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Education in Canada

We will tell you about all the secrets and nuances of entering Canadian universities

Canada has two official languages: English and French. It is also a country of immigrants. People of various cultures and ethnic groups come there for permanent residence, and the percentage of indigenous Canadians is very small. This helps to avoid the difficulty of adapting to a new mentality. All foreigners are treated very kindly and respectfully. In general, you will hear the word "Sorry" quite often. There is even a stereotype that Canadians constantly apologize.

The education system in Canada is one of the strongest. According to the Universitas 21 research, it is one of the top three best countries in the world, but the cost of studying here is lower than in other English-speaking countries.

Why study in Canada

High standard of living

Canadian indicators of well-being are very high relative to other developed countries. The level of the constantly developing economy, a stable political situation, the quality of the environment, personal security, public health, jobs, and rising wages — are all that qualify Canada to have the highest standards of living.

Guarantee of further employment

The advantage of a Canadian education is the high job prospects after graduation. Even during their studies, students do paid internships. The programs of Canadian universities are constantly adapting to changing demands in the labor market.

According to statistics, 90% of graduates are guaranteed to get a job in the first six months after graduation.

Affordable living in big cities

Life in a big city always provides career opportunities, but that often comes with high costs. However, the cost of living in Canadian cities (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa), where the country's best universities are located, is much lower than living in London or New York.

Loyal immigration policy

Canada is one of the most attractive countries for immigration. Getting here is not easy, but it is the path through education that opens up many opportunities for further life in the country. Having lived in the country for more than three years, you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Low tuition fee

While Canada provides a high quality of education, the cost of studying at Canadian universities is much lower than in many European countries and almost two times lower than in the UK. In addition to various external scholarships, each Canadian university has a special program "Entrance Scholarships", which is automatically considered for each applicant.

Safety of living in the country

The crime rate and corruption are very low in all provinces and territories of the country. According to statistics, Canada is considered one of the safest countries in the world, so parents do not have to worry about sending their children to study.

The higher education system in Canada

Bachelor’s degree in Canada

✓ Education lasts for three years.

✓ For admission, you must have a certificate of secondary education.

✓ A preparatory program before a bachelor's degree is not required.

✓ To enter a university in the English part of the country, you need to take IELTS or TOEFL, in the French part — DAFL or a test at the university.

Master’s degree in the USA

✓ Education lasts from one to three years.

✓ Change of specialty is often impossible. The subject must coincide with the major in previously acquired bachelor's degree.

✓ Post Graduate Work Permit: the opportunity to stay in the country for three years after graduation to look for work.

Postgraduate programs in Canada

✓ Postgraduate Diploma (PG).

✓ A completed bachelor's degree is required.

✓ Education lasts from one to two years.

✓ The opportunity to get a profession in a new field: studies at the master's level with a change of specialty after a bachelor's degree.

✓ Post Graduate Work Permit: one to two years to look for a job.

Postgraduate/Doctorate in Canada

Education lasts from three to four years.

✓ The graduates get the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

✓ Post Graduate Work Permit: three years.



I had a consultation with LinguaTrip on gaining admission abroad. They explained everything clearly, and helped me to sort out things that I couldn’t get my head around. Very nice people, whom you can trust and would like to continue working with.


I made up my mind to apply to study abroad and had been thinking about how, where, and what I need to do for a long time. As a result, I bought a LinguaTrip marathon, and in three months, I learned everything I needed to know and more. They explained the whole process in detail, clearly, and in a simple way. There was an opportunity to write and ask the curator questions. That helped a lot!


I got a pleasant impression of working with LinguaTrip. It is nice that the consultant had the experience of enrollment in the USA. I liked that I communicated with only one manager rather than several managers at once. After the consultation, I received links to useful articles.


I very much liked the atmosphere at the marathon, and was satisfied with LinguaTrip’s work as just in two months, all the documents for my application were ready 🔥 As always, many thanks to LinguaTrip for their help and support 🧡 I can recommend LinguaTrip courses and marathons to all applicants as you will get your desired results quickly


Thanks a lot for your marathon. I was glad that there were such helpful curators at the marathon. There is still a lot of work to do before applying, but with your help, I already know how to make my application stronger. I know all the stages and can refer to the lectures as a handbook where everything is laid out clearly.


I was happy to take part in the marathon. You presented all the necessary information. Special thanks to the curators who were available 24/7 and always helped and answered questions. After the marathon, I got a full pack of documents prepared for an application. I will take part in other marathons with pleasure and buy handbooks on English Thank you for your work!


I want to thank LinguaTrip for their professional help, emotional and friendly support at each stage of the admission process. One of my dreams came true - I have been admitted into the MBA program at Boston University, School of Business. LinguaTrip helped with choosing the right program according to my wishes and abilities, with editing my CV and motivation letter. As a result, I was admitted to all the programs I had applied to.

The coolest part about the marathon is that after it, you have a set of prepared documents checked by curators! After I watched the lectures, the process of admission became clear and not so scary. If I still had questions, the curators answered them quickly. All the participants could communicate in one chat, and that also motivated me a lot. I can highly recommend all LinguaTrip marathons and courses.


The marathon was very useful, with a lot of information. Also, I got a lot of recommendations and tips at the weekly meetings. Thanks a million to the whole LinguaTrip team.

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