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Spring in Style

Say farewell to your bad English. Leave it the English way and make a fresh start

Set a goal and reach it in a few weeks

Choose a realistic aim: to learn to write exceptional essays, to overcome a language barrier, and to talk to five foreigners or to read a book in the original. Be a diligent student and boost your English skills in order to become a better version of yourself in just a short period of time. We'd like to motivate you even more by giving you a promo code with 30% off!

Why online courses?

Prerecorded lessons

You can re-watch them as many times as you want while your access to the course lasts. All you need is an Internet connection.

Live streaming

For those who want to get more answers to their questions. We host these sessions once or twice a month, depending on your chosen course.

Telegram chat

Get access to this for the whole course duration. There are three teachers and course coordinators. They answer not only questions about English but also address any technical concerns. And they are all in your mobile!

Handy homework

In the form of tests and detailed tasks. All lessons, as well as all tests, are available from any device: a computer, a tablet, or a phone.

Additional memos

These will help you structure and memorize the material or learn something new.

A private group for our friends

A private group for those who actually want to master English. Learn about our super-offers first and communicate with other like-minded people in a private chat. And please, do it in English!

Use the promo code to get the discount. Enter the promo code on the payment page for the chosen course.

Marathons (Attention! These have fixed starting dates)

От Elementary до Intermediate за 30 дней

Work through two levels in 30 days

Speak English Like a Pro 2.0

Boost both your vocabulary and pronunciation in 3 weeks.

From Intermediate to Advanced

Work through two levels in 30 days

English for Business and Work

How to pursue a career and do business in the USA: vocabulary, step-by-step guides, and templates.

Intensive courses (you can start these on any day)

Master the Use of English Tenses Like a Native

Learn how to choose the right tense in English every time, and turn that skill into a lifelong habit

Learn to Speak English Like an American

Lose your accent, feel more confident and learn to sound just like a native speaker

Master English Grammar Like a Native

A convenient, easy-to-follow course for mastering articles and conditional clauses

A2 Grammar and Vocabulary

From A2 to B2

Get 100 or above on TOEFL

Prepare for the exam in two weeks and get the highest score possible (with recent changes from 1 August 2019)

Get 6.5 or above on IELTS

Prepare for the exam in 2 weeks and get the highest score possible

Boost Your English Listening Skills

Listen like a native speaker in 20 days

Think And Talk Like A Native Speaker

Get 3 weeks of live English by real American speakers.

Use the promo code to get the discount. Enter the promo code on the payment page for the chosen course.


Alyona Savelieva

I’ve taken an intensive course on tenses with Venya and Marina. Short videos about every tense are really convenient and easy to understand. It’s cool that you guys took care of students with different English levels (Russian subtitles were available for all videos). However, I think it would be even cooler if you could switch them off (to train our listening and comprehension skills) or switch into English. The time at the intensive course passed really fast :) It was nice that besides recorded lessons, there were also two live streams at the beginning and at the end of the course. The questions in tests made me think, a lot :D And it was great because usually in apps for learning tenses you can answer all the questions easily. Everything is very obvious. Here it was not that easy. There were some minor issues, however, the manager quickly responded to them. A special thanks for the memo with tenses. When I need to quickly recall all I’ve learned, it will be invaluable.

Anastasia Chulkova

I've just finished a course “Speak like a pro 2.0”. I liked that the lessons were pretty short, which made it easy to take them every day👌 Besides, Venya is an easy-going, cheerful and detail-oriented teacher. He always explains everything in a clear and understandable way🙂

Also, it was a great experience for me to work with a language partner from another country. We not only did interesting tasks, but also talked about the day-to-day topics. That was interesting!😉 Daily homework (including rated homework on Saturdays) helped both of us to overcome our language barrier. Thank you for the opportunity to take this course🙂

Yuliana Popova

I recently finished a grammar course with Venya. I’d previously taken a course on English tenses. I’ve noticed some improvements: lessons were sent in advance, the homework became more diverse, and it’s much more interesting. I can see that you listen to the feedback and keep growing which is amazing! Venya, as usual, is on fire! :) Everything was well-structured, clear, fun, and easy. I understood everything perfectly and at times I even wanted to say to him: “Man, you may not explain this further, I’ve got it!” :) After these courses, I feel that my English is getting better, I can see the progress and I apply my new knowledge in practice. Thank you for what you do, for this amazing opportunity to learn English so quickly and easily. I became addicted to your course and was impatiently waiting for every new lecture :) I will definitely take the next intensive course on grammar and pronunciation. I’m telling about and recommend everyone your courses :) Thank you once again! I love you

Irinka Afanasyeva

I love these guys! They are awesome! Recently, I've completed "Speak like a pro 2.0" marathon. It was a true challenge :) You learn a bunch of useful stuff that you really need to use in practice (know it since I live in the US). We were able to cover so many topics (like new vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms, pretty tricky grammar and pronunciation rules) over such a short period of time! In addition, we've learned cool lifehacks from TED & YouTube videos and practiced speaking skills every single day with an English Buddy. But only YOU can make it work! Practice, practice, practice! If YOU do each HW and put work into it YOU will get results! Btw, guys provided an Activity Tracker that really helps go back on track)))

Varvara Bisler

I crazily liked the intensive course with Anastasia! Everything was explained in detail. Homework was not boring, and it was fun to work on it. It’s a pity that the course finished so quickly, but I’ve learned a LOT of new things for myself. Now I’m the best English student in my class ;) And my marks improved a lot :) Huge thanks to Anastasia!

Masha Volkova

Hi hello!☀ I did marathon "Intermediate 2 Advanced" and would like to say great thankful of this really helpful month for my language! Venya and Marina, you are both wonderfull teachers and motivators! I like this exceptional format of marathon, unique build program and homework. I am over-the-moon that were with you this month and hope so to meet you again another courses!😃👏🏻😍 Bye for now!👌🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻



If you have any questions, email the coordinator of our intensive courses at

He answers emails from 1 am until 7 am (PT). If your email arrives after this time, he will respond the following day.

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