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Giancarlo Cavicchioli
Sooner or later I will be back in St Petersburg and I hope both: school and the family will accept m...
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Semester Course
  • Semester Course
  • Study and Work
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Сборы школы


Предоплата при брони



До начала курса осталось меньше месяца, необходимо внести полную стоимость курса при бронировании

Ответы на вопросы

Russian courses in the very centre of St Petersburg since 1995, Study&Work, Volunteers programs, Visa support

ProBa Language Centre established in 1995. At present ProBa is one of the leading institutions offering academic courses of the Russian Language for Foreigners and intensive language practice in Russia.

Our Russian classes are open all year and offer a combination of pronunciation work, grammar and vocabulary input and speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. The school is open throughout the year with classes at all levels from total beginner to advanced.

Our school is located in the historical building built in 1896, renovated in 2005. ProBa Language Centre is located in the very heart of the city-centre: on the Nevsky Prospect – the main street of St. Petersburg. The State Hermitage, Kazan Cathedral, Russian Museum, Church of the Spiled Blood are all within easy walking distance.

Learn Russian at ProBa – near Nevsky Prospect – it’s mean to be in the focus of cultural life, business activities and public amusements of St. Petersburg.

Located in the very centre of the city, ProBa is one of the most central language schools in St. Petersburg. Learn to speak and understand Russian in a historical building in Central St. Petersburg – maybe the best location in the city for a language course!

Walk to the Nevski Prospect, Kazan Cathedral, Summer Garden or Central Square in minutes! Russian in Russia is Russian in the old capital of Russian Empire – where Pushkin and and Dostoevski wrote and worked! Students are within easy walking distance of shops, museums, galleries and a wide choice of restaurants, bars and cafes. However, our goal is to give the student more than just Russian Language Tuition

Языковые курсы и программы обучения

Semester Course
  • 16+ лет
  • 8 учеников в группе
  • урок 45 минут

Semester Course is designed for people willing to achieve a high level of Russian Language and spend an extended period of time in St. Petersburg – Semester Abroad. Studying for a semester in another country can be a great cultural and academic learning experience. School offer you the opportunity of having academic semester course at our Centre. In the ProBa Academic Semester Abroad program, students become integrated into the way of life and culture of Russia. Students live with a Host Family and attend the Russian Language Course. The course includes serious study of different aspects of the Russian Language: Phonetics, Practical and Theoretical Grammar, Lexicology and Stylistics, and is accompanied by conversational, reading and writing practice.

Semester Program

Elementary Russian I and II. Russian for Beginners (no knowledge required) Phonetics; elements of grammar; reading of simple Russian prose; practice in speaking and audio-lingual work; elements of composition.

Intermediate Russian I and II (elementary or intermediate knowledge required) Russian for Intermediate students. The grammatical structure of today’s standard Russian; intensive practice in reading, conversation and composition; elements of lexicology, phraseology and stylistics.

Special program. Russian for Professionals (advanced and native speaker competency required) Theory and Practice of Translation; TORFL certification (Teaching of Russian as a Foreign Language); practice of modern Russian language: study of the Russian prose, theoretical and practical grammar of modern Russian; Lexicology; Stylistics; Phraseology; introduction to life in Russia that studies politics, society, history and culture.

Course begins: First semester: September/October, Second semester: January/February, Summer semester: May/June.

Included in the course fee: transfer from the airport, assessment test, tuition (400 hours) and teaching material, course certificate, information material, tea/coffee during the breaks, free access to the Internet.

376 за 2 недели
Study and Work
  • 16+ лет
  • 8 учеников в группе
  • урок 45 минут

This project is aimed at people willing not only to study the language but also to do something in order to experience life as it is. We offer you the unique opportunity of having highly intensive Russian Language course and practical work as volunteer in the hospital or English language teacher.

Such work gives the possibility to have more intensive language practice for our students.


We offer our clients to spend some time working as volunteers at one of the St. Petersburg hospitals after your Russian lessons. This is quite a usual and ordinary state hospital for people suffering from different diseases. There are two main departments in the hospital: Therapy and Surgical. According to our program volunteers will help people staying at the Therapy department of the hospital. After the lessons our volunteers will act as ordinary nurses and work hand-to-hand with the Russian personnel of the department. Together with their Russian colleagues our volunteers will do their best to bring sick people back to normal life. This is really hard but noble job.

Generally you will spend 2-8 hours per week in the hospital, according your desire and timetable.

The volunteer work will be organized after your Russian lessons – after lunch time.

Teaching in Russia.

This project is targeted at participants willing to spend more time in Russia to achieve good level of the Russian Language and to engage in practical work teaching foreign languages. The main aim of the project is to let students as well as teachers understand the ways and methods of teaching subjects in different countries of the world, to exchange views and opinions and to get additional life experience. Try yourself as a teacher! We invite you to teach foreign language at evening courses with Russian students.

You may have 4-12 lessons per week with Russian students, according your desire and timetable. Your teaching will be organized after your Russian lessons – after lunch time or in the evening.

Services included in the Program Fee: transfer from the airport, assessment test, tuition and teaching material, course certificate, information material, accommodation in shared student flat or in the host family, tea/coffee during the brakes, free access to the Internet.

Минимальная продолжительность курса — 4 недели


Обычно заезд за два дня до начала курсов, а выезд в день окончания обучения. Даты можно будет поменять в личном кабинете.

Школа должна подтвердить доступность выбранного вами варианта проживания.

Если на ваши даты выбранное жильё будет недоступно, школа предложит на рассмотрение другой вариант размещения.

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не бронировать проживание

+ 10
  • От 18 летОт 18 лет
  • ~35 минут пешком~35 минут пешком
  • Без питанияБез питания

Уютная квартира в центре исторического района Санкт-Петербурга, в которой есть большая ванная комната, оборудованная кухня, стиральная машинка, а также большой выбор книг из домашней библиотеки. В доме есть большая парадная и тихий двор, типичные для Северной столицы. Отдыхать здесь после напряжённого учебного дня с книжкой в руке на кухне за чашечкой чая — одно удовольствие. В пешей доступности магазины, бассейн, остановки общественного транспорта. Удобная транспортная доступность: 15 минут до Дворцовой площади на общественном транспорте.



294 за 13 дней
+ 8
  • От 18 летОт 18 лет
  • ~15 минут пешком~15 минут пешком
  • Без питанияБез питания

700 за 13 дней
+ 12
  • От 18 летОт 18 лет
  • ~15 минут пешком~15 минут пешком
  • Без питанияБез питания

336 за 13 дней

Встреча и проводы в аэропорту

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Адрес школы:

Rubinsteina str. 11, St.Petersburg, Russia, Saint-Petersburg

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Я провёл 2 недели на уроках русского языка в ProBa, и я очень доволен результатом. Обучение очень хорошее, интенсивное и требовательное, но сами учителя добрые, очень позитивные и мотивирующие, даже когда учёба очень сложная. Весь персонал готов помочь, отвечая на вопросы о городе или о том, что мож

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Богатство изучения иностранного языка, культуры и истории возможно ощутить в этой прекрасной школе. Поскольку я американец, это сильно изменило мое восприятие. Я люблю Россию и русских людей. Я очень уважаю и ценю, что определенно сделало меня лучшим человеком.


Мое двухнедельное пребывание в июне прошлого года в Санкт-Петербургском Языковом Центре ProBa было полезным, веселым и оживлённым. С отличными и дружелюбными учителями я не чувствовала себя чужой, более того, с каждым днем я все больше погружалась в русский язык и атмосферу общения в ProBa, могу ска

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Внести предоплату, чтобы школа зарезервировала для вас место


Необходимо сразу полностью оплатить курс при бронировании. Бесплатная отмена брони в течение 3 дней.

Полную стоимость необходимо внести сразу

До начала курса осталось меньше месяца, необходимо внести полную стоимость курса сразу при бронировании.

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  • Личный менеджер на все время подготовки и поездки
  • Бесплатная проверка анкеты на визу
  • Бесплатная отмена бронирования в течение 3 дней
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