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Super Intensive Course with Venya Pak

Advanced Grammar: Fly Over Intermediate

Advanced grammar for those who are ready to wing their way into Upper Space

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From 17.71$

With the Intermediate level of English, you can already be called a confident user of the language. You can understand most of the information in the media, and you can give a presentation or express your opinion both in conversation or in writing. However, if you want to get closer to the native speakers’ level, you should be comfortable with the most complicated aspects of English grammar, such as subjunctive mood or modal verbs. You should also have a diverse vocabulary. This course is designed to address any knowledge gaps you may have and organize your understanding systematically. By attaining these objectives, you'll swiftly advance to the Advanced level.

What you get with the lessons

Elimination of the gaps, and mistakes in grammar

You will master the use of modal verbs, figure out the subjunctive mood and learn how to describe events in the past just like a native speaker.

Consolidating your knowledge through practice

Throughout the course, you will not only attend lectures but also take tests to absorb the material more effectively.

Enlarging the vocabulary

New words and expressions are waiting for you. You will learn vocabulary for business communication and enrolling in a university abroad.

Leveling up for upcoming exams

We will discuss the topics and vocabulary that often cause trouble for students on language proficiency exams. No more losing points because of common mistakes..

To get maximum benefit from the intensive, we recommend having at least an Intermediate level of English. We will discuss complex grammar topics, and some previous knowledge will help you keep up with the classes. However, you can take the course even at lower levels: you will make detailed notes and come back to them later.

Perfect for

  • Those who want to fill the gaps in their knowledge and move to the Advanced level of English

  • Those who are tired of struggling with complicated English grammar on their own and want to make the learning process fast and effective

  • Those who are preparing to take their exams, including TOEFL and IELTS

  • Those who have to talk a lot to foreign colleagues

Meet your teacher — Venya Pak

Venya is the author of four guides: "English Like a Boss," "10 Laws of Perfect English," "Secrets of English for Intermediate Learners," and "Tenses."

Additionally, he has developed his own language-learning system.

Venya holds a TESOL certificate and resides in the U.S., where he communicates with native English speakers daily.

Moreover, he runs his own YouTube channel, VenyaPakTV, boasting over 750,000 subscribers.

How Are the Lessons Conducted?

7 recorded classes

You can watch the recordings wherever and whenever you want. The only thing you need is an Internet connection.

Theory and practice

After every class, you will have homework to help you memorize the material.

Supplemental materials

Three useful memos and a good habits tracker to write less and memorize more.


Only in the MASTER package

Certificate and discount

All participants of the intensive course will receive a certificate of participation. This gives you $30 off any other intensive course.

Live chat

For those who need advice, there will be a group chat on Telegram. There, you can find answers to your questions.


Only in the MASTER package

Handbook “Grammar is All You Need” with a workbook

This book is way better than an ordinary textbook. Inside, you’ll find the most fun and direct information, our special tips and tricks, and real-life examples that you can use in your speech straight away. In addition, you get a neat workbook to review all the information.


Only in the MASTER package


no name

It was an incredible experience. The lessons were presented in a straightforward and easily comprehensible manner, didn't demand much time, and left me eager to delve deeper each time. I also appreciated the customer-centric approach and the discounts available for loyal customers which led me to purchase another course. Here's an idea for you: it would be fantastic to establish a referral program for bloggers. I'm a blogger myself, and I'd be more than happy to endorse your courses to my subscribers in exchange for a commission 😉


It was awesome! Thank you so much! Venya make difficult topics easy to understand! I got more than I expected.

no name

i really appreciate your work guys. that was really challenging. i would recommend this course for everyone who is in intermediate and wants to improve their level!


Day 1 | Perfect, or not Perfect: that is the question

Memorizing the difference between Past Simple and Present Perfect once and for all.

Day 2 | The verbs of past habits + Vocabulary: education

Talking about past habits and strolling down memory lane with the verbs used to and would.

Day 3 | All about modal verbs + Vocabulary: Work

Diving into the complicated cases of the verbs can/could, may/might, and must.

Day 4 | What should we do? + Vocabulary: Power verbs for your CV

Eliminating fatal mistakes in shall/should, will/would, and semi-modal verbs usage.

Day 5 | I wish it worked! + Vocabulary: Finance & Economy

Figuring out the subjunctive mood in the Present.

Day 6 | If only I knew! + Vocabulary: Technology & Internet

Learning to use Past Subjunctive and Past Perfect Subjunctive.

Day 7 | Cleft sentences + Vocabulary: Relationships of all kinds

Making our speech more versatile with cleft sentences and accentuating the information in the sentence.

Bonus | Handbook “Grammar is All You Need” + Workbook

Complicated English grammar, explained in a simple way in one neat handbook. *Only in the Master package.

In the MASTER package, you also get an amazing handbook “Grammar is All You Need” with the workbook for practice. This handbook will guide you through the deep and dark forest of English grammar. Every rule is explained in simple terms and illustrated with useful examples. No more boring theory: with “Grammar is All You Need” you’ll master the English grammar effortlessly in no time.

Packages and Costs

Prices rise soon!


  • 7 recorded classes

  • 7 tests (one for each class)

  • Good habits tracker

  • Certificate

  • Access to your personal account for 1 month


  • Discount for an online intensive course


5917.71 $



  • Everything in NEWBIE


  • Handbook “Grammar Is All You Need” + Workbook

  • Private Telegram chat with the supervisors of the course and like-minded people

  • Three memos — modal verbs, tenses, and new vocabulary


6820.40 $



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Any day




From 17.71$

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If you have any questions, email us at

We reply from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Moscow time on weekdays.

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