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Are you a successful athlete? Are sports your life? If so, did you know that you have a unique opportunity to get financial aid from universities in the United States to get a bachelor's degree in any subject? It’s true — more than a thousand American universities help athletes get a bachelor degree by paying for some or all of their tuition!

Depending upon an athletes’ level and goals, we work to find the best opportunities for them!

Denis Smirnov — Ice Hockey
Our Athlete: Denis Smirnov — Ice Hockey
Moscow, Russia
Freshman at Penn State University
  • USA champion in 2012 and 2014
  • Drafted in the first round of the KHL by Sochi
  • Played in different junior hockey teams and attended American high schools from 2012-2015

What is an athletic scholarship and what are the advantages?

US Universities have Athletic Scholarship programs in which they offer athletic scholarships to student-athletes, based on their athletic and academic performance. As a Univeristies Athletic Scholar you would participate in collegiate sports for that school. The program is designed to find and recruit successful student athletes.

There are two types of athletic scholarship available: full-ride and partial scholarships.

A full-ride scholarship covers 100% of your education costs including but not limited to: tuition, housing, meal plans, and any uniforms or equipment that is needed for an athlete’s performance.

A partial athletic scholarship usually only covers tuition. Additionally, some partial scholarships provide students with offers of 50% or more of their housing and food costs. Don’t underestimate the value of a partial scholarship; even a partial scholarship can help a student save $10,000 - $15,000 per year.

Among all universities there are 33 sports that offer scholarships to student-athletes, but not every university offers the same scholarships or even has scholarships for every sport. As soon as you become a member of the college team, you will have the opportunity to practice for free. Almost all the universities in USA have the professional equipment needed for athletes (gym, courts and fields, pools etc.).

Student athletes have a privilege to skip classes when they have to travel to away games and tournaments. If the student-athlete's progress in classes starts to fall, there are tutors available for the student-athletes for the classes they need help in. International student-athletes have the opportunity to take English as a Second Language classes and easy classes during their first year. If the student-athlete gets injured during their season, the athlete will still get paid for their classes until graduation. Also, the university provides health insurance that will cover all the expenses in case of the injury.

Officially, student-athletes get their athletic scholarship for one year. To obtain your scholarship, student-athletes have to show hard work at practices and games and keep up with their school work and grades. However, it is very hard to lose it. The most common reason students lose the scholarship is because they break one of the university's or team’s rules or fail all your classes.

Marina Schneiger — tennis
Our Athlete: Marina Schneiger — tennis
Santa Catarina, Brazil
Junior at IUPUI
Before College:
  • Ranked 12th in Brazil
  • Winner of several national tournaments

Yulia Smirnova — specialist for athletic scholarships in USA. Yulia is an ex-professional tennis player from Moscow, Russia. She has been through the process of getting an athletic scholarship and graduated from American University where she played for the tennis team. After college she worked in different tennis clubs, and eventually became a head coach of Division I Women’s tennis at a university in the USA. As of right now, she lives in San Francisco and helps athletes to get into universities and get scholarships in the USA.

Options we offer to help you to get an Athletic Scholarship in USA:

How do you find a university in the USA with athletic scholarships?

There are three collegiate athletic associations: the National Collegiate Athletic Association, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, and the National Junior College Athletic Association.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) — a non-profit association which regulates athletes from 1,281 institutions; there are three divisions that have athletic teams: Division I, Division II and Division III.

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) – an athletic association for small to mid-size institutions.

National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) – an athletic association of community colleges and 2-year junior colleges.

There are three divisions that have athletic teams. Division I and II consist of bigger universities with a lot of funding for athletes. Division III is usually smaller colleges without any athletic funding. However, they have other sources of financing for their athletes; that is why athletes should consider them when looking for college teams in the USA. All athletes can find a team that better fits their abilities and performance. The higher the level of the athlete, the better the chances to get onto a high ranked team with a lot of funding.

There are 1500 universities in the USA which have athletic scholarships available for athletes. You have to understand the specialization of the university which you choose for your sport to have a better chance to get admitted. We will be able to help you to choose the right university and team for you depending on your goals and abilities, chances to get athletic scholarships, and level of performance.

Valeriia Lavrenchuk — Tennis
Our Student-Athlete: Valeriia Lavrenchuk — Tennis
Sevastopol, Ukraine
Junior, IUPUI
Before college:
  • Ranked 1570 in ITF
  • Ranked top 5 in Ukraine
  • Winner of several national tournaments in Ukraine

What can you do to increase your chances of getting an athletic scholarship in university in the USA?

The main and most important document that can affect your opportunity to get a scholarship is your resume. The key to being successful at getting onto an American college team is a well-formatted athletic resume. That’s why we suggest you take it very seriously and we recommend using a specialist to help you make your resume. We can help you to create an athletic resume which will show your best results and achievements and can help you to get into the university that you have always dreamed about.

Also, you will need to have your documents from high school or college translated into English. If an athlete is graduating from high school soon, he/she would require all of their grades from the last 5 years of school and an SAT score. The SAT is a standard academic test that everyone has to take to get admitted into university in the USA. If an athlete is already attending university in their home country, they would need documents showing all of their classes and grades for the current year translated and notarized. However, international athletes usually have lower requirements.

If you are from a non-English speaking country, you will also have to take the TOEFL exam to demonstrate your English ability. Some universities will accept you without this exam, especially if you are an excellent athlete.

The main criteria for an athlete to get an athletic scholarship is their physical training and achievements in their sport, which will be shown on their resume. Younger athletes have better chances to get athletic scholarships, so the best time to start looking for a college is in the last couple years of high school. It is possible to transfer from your current university, but it is harder to get an athletic scholarship and to find an appropriate team for you. We recommend you start looking for a team 1.5-2 years before your desired date of attending an American university.

Also you will need to make a video showing your athletic performance to impress college coaches who make all of the decisions regarding scholarships. We can help you to make your video stand out from other athletes as our specialists have gone through thousands of videos themselves in search of players for their own teams.

Getting an athletic scholarship is possible, but because of the lack of knowledge in this area, even strong high-ranked level players can have hard time to find colleges that will offer them scholarships. We have great specialists on our team, who have been living in the United States and have been professional players themselves, so we can get a consultation for you, to analyze your chances and to help you to find the university that would love to have you on their team.

Steps you need to do to to get admitted to an American university that we will do together:

  • Create a video with practices and tournaments pieces
  • Create an athletic portfolio with all of your achievements
  • Find a team that fits your level
  • Apply to the university with all appropriate documents
  • Help to get all the documents for the F-1 visa
  • Support throughout the whole process of getting an athletic scholarship

*we also can help find camps and academies for your sport to improve your performance in the sport and to learn English

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