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    TOEFL prep book

    A guide for successful TOEFL exam preparation



    What’s inside?

    Clear Preparation System

    Direct explanations, tactics, and exam hacks for the most productive TOEFL exam preparation.

    Up-to-date Information

    All data is current as of 2024 and takes into account all the latest changes to the exam.

    Convenient Format

    The guide only contains necessary exam-prep information and is accompanied by numerous illustrations for easy learning.

    What You Will Receive:

    Organized System of Learning

    Understand the ins and outs of the exam setup and all the latest updates. Learn which tasks to tackle first and which ones to leave for later.

    Tips, Tricks & Hacks

    Master secret techniques for quick exam preparation and take on the most challenging questions in all the sections.

    High Scores on the Exam

    Discover how to achieve maximum results and how to avoid losing points.

    Time Management Practice

    Learn how to save time during the exam and solve more tasks.

    Who is the book for?

    • People who want to confirm their English proficiency level.

    • Prospective students applying to British, American, and other universities that require TOEFL.

    • Interns and job candidates looking for work at international companies.

    • Individuals aiming to advance in their career and reach their goals.

    Student reviews

    Eva (scored 102 out of 120)

    Anastasia help me a lot with figuring out various aspects of TOEFL I did not know about. Many new techniques that you cannot find in a textbook, her wonderfully presented samples of essays and speaking part. I was glad to meet such a talented and understanding tutor! Hearing about my weak points clearly I knew what I should work on. Anastasia knows how to lead the lesson efficiently and responsibly. Everything is planned, essays are checked during the lesson: it’s convenient to get the feedback straight on the spot, see how your mistakes are corrected and how to write the same things in a better way. I think that the adequate evaluation of my results and the learning plan matching my high ambitions with interesting homework and loads of additional materials as well as free books (and I’ve never heard that you can get them so easily) are the means to get really good results.

    Marat (scored 100 out of 120)

    The key qualities of Anastasia are her fluent English and ability to speak like a native. During the lessons, I got a detailed review of my mistakes in all four parts of the exams and recommendations on correcting them. Anastasia follows the latest updates from the ETS and receives the information from the students who have recently sitted the exam. TOEFL preparation with Anastasia helps quickly understand the structure of the exams and get all the information that is necessary to get the high score.

    Victoria (scored 105 out of 120)

    Anastasia delivered a few lessons of the intensive course of TOEFL preparation, and I decided to take a few individual sessions with her, and never regretted my decision. Maximum of useful information, loads of tips, working through mistakes, precisely planned lessons, and good results at the exam the following month. Highly recommend!

    Nadezhda (scored 110 out of 120)

    Last October I decided to take TOEFL, but I had a few time for preparing! So I had to find someone who would help me! I have been following Linguatrip about a year, and no doubt that I decided to find a teacher in their great project! I would like to thank Anastasia because I was afraid of preparation and taking exam. However she gave me a lot useful information and helped me to overcome speaking difficulties.

    Zhang Ji (scored 113: Reading 30; Listening 29; Speaking 27; Writing 27)

    I passed my TOEFL! Thank you so much! You lessons worked like magic. I couldn’t believe my speaking score improved from 23 to 27 in such short period of time. My score: 113 (reading: 30; listening: 29; writing: 27; speaking: 27). Thank you again for all your help!

    Olga (scored 112 out of 120)

    I wanted to thank Anastasia for her help in preparing for the TOEFL. I went through the intensive course and took individual lessons. The intensive program is very informative, Anastasia provides a lot of useful information. I also liked the fact that there is homework (so you can’t relax). After completing an intensive course, I decided to take a course of individual lessons with Anastasia. She provided very useful templates for speaking and writing. She also helped with tips for improving essays and verbal responses. My result was 112 out of 120. Thank you very much!

    Mafer Hansen (scored 85, his goal was to score 79)

    Hello everyone!!! I took the TOEFL 1 month ago and haven't shared my results with you 🙌🏻.

    I scored 85 (only needed 79) but I´m looking forward to the next time I have to do it and get over 100!

    @anastasiaivbule and @siliconvalleyco thank you so much for making this experience so fun and easy, you helped me understand things in didactic and practical ways... I've been loving studying for an exam! Thank you for this course and for this telegram group where I also found my study partner who is now an amazing friend on the other side of the world Louisa 💕

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    These were my results: Reading 20 Listening 24 Speaking 22 Writing 19

    Much success to all and the only advice I can give you is: be yourself, don't stress studying and do as many activities as possible in English! Much love!😘✨

    Roseate Downer (scored 106 out of 120)

    Hi. The course helped a lot. Starting from learning about the structure of the TOEFL test, finding free and effective resources for preparation, and just seeing real-life people sharing their techniques, eventually, helped me find my own. The templates that were given were priceless. Also, the telegram chat, where test-takers shared not only their results but their experience at the test center and the questions that they got, was very useful.

    Regina (scored 100 out of 120)

    Hi, I took the course Get 100 or above on TOEFL and I enjoyed practicing the different skills to be prepared and obtain the results I want. The organization and tips are clear and useful. Also, the templates allow us to practice with different topics and questions. It was a good guide to understand and answee correctly the different questions on TOEFL. Finally the extra resources helped me to measure o practice with other exercises.

    Alexandre Sancan (scored 100: Reading 24; Listening 28; Speaking 21; Writing 27)

    Hi everyone! Today, I received my results for the TOEFL and I got 100 (R:24 L:28 S:21 W:27)! I'm so delighted 😊 I found that the reading section was harder than on the training website (such as ToeflBank that I used) and the listening section easier (speakers spoke slower than during the training)! Speaking and writing sections are the same as on the training test. Thank you so much for the course, it was marvelous!

    Avik Roy (95 out of 120)

    Today I received my TOEFL score of 95 and I haven't thought that I will be able to score 95 on the very first attempt. Thank you so much @anastasiaivbule and the entire team of Linguatrip for creating such a wonderful course. I am planning to attempt one more time and hopefully, I will score more than 100.

    Nada (105 out of 120)

    I wanted to express my gratitude for your incredible work and the valuable information you provided throughout the course, as well as in your YouTube videos. They were immensely helpful to me. I achieved a score of 105, which is particularly satisfying since it was my first time taking the test, and English is my third language. It posed quite a challenge, but with the templates and guidance you offered, it became easier to understand what was required.*

    I did score 29 in speaking, 24 in reading, 28 in listening, and 24 in writing. Although I wasn't entirely pleased with my reading score, I am determined to work even harder next time.

    A massive thank you

    Aylara (112 out of 120)

    I took mey test last week in Germany and got 112. I think the templates help a lot, as i did not expect to score so high.

    Thank you for our second session! Your tips made it easier for me!

    Esin (116 out of 120)

    Hi folks! I just wanted to let you know that I passed my TOEFL test with 116/120. Thank you for your tips and triks!

    Erickson Hatanaka (100 out of 120)

    Hey guys! I got 100 on toefl! Got my results today! Thanks everyone for the strong tips and awesome course!

    Isabel (113 out of 120)

    I am so happy! Just received my scores and I got 113 pointes!

    Reading 29, Listening 29, Speaking 28, Writing 27.

    I was expecting to get around 100 points, but never imagined to get 113 out of 120!

    Maria (85 out of 120)

    I scored 85 ( only needed 79), but I'm looking forward to the next time I have to do it and I get over 100!

    Thank you so much for making this experience so fun and easy, you help me understand things in didactic and practical ways... I've been loving studying for an exam! Thank you for this course and for this telegram group where I also found my study partner who is now an amazing friend from the other side of the world!

    Much success to all and the only advice I can give you: be yourself, don't stress studying and do as many activities as possible in English! Much love!

    Areeg Alkaralu (Speaking 29/30, Writing 28/30, Listening 28/30)

    Hi guys i just got my results back and thankfully i got the score i want. I got 29/30 in speaking and i used the templates. THEY ARE EXCELLENT!!, also i got 27/30 in writing by using the templates (i've always hating writing) 28/30 in listening. My reading score wasn't very good because i ran out of time, i was surprised with a fifth passage to read when there was only five minutes left, so be aware, guys!

    Best of luck for all of you

    Thanks Marina and Anastasia for all our efforts and great tips

    Tamar (114 out of 120)

    Omg, omg, omg, omg


    With Best my Scores I have like 115 in total if University accepts it! I knew i could get more good thing I went again

    Luna (106 out of 120)

    Classes with Anastasia helped me reach my study goals, she provided me all the stuff I needed and it was very transparent and straightforward. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs prep for English proficiency exam.

    Haseena (103 out of 120)

    Hi Anastasia, I wanted to say that I took TOEFL on Dec 18 and scored 103

    reading 24, listening 26, speaking 28, writing 25

    Layla (102 out of 120)

    I passed my TOEFL

    I have 102 pointes!!! Thank you a lot for the course and for materials because it helped me a lot!

    I'm really glad that I singed up for your course and prepared with you for TOEFL) The course helped to understand structure,use templates that you have provided! I got a wonderful result that I wanted - 102 out of 120!

    Also individual lesson was helpful since I understood my weak sides in Speaking and Writing. So I put more effort in this parts after our meeting) So thank you!

    I am happy to share that I am admitted to Minerva university.

    no name

    The course is very enjoyable and easy to follow. The teachers know their stuff well and convey the key messages of each section of the test. Moreover, LinguaTrip provides you with customized templates for the Speaking and Writing sections, and for vocabulary, phrasal verbs, etc., allowing you to focus only on get ready for the actual test.

    WELL DONE LinguaTrip!

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Introduction to the TOEFL

    Chapter 2. Understanding the Four Sections

    Chapter 3. Mastering Reading Comprehension

    Chapter 4. Improving Your Listening Skills

    Chapter 5. Crafting Strong Written Responses

    Chapter 6. Developing Speaking Fluency

    Chapter 7. Reviewing Vocabulary and Grammar

    Chapter 8. Test Day Tips and Strategies

    APPENDIX. Additional Resources


    TOEFL book

    • Electronic TOEFL Preparation Guide


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