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690 for 2 weeks



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Intensive course 20
  • Intensive course 20
  • Demipair 12-weeks programme
  • University Pathway (Academic preparation)
  • DELE exam preparation
  • Teacher training
  • Super intensive course + individual lessons
  • Intensive course + individual lessons
  • Intensive course 25
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Student apartments
  • Do not book accommodation
  • Student apartments
  • Mercado Resiolé
  • Residence in University Campus
  • Residence Resiolé (La Nave)
  • Residence Resiolé (Gran Vía)
  • Studio apartment
  • Homestay
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4.8 out of 5

Espanole International House Valencia

Modern boutique school steeped in rich history in the very heart of the Old Town of Valencia. We guarantee a course for every need held by an expert in language tution. We take care of all aspects of your stay while you study with us!

Españolé International House Valencia is a school with a friendly atmosphere, offering courses where the main goal is to teach you to talk as freely as possible, and to give you an opportunity to get acquainted with Spanish life and culture.

This beautiful school is located in the historical palace - Palacio de los Fernández de Córdova. We have carefully renovated the stunning 153-year-old property to our own vision of a 21st century language school that complimnts history with modernism.

The school is placed just where the 11th century Arab walls were standing and still a big part of them have remained inside the building penetrating through the school and getting inside the classrooms, creating an atmosphere of history and mistery.

All students can enjoy exclusive access to our student café during breaks, relax on your choice of two patios or catch some rays on our breath-taking roof garden complete with sun loungers and fruit trees.

All classes are given in Spanish, based on practical tasks and planned depending on the student´s needs and styles of learning. The programme also aims to integrate students into local culture. Visits to cultural centres, museums, other towns, etc are arranged to ensure that all students are full immersed into Spanish life.

Our students come from all over the worl and have many different reasons for studying the Spanish language: to study in a Spanish public or peivate university, to speak fluently, to have a nice holiday in Valencia and eventually travel through all Spanish-speaking parts of the planet, to take one of the official exams DELE or SIELE and many more...

Last year 3 400 students studied with Españolé IH, 99% of them would absolutely recommend it to a friend. Every year school recieves students of 74 different nationalities. In general all students fall between the ages of 18 and 60. Such a mix assures an interesting and international study atmosphere. Check the statistics!

We are the part of the International House World Organization (Ih) with over 60 years' experience in improving quality in language teaching.

Language courses

Intensive course 20
  • 16+ years old
  • 10 students per class
  • lesson 50 minutes

The intensive 20 course at Espanole International House Valencia is designed to immerse the student in a language environment, combining classes and acquaintance with the culture of the country and the mentality of people in free, from lessons, time.

Starting dates for beginners are every second Monday and each Monday from July to October.

360 for 2 weeks
Demipair 12-weeks programme
  • 18...27 years old
  • 10 students per class
  • lesson 50 minutes

It is a wonderful opportunity for students to fully immerse themselves in Spanish life. Students are welcomed into the homes of our Spanish hosts as a member of the family. In return they assist with childcare, help with light housework and teach the children of the house their native language or English. The programme includes 12 weeks of Spanish Intensive 20 course that can be extended.

Normally the Spanish lessons are in the morning and the working time is in the afternoon and evening. Our packaged course consists of 12 weeks of Spanish classes alongside your Demipair work.

Demi pairs will work 20 hours per week plus one night babysitting.

Free days: Two full free days per week (either during the week or at the weekend but at least once a month a Sunday will be free).

Demi pairs will have their own bedroom and will be given full board and some pocket money in return for their help in the house.

Normally Spanish families invite a foreign student to live with them because they want their children to learn and practice a second language. However they fully understand that the aim of the programme for the Demi pair is to learn and practice Spanish. In order to do this, they will make sure there’s a lot of Spanish speaking time. The normal routine is for the Demi pair to speak English or another language with the children and Spanish with the parents.

4400 for 2 weeks
University Pathway (Academic preparation)
  • 16...25 years old
  • 1 students per class
  • lesson 50 minutes

The course is intended for students from foreign educational systems with which Spain has homologation agreements making their qualifications compatible, who have completed upper secondary school up to the Spanish Bachillerato level (pre-university course) in their countries.

Minimum level of Spanish - B1 (as requested by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). You can do Intensive Spanish course with us before the academic preparation course starts.

Students choose their subjects depending on the requirements of their preferred university and we speak individually with every student before starting the academic preparation course.

Course lasts approximately 30 weeks and has a fixed price; it is not possible to choose the duration of University Pathway.

The exams take place during the last week of the course. Your academic coordinator will help you to sign up for your exams; exam fees and paperwork costs are not included in the price of the course.

  • 28/09/2020 — 28/05/2021
Not available


Usually check in two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in your account.

The school must confirm the availability of your chosen accommodation.

If the selected housing is not available for your dates, the school will offer another accommodation option for you to consider.

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I don't need housing

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Student apartments
  • From 16 yearsFrom 16 years
  • ~20 minutes to school by public transport~20 minutes to school by public transport
  • No mealsNo meals

Accommodation in student apartments will give you the opportunity to live with students from different countries. All apartments have three to four rooms and two bathrooms, as well as:

- a kitchen equipped with all necessary accessories,

- iron;

- hall with TV;

- bed linen (if you want you can use your personal);

- all costs for electricity, gas and water are included;

- cleaning of common areas is carried out every two weeks, but in spite of this the maintenance of cleanliness in the apartments is entirely based on the students living there.

On arrival students will have to fill a form, allowing the school to charge to their credit card a security deposit up to 100€.



200 for 13 days
+ 10
Mercado Resiolé
  • From 16 yearsFrom 16 years
  • ~5 minutes walking~5 minutes walking
  • No mealsNo meals

Boutique student house located in “El Carmen” district in a small plaza next to the famous Mercado Central of Valencia and to the school.

250 for 13 days
+ 4
Residence in University Campus
  • From 18 yearsFrom 18 years
  • ~20 minutes to school by public transport~20 minutes to school by public transport
  • No mealsNo meals

Summer residence in the university campus, close to the beach, available from 27th June to 30th August

1554 for 13 days


Not required

  • 75 

    one way


School address:

Caballeros, 36, Valencia


Reviews 11

Total score

4.8 out of 5

Leisure time



Very strong school and teachers. I went for three weeks, very interesting material was always selected. If there were any questions, the school quickly answered them. The host family also was a good one. I am very pleased with the trip, there were only positive impressions!



The school is generally good, but the teachers are different. I had two teachers, one I really liked, but the second was not. I didn't like the activity after school. They were not divided into groups according to the language level. Given the fact that I had an elementary level, it was quite uncomf

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You have three days to cancel your booking with no fees if case you change your mind.

You have until 31/01/2022 to pay the remaining balance


Full cost of the course after prepayment deduction must be paid no later than four weeks before the start of the course.

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