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Intensive course with Anastasia Ivbule

Get 7.5 or above on IELTS

Prepare for the exam in 2 weeks and get the highest score possible


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Mohammad (scored 8 out of 9)

If you’re on the hunt for an exceptional online class to prepare for the IELTS exam, look no further than the specialized IELTS course offered on the LinguaTrip website by Anastasia Ivbule. As a brilliant teacher, Anastasia not only imparts knowledge but also ignites inspiration. Anastasia’s teaching approach is tailored to each student’s needs. She identifies your strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring a customized learning experience. With an in-depth understanding of IELTS, Anastasia dives into the intricacies of the exam. Before my first session with her, I aimed for an overall IELTS score of 7.0. Little did I know that her guidance would propel me beyond my expectations. Thanks to her professional tips, I achieved an impressive IELTS band score of 8. Great teachers go beyond the curriculum. Anastasia identifies the specific skills you need to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. She puts you on the right track, nurturing every ability required for success. From firsthand experience, I can confidently say that Anastasia Ivbule is one of those exceptional educators who transforms students into achievers. If you’re ready to elevate your IELTS journey, enroll in her course—you won’t be disappointed.

Elena ( scored 7 out of 9)

Before Anastasia I tried to prepare with different tutors, but I saw no progress. Lessons with Anastasia had a strong structure and it helped me to improve my IELTS skills. We focused on essays as it was the most challenging part for me and Anastasia explained to me all types of essays and gave a lot of useful techniques to write task 1 and task 2. As for speaking, we also trained a lot and discussed all popular topics, studied universal phrases and looked at examples. I strongly recommend Anastasia, especially if you don’t have a lot of time for preparation.

I had 7.0 on IELTS and it was my aim score.

Igor (scored 8 out of 9)

When I decided to take the IELTS exam, I knew the scariest parts for me would be Writing and Speaking. I had no idea where to start and what to do next. My first homework assignment, even before the beginning of the course, was to fulfill Writing task 1 and Writing task 2. The course is priceless - a detailed analysis of all mistakes and errors with Anastasia. From the very first class we paid a lot of attention to all the particularities and criteria of IELTS. Apart from the exam preparation, I also improved my grammar skills as we had home tasks for the most challenging grammar aspects. Thanks to the course I finally understood the articles! I am very pleased with the individual approach and invaluable tips for the exam! My final grade was 8.0!

Karina (scored 7.5 out of 9)

I needed to prepare for IELTS in just 3 weeks, so I could get Band 7 overall and apply for a master program in England. I was worried that it would be impossible to prepare in such a short period. However, lessons with Anastasia were so structured and well-organized that we managed to improve our writing and speaking skills and get deserved grades. All the lessons were extremely productive, because everything was thought through. Little, but essential details that I hadn’t taken seriously before the lessons with Anastasia helped me improve my English and obtain 7,5 overall grade to study in England. I want to thank Anastasia for her professionalism and such thorough help in preparation for IELTS.


Anastasia is the most patient, demanding, and professional teacher. In a short span of time we rectified all of my issues with grammar and tactics for the exam. We thoroughly focused on the writing and speaking parts and learned some useful IELTS tricks. It’s important to remember that if you work hard, you will manage to pass IELTS successfully, and lessons with Anastasia will help make your preparation fast and effective.

Alexandra (scored 7.5 out of 9)

The lessons were structured and highly informative. Anastasia sent me the books, gave me lots of tips for all the exam parts, especially for the writing part (as it was my weakness), and assessed my answers to give approximate total score for each variant. All in all, we worked through all the skills necessary for the exam and by the last lesson I knew what to expect at the exam and how to cope with possible problems. As a result, I got 7.5 in the exam. Anastasia also sent me additional information and resources which might help to improve my general English knowledge but unfortunately I didn’t have time to use them. I use some of them now, though. Anastasia’s English and teaching techniques are great. She is also a very nice person with interesting background. I am very happy that Anastasia was my teacher, ever for such a short period.

Elena (scored 7 out of 9)


Listening 8, Reading 7, Writing 6,5, Speaking 7

Ariuna (scored 7 out of 9)

Hi! I got 7 on the exam which was on last Monday! I am gleeful! Thank you very much!

On Sunday I have the last attempt, but i already got the right score)

Listening - 7, Reading - 8, Writing - 6, Speaking - 6,5.

Denis (scored 8 out of 9)

If not for stupid mistakes in Listening, it would be perfect

But score for Writing is the highest one I have ever received! And score for Speaking is good!


I took part in many intensives, but the intensives in TOEFL and IELTS by Anastasia were the most informative, useful, and structured. I thanked Anastasia many times not only for the knowledge she gave to us, but also for her manner in doing it. Her speech is very pleasant, full of knowledge, constructive, and intelligent. All the information is structured, the lessons are well-prepared, the answers are very precise not only during streams but in every chat. Expression by Anastasia both as a person and professional is great. I decided for myself that I will take part in the intensives by Anastasia and try my best, because she is a genius teacher, with a lot of knowledge and amazing teaching skills, especially for those who already have a high level of language, but want to improve and develop his or her language further. Thank you so much one more time and please show more courses and videos by Anastasia!

About Anastasia

• Passed international exams with high scores

Anastasia is a tutor with extensive practical experience, having attained top scores on international English tests. She successfully completed the IELTS with a perfect score of 9 out of 9, the TOEFL with an impressive 119 out of 120, and earned the highest grade of A on the CELTA. For over ten years, she has been dedicated to teaching English and helping students prepare for these exams.

• Graduated from an American university

She studied linguistics at Boston University.

• Speaks five languages

Anastasia knows Russian, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. She is currently learning Hebrew.

Video preview

Anastasia Ivbule

What you will get from this intensive course

Everything is explained

You will figure out the structure of the exam. You will understand which tasks you should begin with and which to leave for later.

Strategic time management

You’ll learn how to work against the clock to do more tasks.

Tips and lifehacks

Learn secret techniques for quick exam preparation.

Special skill set

Learn how to read tasks and find the right information.

High score on the exam

Find out how you may earn additional points and where you risk losing some.

Work on mistakes

Learn to correct your mistakes and practice with sample tests.

Who’s the Course Suitable For?

  • Those who want to prove their language knowledge with an international certificate.

  • Those who plan to study at British, American, and other foreign universities that accept IELTS.

  • Interns and job-seekers who want to work in international companies.

  • Those who want to climb their career ladder more quickly.

How Are the Lessons Conducted?

14 recorded classes

You can watch the recordings wherever and whenever you want. The only thing you need is an Internet connection.

Access to live streams

You can watch them live or you can watch the recordings. You will get access to all live streams for three months, including new ones which take place after your intensive has ended.


You will get homework from Anastasia after each lesson.

Certificate and discount

All participants of the intensive course will receive a certificate of participation. It entitles you to a discount of $30 off any other intensive course.

Live chat

For those who need advice, there will be a group on Telegram. There you can find answers to your questions and chat with Anastasia.


Only for STANDARD and PRO packages.

Personal advice

Anastasia will check your homework and arrange consultations.


Only for the PRO package.

Course Contents:


Lecture 1:

Essential Registration Tips and Prep Resources

Focus: Navigate the registration process with ease and find out the best preparation materials.

Lecture 2:

Strategies to Boost Your English Proficiency

Focus: Learn effective methods and strategies to improve your language skills and overall test readiness.

Lecture 3:

Listening Fundamentals and Effective Note Taking

Focus: Understand the structure of the listening section and learn about the APT method. Discover tips for spelling, practicing dictation, and taking notes.

Lecture 4:

In-Depth Analysis of Listening Questions

Focus: Understand and effectively answer each type of question in the IELTS Listening section.

Lecture 5:

Core Reading Strategies and Exercises (Part 1)

Focus: Develop key strategies for reading comprehension and apply them through practice.

Lecture 6:

Core Reading Strategies and Exercises (Part 2)

Focus: Develop key strategies for reading comprehension and apply them through practice.

Lecture 7:

General Training Test: Letters

Focus: Learn how to write different types of letters for the General Training Test.

Lecture 8:

Academic Test: Effective Paraphrasing Techniques

Focus: Improve your academic writing by mastering the art of paraphrasing.

Lecture 9:

Academic Test: Writing Great Body Paragraphs

Focus: Learn to write effective body paragraphs for pie charts, line graphs, bar charts, maps, diagrams, and tables.

Lecture 10:

Writing a Great Introduction

Focus: Learn how to write essay introductions quickly and effectively.

Lecture 11:

Strategic Essay Planning

Focus: Discover methods for planning and organizing your essays.

Lecture 12:

Confidence and Essential Writing Skills

Focus: Learn to write strong conclusions and master three essential writing skills for success.

Lecture 13:

Speaking Section Format and Sample Answers

Focus: Understand the Speaking Section format, explore sample answers, and gain valuable tips.

Lecture 14:

Structuring Answers and Expanding Vocabulary

Focus: Learn techniques for structuring your responses, expand your vocabulary, and understand the assessment criteria.

How much does it cost?


  • 14 recorded lessons

  • One live broadcast per month

  • Access to the personal account for 3 months

  • Discount for online intensives

  • Certificate of participation

  • Homework for every lesson


99 $



  • Everything in BASIC


  • Access to a private group on Telegram where Anastasia will answer all your questions and help with homework.

  • IELTS templates that will help you to increase overall score, proven to have worked for dozens of students.


129 $




  • Everything in STANDARD


  • Personal consultation with Anastasia. She will answer your questions and evaluate your writing and speaking skills in 30 minutes..


179 $



Personal IELTS Coaching

  • Everything in PRO


  • 10 45-minute lessons with Anastasia

  • Exam preparation strategy

  • Private chat with Anastasia for 2 month


1200960 $



Reserve your spot


any day




From $99

Reserve your spot in the online intensive "Get 7.5 or above on IELTS"

How to participate:

  1. 1Reserve your spot
  2. 2Make the payment
  3. 3Get access to the lectures via email


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  • I prefer to watch the lessons on my phone. Is it possible?
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  • It seems that the PRO package is the best. Why?
  • I want a refund. Is it possible?

If you have any questions, email us at

We are online from 10AM to 7PM GMT-3 time on weekdays.

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