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Education in Europe

We help to enroll in universities in all European countries

Receiving education in Europe is one of the most popular ways of studying among applicants from all over the world. The top destinations in Europe are Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, and Austria. Education in Europe is much cheaper than in other countries of the world, at the same time its quality is among the highest and is in demand among employers. Being in Europe, students can travel and find career opportunities in different countries.

Why study in Europe

Many top universities are located in Europe

Some of the world’s top, best universities are located in Europe. So applicants have a large selection of countries where they can get an excellent education.

European universities are famous for their high quality of education

Universities in Europe pass a thorough, internal assessment of the quality of education. European education is also famous for its innovative teaching methods that enrich learning and improve the learning experience.

A wide variety of programs and countries of study

In Europe there are many programs that are probably not taught in your country yet. There you can get both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In addition, it is possible to change majors in almost any year of studying.

Plenty of opportunities to get funding

Education in Europe can be completely for free or paid either partially. Most often, this requires knowledge of the local language of the country where you are going to study. International students have great chances to receive various scholarships. For example, the most popular scholarship program is Erasmus Mundus.

Guarantee of further employment

Studying in Europe is a serious step towards building a bright international career. Universities often cooperate with large companies that can offer an interesting internship in your field of studies, and then even offer a full-time job.

Support for international students

Specialists of the international department of any university are always ready to help foreign students, you can always ask for help on visa issues, finances, accommodation, employment, healthcare, and so on.

The most popular countries to study in Europe


Tuition fee: free (semester fees up to 1000 EUR)

Program features:

Bachelor's degree – you cannot apply straight after school. It is necessary to study the same specialty for one year at a university in your country or enter the Studienkolleg program. Duration is three–four years.

A master's degree involves one–two years of study.

✓ One of the most popular destinations in Europe.

✓ Most programs in Germany are taught in German.

✓ There is an opportunity to receive funding for master's programs.

✓ Graduates can extend their stay in Germany for up to 18 months.


Tuition fee: up to $6,000 per year

Program features:

A bachelor's degree takes four years.

A master's degree involves one–two years of study.

✓ An opportunity to receive education in Spanish and English.

✓ After receiving a diploma, graduates can extend their visa for 12 months in order to find a job.


Tuition fee: $5,000 per year

Program features:

A bachelor's degree takes three years. For admission to the undergraduate program, you must complete one course at a university in your country or complete the Foundation program at a foreign university.

A master's degree involves two years of study.

✓ A popular destination for students pursuing creative majors.

✓ A flexible system of education and the ability to choose subjects for study.

✓ A possibility of extending the Italian visa for a year after graduation.


Tuition fee: up to $6,000 per year

Program features:

A bachelor's degree takes three years. It is not possible to enter the undergraduate program immediately after school. You need to study for one year at a university in your country.

A master's degree involves two years of study.

✓ A large number of master's programs are taught in English.

✓ International students have an opportunity to get free education.

✓ You can stay in Norway for one year after graduation to look for work.


Tuition fee: up to $6,000 per year

Program features:

A bachelor's degree takes three years.

A master's degree involves two years of study.

✓ France is one of the largest business centers in Europe.

✓ A wide opportunity of internships for students of French universities.

✓Education is possible in French and English.

✓ A possibility of extending the visa for a year after graduation from the university.

The Netherlands

Tuition fee: up to $20,000 per year

Program features:

A bachelor's degree takes three years. To enroll in a bachelor's degree, you must study for a year at a university in your country or complete the Foundation program.

A master's degree involves one–three years of study.

✓ A large number of programs are taught in English.

✓ A possibility to stay in the country to look for work for up to one year.



I had a consultation with LinguaTrip on gaining admission abroad. They explained everything clearly, and helped me to sort out things that I couldn’t get my head around. Very nice people, whom you can trust and would like to continue working with.


I made up my mind to apply to study abroad and had been thinking about how, where, and what I need to do for a long time. As a result, I bought a LinguaTrip marathon, and in three months, I learned everything I needed to know and more. They explained the whole process in detail, clearly, and in a simple way. There was an opportunity to write and ask the curator questions. That helped a lot!


I got a pleasant impression of working with LinguaTrip. It is nice that the consultant had the experience of enrollment in the USA. I liked that I communicated with only one manager rather than several managers at once. After the consultation, I received links to useful articles.


I very much liked the atmosphere at the marathon, and was satisfied with LinguaTrip’s work as just in two months, all the documents for my application were ready 🔥 As always, many thanks to LinguaTrip for their help and support 🧡 I can recommend LinguaTrip courses and marathons to all applicants as you will get your desired results quickly


Thanks a lot for your marathon. I was glad that there were such helpful curators at the marathon. There is still a lot of work to do before applying, but with your help, I already know how to make my application stronger. I know all the stages and can refer to the lectures as a handbook where everything is laid out clearly.


I was happy to take part in the marathon. You presented all the necessary information. Special thanks to the curators who were available 24/7 and always helped and answered questions. After the marathon, I got a full pack of documents prepared for an application. I will take part in other marathons with pleasure and buy handbooks on English Thank you for your work!


I want to thank LinguaTrip for their professional help, emotional and friendly support at each stage of the admission process. One of my dreams came true - I have been admitted into the MBA program at Boston University, School of Business. LinguaTrip helped with choosing the right program according to my wishes and abilities, with editing my CV and motivation letter. As a result, I was admitted to all the programs I had applied to.

The coolest part about the marathon is that after it, you have a set of prepared documents checked by curators! After I watched the lectures, the process of admission became clear and not so scary. If I still had questions, the curators answered them quickly. All the participants could communicate in one chat, and that also motivated me a lot. I can highly recommend all LinguaTrip marathons and courses.


The marathon was very useful, with a lot of information. Also, I got a lot of recommendations and tips at the weekly meetings. Thanks a million to the whole LinguaTrip team.

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