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  • Marathon

Intensive marathon with Venya Pak and Marina Mogilko

From Intermediate to Advanced

Work through two levels in 30 days

Starts on





From $99

What You’ll Get from This Marathon:

Top-Level Writing Skills

After this intensive course, you’ll be writing English like a native speaker (or better).

Top-Notch Communication Skills

You’ll learn the basics of spoken English, like verbal forms, in ways that’ll help you communicate with foreigners effortlessly.

Effortless Grammar Skills

You’ll learn how to choose the right articles and verb forms naturally, every time, and without giving it a second thought.

Full Range of Knowledge

You’ll understand complicated grammar structures once and for all, using examples that are always relevant, and only exercises that can prove useful and practical to you in the future.

Meet Your Teachers!

• About Marina Mogilko

Marina has passed multiple language tests with high scores: 117 out of 120 on TOEFL and 700 out of 800 on the GMAT. She was consequently accepted into MBA programs at five American universities. Marina now lives in San Francisco, where she runs, as well as three YouTube channels with almost 3 million subscribers.

• About Venya Pak

Venya is the author of two guides: "English like a Boss" , "10 laws of perfect English", and "Tenses", and has developed his own language-learning system. He lives in the U.S. and communicates with native English speakers on a daily basis. Venya also has his own YouTube channel, VenyaPakTV, which already has more than 600,000 subscribers.

Venya Pak talks about the course

Perfect For:

  • Those who are about to take important tests, and are looking to refresh their knowledge with the latest, most relevant information.

  • People who work in international companies and use English for work, but with their skills could be better.

  • Those who finished our course “English Grammar” with Venya Pak, and want to move onto the next stage of proficiency.

  • Those who are stuck in the medium level, and are looking for the best way to move onto the next one.

How Are the Lessons Conducted?

30 recorded lessons

One day — one lesson. All of them can be reviewed as many times as you want.

Access to Online Broadcasting

You’ll get exclusive access to online broadcast at the end of the intensive course. You’ll also get access to each teacher’s common streams for 2 months.

Helpful Homework

Venya will provide students with tests, homework and tasks every so often. Doing these as soon as you can will help you memorize the information more effectively, and get more out of the course.

Certificate and Discounts

All marathon participants will receive a certificate and a discount $10 off any of our other intensive courses.

Live Chat

There will be a chat on Telegram for those who need extra advice. You can find answers to your questions there, engage with the community and even chat with Venya himself.

Personal Advice

Venya will answer your questions and check your homework himself in a personal chat. Perfect for those who want to delve deeper into their growth and learning.

Course Schedule

  • Week #1

  • Week #2

  • Week #3

  • Week #4 + 2 Bonus Days

Week #1

August 18

Day 1 | Pronouns:

How to use them correctly

August 19

Day 2 | Pronouns (Cont.):

Who, whom, which, that

August 20

Day 3 | New Words:

Learning new words, the right way

August 21

Day 4 | Adjectives:

The difference between ‘some’ and ‘any’

August 22

Day 5 | Prepositions:

The ones you really need

August 23

Day 6 | Conjunctions:

Different types and their functions

August 24

Day 7 | Auxiliary Verbs:

Their role in communication

Week #2

August 25

Day 8 | Auxiliary Verbs:

Understand them once and for all

August 26

Day 9 |Comfort Zones:

How the language comfort zone is your enemy, and what you can do about it

August 27

Day 10 | Conversation Fixes:

What to do when a conversation or chat starts to go wrong

August 28

Day 11 | Uses for “Used”:

Figuring out ‘used to’, ‘be used to’ and ‘get used to’

August 29

Day 12 | Comparing and Contrasting Techniques:

What is better and what is worse

August 30

Day 13 | The Most Common Mistake:

Coordination of subject and predicate

August 31

Day 14 | Clauses:

What they are and why you misuse them

Week #3

September 1

Day 15 | Passive Voice:

Stop your struggles!

September 2

Day 16 | The English Way:

How to think in English the way native speakers do

September 3

Day 17 | Useful Vocabulary:

Words that help you in any situation

September 4

Day 18 | Passive Voice:

I’m still having trouble using it, what’s wrong?

September 5

Day 19 | Subjunctive Mood:

A very useful tool in your speech

September 6

Day 20 | Tenses:

Figuring out the order of tenses

September 7

Day 21 | Verbal Connectors:

What to do if anything happens

Week #4 + 2 Bonus Days

September 8

Day 22 | Adjectives and Verbal Connections:

Embellish your speech with them

September 9

Day 23 | English Idioms:

The most popular idioms in English

September 10

Day 24 | Being Understood:

What to do if people don’t understand you

September 11

Day 25 | Introductory Words and Phrases:

Speak and write about new subjects correctly

September 12

Day 26 | Adverbs:

How to describe the action

September 13

Day 27 | Adverbs (Cont.):

Say “no” to boring vocabulary

September 14

Day 28 | Advanced Adjectives:

Time to show off your adjective skills

September 15

Day 29 | Advanced Clauses:

No one will doubt your language proficiency after this

September 16

Day 30 | BONUS Material:

Our final tips and lifehacks

September 16 (11:00 AM PST)


with Venya Pak

Packages & Cost


  • 30 recorded lessons.

  • Livestream at the end of the course.

  • Access to new livestreams for two months.

  • Discount for online intensives.

  • Certificate.

  • 2-month access to classes from your personal account.

  • Homework.





  • 30 recorded lessons.

  • Livestream at the end of the course.

  • Access to new livestreams for two months.

  • Discount for online intensives.

  • Certificate.

  • 2-month access to classes from your personal account.

  • Homework.


  • 5 extra memos.

  • Access to a private chat on Telegram where Venya will answer all your questions and help with homework.






  • 30 recorded lessons.

  • Livestream at the end of the course.

  • Access to new livestreams for two months.

  • Discount for online intensives.

  • Certificate.

  • 2-month access to classes from your personal account.

  • Homework.


  • 5 extra memos.

  • Access to a private chat on Telegram where Venya will answer all your questions and help with homework.

  • Personal chat with Venya Pak for 4 weeks!






Leonid and Irina

My wife, Irina, and I started to learn English with Anastasia from Elementary level. After a few months of studies, we had significant progress. We’ve tried a few chain language schools, but everything felt wrong. Anastasia presents the material in a great way: easy, clear, and comprehensive. The programme was great as well, all topics were arranged logically. We are very happy with our course and grateful to Anastasia for her work. Tutoring is not easy, so we say a huge thanks to her!


Anastasia is a true professional. She perfectly knows her subject, clearly explains everything and provides the examples on the spot. Classes are interesting and useful. During the lesson, we take notes and write down new words. All materials are provided in digital format, so you don’t need to buy anything. Homework is solid and provides the opportunity to fully recap the lessons. I’ve learned about many new applications for learning the language. With pleasure, I will keep learning to reach my goal and pass the exam.


I’ve wanted to learn spoken English for a while, but have not met the person who could cover all the gaps in my school lessons of English and help me to move further in my studies. I saw Anastasia’s intensive course, “English for Beginners”, and decided to give it a go. And, I’m pleased with the results! Anastasia clearly explains the material, gives quite a lot of homework, which is not boring, and checks and corrects everyone.

Oleg Dolgaev

I studied in the intensive course, “English for Beginners”, with Anastasia Ivbyle, which lasted for four weeks, from 18 to 11 July 2018. It helped me to recap and improve my English knowledge. For the first time, I’ve been studying online and I have only positive thoughts about it. I had the lessons twice a week, which I believe is very convenient when you have many daily work meetings and almost no spare time. Another important feature is that you receive the personal emails with all recordings, so you can access them at any time of day or night, and watch the lessons in full, online. And, the access to these recordings is not limited in time! The lessons, themselves, were supposed to last for an hour, but everything was so interesting that we did not fit this timeframe, and spent much more time on them) For all these I’m grateful to the amazing tutor of this intensive course, Anastasia. Each class was filled with grammar, but everything was presented so clearly and simply that we did not feel tired or exhausted. All presentations were visually balanced with text and images, so it helped to better comprehend all covered topics. There were many examples and grammar tasks in each class. The participants of the intensive course send their responses directly into the chat of the course, and Anastasia reads and corrects all of them

Varvara Bisler

I crazily liked the intensive course with Anastasia! Everything was explained in detail. Homework was not boring, and it was fun to work on it. It’s a pity that the course finished so quickly, but I’ve learned a LOT of new things for myself. Now I’m the best English student in my class ;) And my marks improved a lot :) Huge thanks to Anastasia!


  • I see that the lessons are recorded. How does that work?
  • When are the live streams and how to access them?
  • Where do I find recorded lessons?
  • And what about homework?
  • Will I benefit from the marathon?
  • How long do the lessons last?
  • I want a $10 off of an intensive from How can I get it?
  • It seems that the Guru package is the best. Why?
  • I want a refund. Is it possible?

If you have any questions, email the coordinator of our intensive courses at

He answers emails from 1 am until 7 am (PT). If your email arrives after this time, he will respond the following day.

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Starts on





From $99

Reserve your spot in the online marathon "From Intermediate to Advanced "

How to participate:

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  2. 2Make the payment
  3. 3Get access to the lectures via email
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