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Enforex Summer camp

Barcelona, Spain

Enforex Barcelona is our largest Spanish language school in Spain with a capacity of 550 students.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, offering a unique combination of millenary history, exceptional architecture, unfamiliar traditions and a landscape to die for. A certain defining trait that is there to be sensed by visitors upon arrival, and that tends to provoke an immediate reaction – typically one of unconditional and utter love.

Therefore, this has become one of the most popular destinations to learn Spanish in the entire continent, because Barcelona combines the most relentless spirit of freedom together with an uncanny sense of accomplishment, the most liberal of attitudes, together with a proud and long-standing heritage.

From the very foundations of the city, Barcelona is full of history and diversity – a fact that still today permeates its very core. In other words, Barcelona is a city unlike any other, and for that very reason you should make the most of it and explore it in different ways through the language courses at Enforex school.

Enforex is large and modern school in Barcelona,but at the same time is a learning environment, where you, the student, are the center of all attention.

You will study Spanish in comfortable, large, bright classrooms;

you’ll be able to hang out, make new friends and try out all the new Spanish you’ve learned in the school’s large courtyard;

and you can get ready to explore the city using the Wi-Fi available throughout the school.

After classes when you wander into the city, you will find yourself smack dab in the middle of all the excitement in the gorgeous Eixample neighborhood.

Enforex devised audacious programs that will allow you to unravel the wonders of this eclectic heritage through specialized Spanish language courses that explore the vocabulary together with the literature, the history, the architecture and popular forms of cultural expression.

So make thee most of your stay in Barcelona, and learn a lot more than just a foreign language together with Enforex school!


Summer programme
The course is only available for booking in the following dates: 12 August—25 August 2018  
From 5 to 17 years old 8 students per class 1 lesson — 55 minutes

60% of our student-body is comprised of Spanish students

and 40% are international students, representing over 40


At our summer camps all participants experience

true linguistic immersion and develop their interpersonal skills,

while enjoying fun activities of all kinds and establishing life-long

bonds with new friends from around the world.

What is included in price?

-Spanish course

-20 tutoring sessions

-Study materials


-Full board

-Afternoon activities

-Weekend excursion

-laundry Service

-Medical health insurance



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Host Family

20 minutes from school on public transport
Minimum age — 5
Breakfast only

Living with a host family has two major benefits. First, it's the best way to get to know Spanish culture and see what daily life is like for a native Spaniard. Secondly, our host families will speak to you in Spanish 100% of the time, helping you practice the skills you're working on in Spanish classes in an authentic context.

Our host families vary from young families to one or two retired people, all Spanish speakers and are carefully selected to ensure that your stay be as pleasant as possible. We do our best to find home stays that will treat you as part of the family.

We will always try to accommodate you within 20-30 minutes - on foot or via public transportation - from the Enforex school, even in big cities like Madrid and Barcelona. You may choose between a single or double room as well as no meals, half board (breakfast & dinner) or full board (all meals).

If you have any allergies, special dietary requirements, dislike of particular pets or any other special requests, just let us know in advance and we'll do our best to satisfy your needs.

Price includes: Wi-fi , Bed linens, blankets, laundry once per week & meals (90% of our host families offer packed lunches rather than lunch at home).

Included in the course price
Included in the course price
breakfast only

Student Residences

20 minutes from school on public transport
Minimum age — 6
Breakfast only

Student residences are located in the center of the city, at a

maximum of 15-20 minutes from the school. Choosing this type

of accommodation will allow you to meet international and, in

some cases, Spanish students in a stimulating and fun environment.

You may choose between a single, double or triple shared

room and half board (breakfast & dinner) or full board (breakfast,

lunch & dinner). Wi-fi , cleaning service, bed linen, towels & welcome

amenities are included in the price.

Included in the course price


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About school

Diputación, 92
08015 Barcelona, España
Average age: 25
  • United States — 8%
  • Germany — 7%
  • Brazil — 7%
  • Eastern Europe — 6%
  • France — 4%
  • Italy — 4%
  • China — 4%
  • Japan — 3%
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