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OISE London

London, United Kingdom
Perfect 5.0
School 5.0
Accommodation 5.0
Course 5.0
Free time activities 5.0
Last year I stopped at combined classes -group and individual, but late finishing training, and I didn't have time for a cultural program at all. So this year I chose individual courses in London, which led me three teachers, very different and unusual.

OISE London offers state-of-the-art educational facilities and specialist teaching areas including a lecture theatre and debating room.

An exhilarating cosmopolitan city, London is the financial hub and business capital of the UK. Offering everything from West End musicals to some of the finest restaurants, museums and art galleries in the world, London is a city of unrivaled cultural opportunity

Tutorial rooms: spaces that offer a compact environment for the participant to focus on his/her special language and communication needs under the full attention of the private tutor. Quatorial rooms, Octorial rooms, Lecture Theatres configured for maximum participation in the team learning and communicative practice process.

Multi-media centre

A multi-media centre is available for either coached or individual study.

School have a comfortable lounge area for relaxation with daily

newspapers, magazines and news channel television.


The Quatorial TOP CHOICE
From 16 years old 4 students per class 1 lesson — 55 minutes
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
1 October—12 October

The Quatorial course is designed with precision to give participants the skills and confidence to interact effectively in English. A carefully engineered management training environment enables participants to improve not only their language skills but also their confidence in tackling international situations.

The programme

Aptitude: accurate use of the language

– controlled practice in language structures and lexis development to achieve a good command of grammar structures, idioms, and vocabulary

– activities to sharpen understanding of the written text through reading exercises based on a wide range of materials: reports, articles, studies

– coaching and practice in writing letters, reports, emails, presentations, articles

– formal listening exercises.

Attitude: confident and inspiring

Interactive sessions designed to develop leadership skills.

– The Quatorial Project: working on engaging task participants use the soft skills of analysis and problem solving, collaboration, research, planning, assertiveness, and self-direction. Self-awareness is enhanced through the use of video playback.

– Plenary Session: including a News-Review to practice formal presentation.

– Spoken Assertiveness Workshop: a fluency skills session to help the learner overcome inhibitions and group communication anxieties.

– Critical Analysis Workshop: develops the participant’s ability to analyze, categorize and process information in their language. Students apply critical thinking skills through the lens of current affairs by evaluating texts and offering cogent and well-structured responses.

Examination preparation:

Students wishing to take an official exam focus on exam requirements with active practice on past papers under timed conditions to foster familiarity with the exam.

Price included:

•homestay accommodation in a single room with half-board

• audio, video, CD-rom library

• support of academic counselor

• initial testing service

• loan of all course materials

• 3 social events per week

• course certificate

• internet/email facilities


You have to book accommodation with the course you have selected

Homestay (Zone 2)

25 minutes from school on public transport
Minimum age — 16
Half board

To maximize the opportunities for speaking the language, OISE has a policy of never allowing two students of the same mother tongue to stay in any one homestay.

All students have a single room. Each host family is selected and monitored according to strict criteria laid down by OISE. Houses must be comfortable, the hosts welcoming and, above all, genuinely interested in receiving students and helping them to develop fluency in the English language.


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Flight is not included. We recommend you book your flight only after you get a visa to your destination country or make sure that you don't need one. Ticket price is for your information only.



Last year I stopped at combined classes -group and individual, but late finishing training, and I didn't have time for a cultural program at all. So this year I chose individual courses in London, which led me three teachers, very different and unusual. Such a program was, on the one hand, interesting enough, but on the other hand, it seemed to me not so effective. In the morning, I was studying with English to improve my speech speech. At the beginning of the course, she and I chose the topics I was interested in, and talked about art, cinema, theatre. She is an artist herself, and even her paintings are posted in the building of the school, but, in my opinion, about art she could only speak in terms of her own creativity, some deeper information she did not give. The second class I planned to dedicate to grammar. But my teacher, Irish, has fundamentally turned my whole idea of English grammar. I wanted to deeper into the nuances of the language, and he claimed that I would never need it, that it is not necessary for the modern language. He was curious about the modern state of English grammar, what it is in his opinion, about the simplification of the language, about his change. At the same time, he claimed that as such grammar in the language is not and that English language was born in pubs. He was so confident about his point of view that at some point it was possible to agree with view that at some point it was possible to agree with him. It was interesting, but is it useful? I don't know. My third teacher was Canadian, we were doing my pronunciation. We talked a lot, read it, but I thought it was classes just for something to take this hour. Maybe because he's not a native resident and couldn't fully reveal the subject for me. And I have chosen individual classes exactly by my goals, but now I evaluate the result and understand that my level has not changed in these classes.It seems to me that it would be more effective if on the basis of general testing, teachers themselves decide what I need, what to draw attention and how to build a program. And so i decide what I want to do. I wish I didn't lead a teacher, and he's me. It seemed to me that sometimes teachers just didn't understand what to do with me. Even the notes wrote for me, and I came back with the records written by their hand. I can't say l didn't like my training. It was unusual, it's interesting, but in the matter of the result, I'm not quite satisfied with the program. So if you choose such a course, only with less knowledge, then it will be useful. Or from the experience of my past trips combine classes with the group.


Last year I spent two unforgettable weeks in London. The trip to London was my dream from the very first day of learning English. I chose a school in the heart of London and booked a hotel nearby on Oxford Street. School classes were intense enough and took place in small groups, allowing the teacher to pay maximum attention to every student. After classes, it was possible to participate in events organized by the school or to walk in the city alone. Colonizing the standard tour program " Big Ben- Westminster-Tower Bridge-Cathedral of st. Pavel- British museum ", we decided to meet the cultural life of London, delivering to the Coldplay concert at the Emirates Stadium and the musical Phantom of the opera at her majesty's London Theatre. Of course, it wasn't without shopping, because we lived on the main shopping street of London! On the weekend, when there were no classes, we traveled around the surroundings, the benefit of the UK transport network developed much better than we have in the motherland. In two weeks, we took a trip to Oxford, who captured us with our traditional English beauty, and the in coastal Brighton, where we were very unlucky with the weather, but we still stayed satisfied. Two weeks, of course, too small time for a city like London, but it's a place that you want to come back again and again.


Passed a two-week program at oise London school in the summer of 2017. The program was called the tutorial, i.e. all lessons individually with a teacher. Chose this exactly the option because l only had 2 weeks, and I wanted a breakthrough in the language. I honestly didn't expect such an intensive, from morning to evening you're just busy studying, progress felt literal every day, teachers are squeezed out of your maximum. Very cool and big, thank you for the recommendation of exactly this educational institution, the level just the best! The family caught not local they live in England for the last 10 years, but it didn't stop me from having a wonderful time in their company every night. Mistress Alice took care of me very much. I will certainly go and recommend to friends

About school

12 Buckingham Street, London, WC2N 6DF United Kingdom
Average age: 26
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