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More than your ordinary textbook

Minus 365 Mistakes per Year

Get rid of annoying mistakes in English in just a few minutes per day


From 4.99$

We all make mistakes, and that's totally normal. However, there are many ways to reduce their number, and we have just prepared one for you — our newest eTextbook "Minus 365 Mistakes per Year".

With it, you can find the most common mistakes in your English and stop making them. This handbook is designed for easy learning — you can devote only 3–5 minutes to this book every day. Do you think this is not enough? No, it will amount to 30 hours a year. It’s like a whole course of English, after which there will be many fewer mistakes in your speech! You will not find such a training resource anywhere else. Be sure — we know how to help you develop the habit of practicing the language regularly and enjoy it. :-)

Why You Need It

  • You'll deal with the most common mistakes of English-learning students and stop making them

  • You'll start to learn English in a relaxed manner and you will understand that studying every day is easy and fun

  • You'll improve your IELTS or TOEFL scores — many of these mistakes steal your points

Better Than an Ordinary Learning Book

Analysis of the Most Common Mistakes

Each of us has a number of mistakes that we make from time to time. This handbook will help you understand and remember the main ones once and for all.

Understanding All Aspects of the Language

The book is divided into four parts — grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and "be careful with the meanings". In each part, we have analyzed the most common mistakes.

Knowledge is Easy

You will deal with mistakes in a convenient format without the boring five-page grammar. Just the mistake and its quick solution. You’ll use your visual memory to the maximum and develop the habit of practicing regularly.

Up-to-date Vocabulary and Examples

No boring explanations. We use only modern and popular examples that native speakers use in their speech today, not 50 years ago.

Who Is It For?

  • Those who are tired of learning English from boring textbooks, but understand that daily practice is needed

  • Those who still make mistakes although they seem to have passed this rule according to the textbook

  • Those who take courses or one-to-one lessons with a teacher, but also want to have a useful cheat sheet at hand

  • Those who need to prepare for TOEFL or IELTS and pass them with high scores

Packages & Cost

Discount will be over soon!
  • Handbook in English

  • Handbook in Russian

Handbook “Minus 365 Mistakes per Year”

  • eTextbook to deal with the most common mistakes in English



Double Strike

  • eTextbook “Minus 365 Mistakes per Year” to deal with the most common mistakes in English

  • Handbook “Grammar Is All You Need” + Workbook — complicated English grammar explained in a simple way



Full Kit for Your English

  • eTextbook “Minus 365 Mistakes per Year” to deal with the most common mistakes in English

  • Handbook “Grammar Is All You Need” + Workbook — complicated English grammar explained in a simple way

  • «12-in-1 Tenses Handbook» + Workbook with exercises — the most challenging aspect of English grammar explained in simple terms




Nurzhan Zhautenov

Good evening! I recently purchased a book from LinguaTrip and would like to point out that I am learning English on my own. As a person who studies several languages, I want to note that I can often get confused in grammar or pronunciation, and the book "Minus 365 Mistakes per Year" helps me out. In general, I have bought all the books from LinguaTrip and I can say with confidence that these guys know what to do. The books are written simply and it is easy to understand topics that are not always clear. I do not regret spending the money on the books I purchased — they are worth it. And those who are still thinking about buying books, I advise you to buy them. I want to express my deep gratitude to the guys who work at LinguaTrip and make the material interesting.

Ekaterina Guseva

I recently got the book "Minus 365 Mistakes per Year." This is just an incredibly useful book. I have not yet read it to the end, but even after reading it halfway, I realized that in my speech I made a lot of mistakes. Thank you very much for such useful material that you present in a fairly accessible and understandable way.

Snega Ag

Thanks to your team, I really like the "Minus 365 Mistakes per Year." It is a good addition to the set of your books that I already have. Very clear and informative. I haven’t finished it yet, but everything is ahead.

Ksu Romashko

Hello everyone! I recently purchased a whole set of three LinguaTrip books. Guys, this is just an incredibly super cool product for learning English! "Minus 365 Mistakes per Year" is a WOW! The authors recommend learning one mistake per day, but honestly, it's impossible to stop at only one rule. It is very easy and simple to understand! Thank you.

Valeria Harkina

Hi! I would like to leave a comment on the textbook "Minus 365 Mistakes per Year." All material is presented in the most accessible way, everything is clearly structured. After each topic, there are practical tasks. I finally figured out the articles. Thanks to the authors!


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  • I want to get a refund for the book. Is it possible?

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We reply from 10 to 19 Moscow time on weekdays.

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From 4.99$

Buy the “Minus 365 Mistakes per Year” handbook and fix the most common mistakes in your English

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