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    Get your English back in shape!

    Cost starting from 15.97 $

    Make the most of the new academic year with LinguaTrip's Turbo Sets! These special handbook sets are like boosters to help you reach your goals. No need to worry about finding the right materials for your English needs anymore. We’ve got you covered!

    Introducing TURBO SETS!

    Set your goal — Reach it

    Each set is made for a specific thing you want to accomplish. It has exactly what you need inside.

    Turbo Sets are smart choices!

    Get our popular handbooks at lower prices when you buy them as a set. Save time, energy, and money while getting the set that's right for you.

    Quick and Effective

    Our program helps you pick up on new content quickly, fix common mistakes, and get better at English.

    Learn Anywhere, Anytime.

    Study where you like, when you like. You just need the internet and a desire to learn.

    Turbo Sets include our most popular handbooks!

    Grammar is all you need

    Learn hard grammar the easy way.

    Pronunciation Handbook

    Practice talking like an American.

    12-in-1 Tenses Handbook

    Learn all 12 tenses of English.

    Minus 365 Mistakes Per Year

    Learn how to stop making common mistakes with just a few minutes each day.

    Secrets of English for Intermediate Learners

    Learn advanced English in a simple way.

    English as a Lifestyle

    Learn how to use English in your daily life.

    Set 1. Boost your Speaking and Vocabulary

    Perfect for those who want to…

    • Get rid of a foreign accent and sound just like a native speaker.

    • Master the necessary vocabulary for the Intermediate level.

    • Learn English easily every day and actually enjoy it.

    Set 2. Master English Grammar like a Pro

    Perfect for those who want to…

    • Learn difficult grammar, understand the tenses, and expand vocabulary.

    • Need to get better at writing and speaking.

    • Do well on exams or write emails in English.

    Set 3. Prepare for Study Abroad

    Perfect for those who want to…

    • Study, take exams, or plan to go to university.

    • Speak confidently with their peers.

    • Write without making mistakes.

    Set 4. Make English Part of Your Life

    Perfect for those who want to…

    • Make English a pleasant daily habit.

    • Study regularly and have fun with movies, TV shows, and books.

    • Move abroad, get into their dream university, and make friends.

    Turbo Set Prices

    Цены скоро повысятся!

    “Boost your Speaking and Vocabulary" Set


    6619.98 $

    "Master English Grammar Like a Pro" Set


    4519.97 $

    "Prepare for Study Abroad" Set


    39.9919.98 $

    “Make English Part of Your Life" Set


    4615.97 $



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    We reply from 10 to 19 Moscow time only on weekdays

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    Cost starting

    from $15.97

    Buy the TURBO SET now!

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