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Limited edition e-book

Awesome Halloween

For those who are fearless in their pursuit of new knowledge


from 1.99$

This limited edition Halloween e-book is written for those who want to learn new vocabulary unconventionally, experience the scariest holiday, and have a lot of fun.

You can use it to increase your vocabulary in a fun way by making a holiday pie, test your grammar after reading a scary story, and learn how to boost your listening skills with spooky Beetlejuice.


Limited edition

Boost your English in a festive, yet scary mode.

Language practice

Improve your English with exciting topical tasks.

Halloween spirit

Learn how to spend Halloween and find out about its original and mysterious history.

What will you get

Fear-less grammar

Refresh and practice grammar with unconventional but spooky examples.

Even more lexis

Learn new terrifying lexis that will boost your vocabulary.

Holistic approach

Work on all your skills at the same time: reading, speaking, listening and writing.

Great mood

Get a detailed guide on how to spend the holiday and feel the Halloween spirit.

Ideal for

  • those who want to learn English in a fun mode and never be bored.

  • those who want to diversify their vocabulary with new thematic words and mysterious expressions.

  • those who are not afraid of scary stories and are willing to fight the grammar challenges.

  • those who want to test their knowledge and have fun on the scariest holiday of the year.


  • Chapters 1-6

  • Chapters 7-11

Chapter 1 | Reading practice: Halloween Guide

Learn about the history of Halloween and its traditions in English while practicing reading skills.

Chapter 2 | Halloween Vocabulary. Part 1. Useful phrases

Speak about Halloween confidently and do unconventional tasks to consolidate the knowledge.

Chapter 3 | Halloween Vocabulary. Part 2. Spooky Phrases and Idioms

Learn new idioms that will be suitable for different life situations.

Chapter 4 | How to have fun on Halloween: Halloween To-Do List

Get the instruction on how to celebrate in a fun way and get the most for your English.

Chapter 5 | Halloween Activity Tracker

Create a plan on how to study English effectively and will be able to track your progress.

Chapter 6 | English for life: read the recipe and cook Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Prepare a Halloween dish for an atmospheric dinner.

Chapter 7 | Spooky Stories: check your grammar knowledge

Improve your grammar while doing scary but engaging tasks.

Chapter 8 | Listening skills: Top-30 movies that will definitely terrify you

Boost your listening with the top of our thematic movies.

Chapter 9 | Speaking and reading: read aloud and discuss spooky stories with your friends

Practice speaking by reading scary stories aloud. They will totally terrify even the bravest of your friends. Also, you’ll write your own story!

Chapter 10 | Soc Med writing: a Halloween post and story on Instagram

Impress everyone with an awesome Halloween capture to your post on Instagram.

Chapter 11 | Speaking: Halloween games

Find out how to diversify your evenings with friends.


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Awesome Halloween

  • Limited edition e-book Awesome Halloween: Boost your English, get spooky and have fun




  • Limited edition e-book Awesome Halloween: Boost your English, get spooky and have fun




Halloween PRO

  • Limited edition e-book Awesome Halloween: Boost your English, get spooky and have fun





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From 1.99$

Buy limited edition e-book "Awesome Halloween: Boost your English, get spooky and have fun"

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