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Linguaschools Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
Very Good 4.7
School 4.8
Accommodation 4.5
Course 4.8
Free time activities 4.5
The location of the school was chic; it was in the center of the city – very convenient. Everyone was very friendly at the school and happy to help with any questions. The apartments were also very close – about 10 min walk.

School is located in a beautiful house with a nice garden, right in the heart of Barcelona.

Learn Spanish in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, Spain's second largest city and one of the most dynamic and lively cities in Europe. In Barcelona you will find art, culture, sunshine, night life and relaxation all coming together. The most popular locations are: Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter and the city's tourist centre. The narrow streets around the city's "Ramblas" create a home for artists from all over the world ,bringing together terraces, restaurants, shops and (tapas) bars.

Barcelona is a surprisingly easy city to navigate. From its medieval Gothic quarter and historic old town of narrow streets and alleys to its world famous art-nouveau buildings and futuristic Olympic Village on the harbor, Barcelona is a city of contrasts and unrivaled artistic beauty and diversity. You're more than welcome to come to Barcelona, discover all this and learn Spanish at the same time.

Linguaschools Barcelona is located in a nice and quiet "Pasaje" without traffic where you can hear birds singing.

In our school, you will meet people from all over the world. You can chill out under the palm tree in our nice garden while having a coffee, catch up with your friends or family through Internet and taste the real Barcelona. Our teachers are all native speakers and have a university degree and many years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreign language students from absolute beginners to advanced. Their enthusiasm and passion for teaching their native language is the key to our success. This combined with the latest teaching methods result in dynamic, interactive and fun Spanish classes. We have spacious and bright classrooms with natural light, a computer room, a nice lounge, a lovely garden and a school library with Spanish books and films.

We have spacious, bright classrooms, WIFI and computer room and a film and book library for students’ use.

We offer Intensive, Semi-Intensive and Extensive Spanish courses, DELE exam preparation courses, Individual Spanish and combination courses.


Semi-Intensive 10 TOP CHOICE
From 16 years old 10 students per class 1 lesson — 55 minutes
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
1 October—12 October

With the intensive 10 course, you will normally be in class with students following the intensive 20 course. Please note that this course makes up part of the intensive 20 course. It means you will only attend half the lessons of the intensive 20 course. Therefore, it requires more dedication and self-study outside the actual course lessons. If you are an absolute beginner we recommend that you attend our Intensive 20 course.


You can check out other accommodation options on Airbnb. Grab $20 for your first trip!

Shared apartment

25 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 18
No meals

The fully equipped apartments in Barcelona are shared with an average of 2 to 4 Spanish people and/or language school students. There's free WIFI available in all shared apartments in Barcelona. You will be provided your own room which will include all of the standard necessities: single or double bed, wardrobe, table and chair, etc. The living room, kitchen and bathroom will all be shared by the housemates. This is a great option for those looking for the opportunity to live with a variety of people sharing very different cultures. All apartments are within a 25 minutes walking distance from the school. Bed sheets are available, but you should bring your own towels.

You can book a standard single room, a big single room or a double room. Standard single rooms have a single bed while most of the big single rooms have a double bed.

In case you were interested you also have the possibility to choose to stay in a single or a double room with a private bathroom at your disposal.

Please mind that double rooms can only be reserved for 2 students who travel together. If you want to come together with a friend, and you want to stay in a single room in the same apartment, in most cases that's no problem either. Please leave a note with your request on the enrolment form. You should arrive at your accommodation before 22.00 (landing time maximum 20.00 at Barcelona (BCN) airport). If you arrive later, you may be obliged to reserve an airport transfer or you may be charged an extra fee.

Host family

40 minutes from school on public transport
Minimum age — 16
Breakfast only/half board

In choosing to stay with a host family students truly experience the hospitality of a typical Spanish family. We believe this one of the best ways to get to know Spanish culture. Having their own room and keys, Students will enjoy this home-style experience yet still have the comforts of independence. But it must be understood that each Student must adhere to the rules and customs of their Spanish family. The half board accommodation includes breakfast and dinner. Full board is available on request.

Reservations for double rooms can only be made for students travelling together.


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Flight is not included. We recommend you book your flight only after you get a visa to your destination country or make sure that you don't need one. Ticket price is for your information only.


April 2018
very good

At school, I studied 3 weeks (30 hours a week): we had two grammar lessons before lunch and a lesson after lunch for communication on all sorts of topics. Teachers were very different and energetic, each one with his own manner of teaching. I would like to note the lessons of communication – it was a great opportunity to stop being afraid of speaking Spanish and start discussing the various topics more or less fluently. The location of the school was chic; it was in the center of the city – very convenient. Everyone was very friendly at the school and happy to help with any questions. The apartments were also very close – about 10 min walk. Apartments were large, for 8 people; many students lived there – if you’re lucky, you can find a silent place. I would definitely recommend Linguaschools for everyone who wants to improve their Spanish and speak more freely)))

August 2017

I took a two-week course of Spanish in Linguaschools Barcelona in the end of summer and in early autumn 2017. I’ve had such a wonderful experience from the trip and I recommend this school to all of my friends!

1. Accommodation. I lived in an apartment which was 8-10 minutes walking from the school. And my school was located in the heart of Barcelona. The apartment had 10 rooms for students, 4 bathrooms, a big living room with TV, sofas and a large dining table and a kitchen with electrical appliances and crockery. Also there was a big terrace where we could look at the stars. Some of the rooms in the apartment were big with large windows and some of them were small without any windows. The price was the same for any room, so I recommend you to find out which room will be yours in advance. I had quite a big room in the center of the apartment with a window that looked out into an inner courtyard. In the apartment with me lived 3 German students, 2 students from USA and 2 Russian students. They all were friendly and ready to communicate and talk. We didn’t bother each other and so, it was comfortable for us to live together.

2. Studying. The school is not that big but it’s nice and pleasant. All studying is in Spanish, so it will be hard for those who don’t know the language at all. At first it was hard to perceive foreign language and all information but in the end of second week I realized that I understood absolutely everything! It was like a miracle and I really improved my communication skills. In the second week of studying in my group were students from all over the world. There were USA students, German students, students from France, Russia and Poland aged from 17 to 74 years. It was really interesting to get to know about features of life in different countries. All of the teachers were great and kind. They explained lesson material in the simplest way and made sure that every student got and understood the information. Also the school offered different activities but I didn’t take part in them.

3. Pastime. Barcelona is an amazing city and I fell in love with it! It has such a creative atmosphere. In Barcelona you can find an incredible architecture, flora, a spirit of creativity and freedom, the blue see and magnificent beaches.

August 2017

I was there in August 2017. I’d chosen an intensive course for two weeks. And I really liked the training, time flew during the classes. At the first 2-3 classes I couldn’t understand anything, because our teachers didn’t speak English, so, if I needed some help I had to ask my classmates. But starting with the fourth day everything went smoothly! The teachers were real professionals! By the middle of course I’d started to understand all information. I could even have a short talk in the street, though my language level was next to zero, when I came to Spain. At the end of the course there was an exam, which included speaking, writing and listening. Depending on the exam results I got a language certificate to proof my language level. I really liked the apartment. There was everything that I needed. It was very clean and comfortable. As for the entertainment, there was no chance to be bored! We often went out together with my schoolmates, it was great. But the best thing I liked was yoga on the beach. As a whole, I’m happy about my trip, and I’m going to come back to Linguaschool again and again. Muchas gracias!

August 2017

In August 2017, I went to Barcelona for a three-week Spanish course (20 hours a week), the trip was just great!

Firstly, I want to thank the Linguatrip team for professional and fast work, you are great fellows, i can see that you love what you do, answered all my questions, which even do not always directly belong to your competence. I wish your company further growth and improvement, if you still want to learn languages ​​abroad, then only with your service - good price, nice and ready to help managers, it was nice to interact with you!

Spanish before that I learned myself, and it was nice to get to not elementary level. Generally speaking, the school is kind and ready to help. Another thing was that we were actually taught, explained the grammar, gave tasks, and they checked it, it was serious.

Each week a table of events for students was posted, for some I went, when there were no other plans, it was a perfect opportunity to spent time with other students and to spend time well, and sometimes even to do something useful. For example, on my arrival the Festival de Gracia was held, and we helped the local to block the street for a holiday, it was memorable.

I lived in a family, or rather a woman who did not speak neither English nor, especially, Russian. It was a big plus for me. She was also very cheerful, cooked me delicious food, and every evening after dinner we talked about 1.5-2 hours. We had very warm relationships, i did not want to leave! Housing was located in 25 min. walk from the college, but I like to walk, so it was absolutely not a problem. In general, in my area (pl. Universitet) everything was relatively close - on the beach I went on foot, to La Ramble on foot, on pl. Catalonia and the Gothic Quarter also. In Barcelona, ​​there are so many things to do and see , so I wanted to have time to see as much as possible before leaving, but, of course, this is not real for 3 weeks.

In general, I'm delighted with this wonderful country, people and study. One small minus - small rooms, to the toilet in the school if you go in with a backpack, then it's hard to close the door. But this entire compact Europa is now remembered with a smile and can not obscure the positive emotions and new impressions that I received. Still many thanks for your work!

Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews
October 2017

I went for two weeks in October with the clear intention of improving my Spanish greatly. This has been achieved, but to a lesser degree than I thought.

The course was very good, with exceptional teaches, I might add. The classes were very entertaining, and despite being intensive, they never felt too long or tiresome. The teachers took note of what the students needed improvement in and did exercises in those areas.

The activities the school provided sounded very interesting, however during my stay, not many students wished to participate. So I wasn't able to take part in any.

The least enjoyable part of the experience was the stay with my host family. Looking back, I should've booked a shared apartment. For those that are more independent or fussy eaters or have higher standards when it comes to lodging and price/quality ratio, I recommend shared apartments or airbnb. I spoke very little Spanish in the house (the 'family host' was actually a senior Catalan lady who spoke Catalan 90% of the time and Spanish only with us) and I had a flat mate who was just beginning her Spanish course so we had to speak in English in order to be able to communicate. I was not informed that another student might be staying in the apartment at the same time. Food was not adequate and the host lady took very much offense when I did not eat the food she provided (and that I paid for). I had to buy my own additional food and had to come up with excuses on why I did that. I felt as if she was doing me a huge favor by letting me stay there and providing food, when in reality, I paid a lot of money in exchange for those sub par services.

August 2017

I really enjoyed the trip. Barcelona is beautiful. I will definitely come to this school to continue studying the Spanish language, but for more than a month.

1) School. Training is completely in Spanish, even for beginners. In the first week it was difficult to understand the teachers and what they want from us, but in the second week I was surprised to understand almost everything, although i have the level of beginners.

The staff at the school is very friendly and sympathetic. The school is small but cozy, located in the heart of Barcelona. The schedule of classes is floating every week.

2. Accommodation. I lived in the apartment with 3 students from Germany, 2 from the USA and 1 from Russia, but there were 3 more rooms available. The apartments are very large, have everything you need (from the ironing board to the dishwasher and the breakfast terrace), but there are only 4 bathrooms for 10 rooms. The rooms in the apartment were all different, ranging from the closet without windows, to the large one with panoramic windows and a double bed, where you will be settled by an absolute random, but they are the same. The apartment was 6-10 minutes walk from the school and located in the center of Barcelona.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend this school, this course and this city.

Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews

As for my apartments - the conditions are wonderful, the kitchen is well-equipped, no complaints. The list of events was updated every week at school. On Monday, when new students arrived, there was a dinner served as a welcome party with Sangria and tapas. I really enjoyed the tour of Barcelona on bicycles. The teachers are masters of their business, I'm so happy that I went to this school. The international composition of the group - of 11 people, only two Russians.

I'm glad that I chose Linguatrip! A company with an excellent service.

Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews
September 2016
Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) language school reviews
June 2016
May 2014

I spent two weeks in Barcelona at Linguaschools and I wish I could have stayed at least for a month. The school is small and cozy. It is situated in a lovely green lane right in the center of the city. The school team is very friendly and seems to enjoy their job, which makes the students feel comfortable and relaxed. A shared apartment I stayed in was much better than I had expected. Actually, all the apartments I've seen (two more, besides mine) were surprisingly spacious and well kept.And, of course, Barcelona is the most beautiful city in Spain, vamos pienso yo*) I had a lot of fun there and Linguaschools was a perfect choice.

August 2014

Hi all!I am from Ukraine. I spent 6 weeks in this school. The teaching stuff is very professional. Professors wanted you to understand the material and always helped us. All the time they used only Spanish (NO ENGLISH), so we were completely absorbed in the language. The lessons were really useful and funny (especially when teacher tried to explain smth using different approaches - painting, dancing, singing, facial expressions). As a result, I started to speak Spanish very fast and it was very easy to learn new words and grammar rules. I did not have to swot up them. Just relax and enjoy the learning :) As for accommodation, there are a lot of good options. I chose a luxury single appartment and I liked it very much. Also I like that you have your personal web page where all necessary information is located.

United Kingdom
August 2014

I spent two weeks at the school in August 2014 doing the beginners course.As I was a mature student (60) and the oldest in the class by 37 years! I was a bit concerned that I may not feel a part of the overall experience. This wasn't the case, the teaching and support staff are all very friendly and helpful. The lessons are tailored to your experience and as the whole class start at the same level it made it a fun learning experience. The extra curricular activities are also a great way to meet other students from all over the world who are not in your own tutor group. I was amazed at the diversity of nationalities taking the classes, and the fact that everyone speaks English at break time made me feel quite humble that it was my only language apart the Spanish I was learning. I had a wonderful time and learnt a lot. But not enough, I have already booked another session.

July 2014

If you want to improve your Spanish in a friendly atmosphere, without stressing, this is the place to go to. I have already been here twice and plan on returning again. I'm very happy with the improvement I've made in 3 months. The teachers are very competent and nice! The entire staff has been nothing but friendly and helpful. And it doesn't hurt that the location is good and that all the learning materials are included in the price ;) I can recommend it to everyone with a clear conscience!

United States
very good

Took a three weeks course at Linguaschools Barcelona and I had such a great time! The teachers were very good and very nice. Every week they organized several activities, which also was a big plus. And of course the city Barcelona is amazing! After all, I would definitely come back to improve my Spanish!

February 2015
very good

The director, all the teachers and staff try to help the students the best they can. Not only do the teachers teach us the Spanish language, they give us helpful information about Spanish life.

I am satisfied with this school as I can study at my own pace and I have a good relationship with my teachers.

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Pasaje Permanyer, 17, 08009 Barcelona, Spain
Average age: 25
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