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    IELTS prep book

    A guide for successful IELTS exam preparation



    What’s inside?

    Clear Preparation System

    Direct explanations, tactics, and exam hacks for the most productive IELTS exam preparation.

    Up-to-date Information

    All data is current as of 2024 and takes into account all the latest changes to the exam.

    Convenient Format

    The guide only contains necessary exam-prep information and is accompanied by numerous illustrations for easy learning.

    What You Will Receive:

    Organized System of Learning

    Understand the ins and outs of the exam setup and all the latest updates. Learn which tasks to tackle first and which ones to leave for later.

    Tips, Tricks & Hacks

    Master secret techniques for quick exam preparation and take on the most challenging questions in all the sections.

    High Scores on the Exam

    Discover how to achieve maximum results and how to avoid losing points.

    Time Management Practice

    Learn how to save time during the exam and solve more tasks.

    Extra guide

    IELTS study planner

    30-Day IELTS preparation planner with recommendations

    Speaking prompts

    30-Day Speaking Challenge: train your speaking skills to achieve the highest score

    Writing prompts

    Complete illustrated exercises and improve your writing skills

    Who is the book for?

    • People who want to confirm their English proficiency level.

    • Prospective students applying to British, American, and other universities that require IELTS.

    • Interns and job candidates looking for work at international companies.

    • Individuals aiming to advance in their career and reach their goals.


    Elena ( scored 7 out of 9)

    Before Anastasia I tried to prepare with different tutors, but I saw no progress. Lessons with Anastasia had a strong structure and it helped me to improve my IELTS skills. We focused on essays as it was the most challenging part for me and Anastasia explained to me all types of essays and gave a lot of useful techniques to write task 1 and task 2. As for speaking, we also trained a lot and discussed all popular topics, studied universal phrases and looked at examples. I strongly recommend Anastasia, especially if you don’t have a lot of time for preparation.

    I had 7.0 on IELTS and it was my aim score.

    Igor (scored 8 out of 9)

    When I decided to take the IELTS exam, I knew the scariest parts for me would be Writing and Speaking. I had no idea where to start and what to do next. My first homework assignment, even before the beginning of the course, was to fulfill Writing task 1 and Writing task 2. The course is priceless - a detailed analysis of all mistakes and errors with Anastasia. From the very first class we paid a lot of attention to all the particularities and criteria of IELTS. Apart from the exam preparation, I also improved my grammar skills as we had home tasks for the most challenging grammar aspects. Thanks to the course I finally understood the articles! I am very pleased with the individual approach and invaluable tips for the exam! My final grade was 8.0!

    Karina (scored 7.5 out of 9)

    I needed to prepare for IELTS in just 3 weeks, so I could get Band 7 overall and apply for a master program in England. I was worried that it would be impossible to prepare in such a short period. However, lessons with Anastasia were so structured and well-organized that we managed to improve our writing and speaking skills and get deserved grades. All the lessons were extremely productive, because everything was thought through. Little, but essential details that I hadn’t taken seriously before the lessons with Anastasia helped me improve my English and obtain 7,5 overall grade to study in England. I want to thank Anastasia for her professionalism and such thorough help in preparation for IELTS.


    Anastasia is the most patient, demanding, and professional teacher. In a short span of time we rectified all of my issues with grammar and tactics for the exam. We thoroughly focused on the writing and speaking parts and learned some useful IELTS tricks. It’s important to remember that if you work hard, you will manage to pass IELTS successfully, and lessons with Anastasia will help make your preparation fast and effective.

    Elena (scored 7 out of 9)

    Hi! WE DID IT!

    Listening 8, Reading 7, Writing 6,5, Speaking 7

    Ariuna (scored 7 out of 9)

    Hi! I got 7 on the exam which was on last Monday! I am gleeful! Thank you very much!

    On Sunday I have the last attempt, but i already got the right score)

    Listening - 7, Reading - 8, Writing - 6, Speaking - 6,5.

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1. Introduction to IELTS

    Chapter 2. Understanding the IELTS Exam

    Chapter 3. Listening Module

    Chapter 4. Reading Module

    Chapter 5. Writing Module

    Chapter 6. Speaking Module

    Chapter 7. Grammar and Vocabulary Review

    Chapter 8. Test Day Preparation

    Chapter 9. Additional Resources

    Chapter 10. Conclusion


    IELTS prep book

    • Electronic IELTS Preparation Guide


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    IELTS prep book + additional guide

    • Electronic IELTS Preparation Guide

    • Extra materials for in-depth exam preparation


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