

4000 за 2 недели
Individual Mastership Course
  • 16+ лет
  • 1 учеников в группе
  • урок 45 минут

These courses contain 36 one-to-one lessons per week. Individual Mastership Russian is a programme of superintensive Individual tuition at a reasonable price. This is a good opportunity to get quickly to a high level of the Russian Language for associate degree or in professional area. The course is held by one or two teachers, who are focused on different aspects. We carefully select Individual Mastership teachers so that they have good experience in intensive everyday work. This helps them deal with the specific needs of students.

In case of Business Russian Courses/Corporative Language Training and Bildungsurlaub the school will provide your employee with all necessary documents: course programs and confirmations, invoices, certificates etc.

Included in the course fee: transfers from and to the airport, assessment test, tuition and teaching material, course certificate, student card, information material, tea/coffe during the brakes, free access to the Internet.

1500 1425 за 2 недели
Individual Intensive Course
  • 16+ лет
  • 1 учеников в группе
  • урок 45 минут

These courses contain 30 one-to-one lessons per week. One-to-One Russian instruction is available at all levels of ability. Your course is customized in approach, content and duration to suit your needs and wishes. Individual Intensive Russian courses are the most suitable variant for people who are eager to spend a lot of time studying the language and to have a good command of Russian. International executives need Russian as a tool, not as a subject of study. Our Individual Intensive Courses do not just teach business Russian, they help professionals do business in Russian. Excellent opportunity to understand and to feel the language!

Included in the course fee: transfers from and to the airport, assessment test, tuition and teaching material, course certificate, information material, student card, tea/coffe during the brakes, free access to the Internet.

1400 за 2 недели


Обычно заезд за два дня до начала курсов, а выезд в день окончания обучения. Даты можно будет поменять в личном кабинете.

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Встреча и проводы в аэропорту

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Покупайте авиабилет только после получения визы в страну назначения, чтобы избежать штрафов и переплат.



Адрес школы:

Rubinsteina str. 11, St.Petersburg, Russia, Saint-Petersburg

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4.8 из 5




Sooner or later I will be back in St Petersburg and I hope both: school and the family will accept me as I will apply for a position in them both. I must thank them both for making me feel at home. In addition to teaching me a lot of Russian.

Курс и проживание ✓Личные данныеПредоплатаПодготовка к поездке

Что нужно, чтобы забронировать курс

Внести предоплату, чтобы школа зарезервировала для вас место


Необходимо сразу полностью оплатить курс при бронировании. Бесплатная отмена брони в течение 3 дней.

Полную стоимость необходимо внести сразу

До начала курса осталось меньше месяца, необходимо внести полную стоимость курса сразу при бронировании.Школа возвращает деньги в случае отказа в визе.

  • Гарантия самой лучшей цены
  • Личный менеджер на все время подготовки и поездки
  • Бесплатная проверка анкеты на визу
  • Бесплатная отмена бронирования в течение 3 дней
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