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The school team is very friendly and helpful. The teachers are very competent. I had a wonderful tim...
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870 por 2 semanas



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Intensive course 20
  • Intensive course 20
  • Demipair 12-weeks programme
  • University Pathway (Academic preparation)
  • DELE exam preparation
  • Super intensive course + individual lessons
  • Intensive course + individual lessons
  • Intensive course 25
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1 Nov 2023 — é um feriado na escola, as aulas não acontecem



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Student apartments
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  • Student apartments
  • Mercado Resiolé
  • Studio apartment
  • Homestay
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Taxa de matrícula da escola


Valor da entrada


4.8 de 5

Espanole International House Valencia

Modern boutique school steeped in rich history in the very heart of the Old Town of Valencia. We guarantee a course for every need held by an expert in language tution. We take care of all aspects of your stay while you study with us!

Españolé International House Valencia is a school with a friendly atmosphere, offering courses where the main goal is to teach you to talk as freely as possible, and to give you an opportunity to get acquainted with Spanish life and culture.

This beautiful school is located in an old, restored Gothic palace, built on the Arab wall that surrounded Valencia in the 11th century - Palacio de los Fernández de Córdova. We have carefully renovated the stunning 153-year-old property to our own vision of a 21st-century language school that compliments history with modernism.

The school is placed just where the 11th century Arab walls were standing and still a big part of them have remained inside the building penetrating through the school and getting inside the classrooms, creating an atmosphere of history and mistery.

All students can enjoy exclusive access to our student café during breaks, relax on your choice of two patios or get some sunshine on our breath-taking roof garden complete with sun loungers and fruit trees.

All classes are given in Spanish, based on practical tasks, and planned to depend on the student´s needs and styles of learning. The programme also aims to integrate students into local culture. Visits to cultural centers, museums, other towns, etc. are arranged to ensure that all students are full immersed into Spanish life.

Our students come from all over the world and have many different reasons for studying the Spanish language: to study in a Spanish public or private university, to speak fluently, to have a nice holiday in Valencia and eventually travel through all Spanish-speaking parts of the planet, to take one of the official exams DELE or SIELE and many more...

Last year 3 400 students studied with Españolé IH, 99% of them would absolutely recommend it to a friend. Every year school receives students of 74 different nationalities. In general, all students fall between the ages of 18 and 60. Such a mix assures an interesting and international study atmosphere. Check the statistics!

We are part of the International House World Organization (Ih) with over 60 years' experience in improving quality in language teaching.

Cursos de idiomas

Intensive course 20
  • 16+ anos de idade
  • 10 Alunos por sala
  • lição 50 minutos

The intensive 20 course at Espanole International House Valencia is designed to immerse the student in a language environment, combining classes and acquaintance with the culture of the country and the mentality of people in free, from lessons, time.

Starting dates for beginners 2023:

09/01, 23/01, 06/02, 20/02, 06/03, 20/03, 03/04, 17/04, 02/05, 15/05,

29/05, 05/06, 19/06, 03/07, 10/07, 17/07, 24/07, 31/07, 07/08, 14/08,

21/08, 28/08, 04/09, 18/09, 02/10, 16/10, 06/11, 20/11, 04/12.

420 para 2 semanas
Demipair 12-weeks programme
  • 18...27 anos de idade
  • 10 Alunos por sala
  • lição 50 minutos

There is nothing better than living with a family to learn about Spanish life, traditions, and culture. The DemiPair program is designed so that you can make the general Spanish course compatible with your activity by supporting a Spanish family with childcare, light housework, and teaching the children of the house their native language or English. The program includes 12 and 36 weeks of Spanish Intensive 20 course that can be extended.

Free days: Two full free days per week (either during the week or at the weekend but at least once a month a Sunday will be free).

Demi pairs will have their own bedroom and will be given full board and some pocket money in return for their help in the house.


Non-beginners can start: Every Monday.

Duração mínima do curso — 12 semanas
Não disponível
University Pathway (Academic preparation)
  • 16...25 anos de idade
  • 1 Alunos por sala
  • lição 50 minutos

The course is intended for students from foreign educational systems with which Spain has homologation agreements making their qualifications compatible, who have completed upper secondary school up to the Spanish Bachillerato level (pre-university course) in their countries.

The minimum level of Spanish - B1 (as requested by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). You can do an intensive Spanish course with us before the academic preparation course starts.

Students choose their subjects depending on the requirements of their preferred university and we speak individually with every student before starting the academic preparation course.

The course lasts approximately 30 weeks and has a fixed price; it is not possible to choose the duration of University Pathway.

The exams take place during the last week of the course. Your academic coordinator will help you to sign up for your exams; exam fees and paperwork costs are not included in the price of the course.

Course dates:

The beginners A0 – A1 07/08/23 - 22/12/23, 08/01/24 - 24/05/24

The Intermediate A2 – B1 07/08/23 - 27/10/23, 30/10/23 - 22/12/23, 08/01/24 - 24/05/24

The Advanced B2+ 09/01/23 - 17/02/23, 09/01/23 - 26/05/23

Duração mínima do curso — 30 semanas
  • 01/08/2022 — 26/05/2023
Não disponível


Normalmente os estudantes chegam à residência um ou dois dias antes do início do curso e saem no último dia das aulas. As datas de chegada e de saída podem ser alteradas no seu gabinete.

A escola deve confirmar a disponibilidade do alojamento escolhido.

Se a acomodação selecionada não estiver disponível para as datas, a escola oferecerá outra opção de acomodação a ser considerada.

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Não preciso de acomodações

+ 4
Student apartments
  • de 16 anosde 16 anos
  • ~20 minutos De transporte público~20 minutos De transporte público
  • No mealsNo meals



320 para 13 dias
+ 10
Mercado Resiolé
  • de 16 anosde 16 anos
  • ~5 minutos Caminhando~5 minutos Caminhando
  • No mealsNo meals

Boutique student house located in “El Carmen” district in a small plaza next to the famous Mercado Central of Valencia and to the school.

340 para 13 dias
+ 2
Studio apartment
  • de 16 anosde 16 anos
  • ~15 minutos Caminhando~15 minutos Caminhando
  • No mealsNo meals

480 para 13 dias


Não é requerido

  • 75 



Endereço da escola:

Caballeros, 36, Valencia


Comentários 11

Pontuação Total

4.8 de 5

Tempo livre







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Você pode cancelar a sua reserva sem pagar nenhuma taxa dentro do prazo de três dias.

O prazo para receber o pagamento integral é 25/09/2023


O valor total deve ser pago no máximo 4 semanas antes do início do curso.

  • Garantia de Melhor Preço
  • Assistência pessoal durante toda a preparação e viagem
  • Cancelamento de reserva grátis no prazo de 3 dias
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