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    EASY way to move to the USA

    Study English abroad with LinguaTrip’s help!

    • 160,000 satisfied customers.

    • One month of support after moving.

    • Relocation with family.

    • Suitable for individuals ages 15 to 75.

    About the program:

    LinguaTrip helps students all over the world achieve their goals! It’s no secret that many English learners dream of traveling, working, studying or living abroad. LinguaTrip has years of experience helping learners study English abroad and we want to help YOU too!

    How we help:

    Enrollment in a language school

    We will assist in selecting a language school and preparing documents, conducting background checks, and submitting the application to the school.

    Fee payment

    We will assist in making the consular fee payment required for studying in the USA, even if you don't have a foreign card.

    Interview appointment

    We will schedule your interview to apply for the F1 visa at the consulate.

    Interview preparation

    We will prepare you for the English interview, review commonly asked questions, and schedule the interview for you.


    We help you search for the best airfare and flights for your trip to America.

    Support for the first month after relocation

    Getting used to a new country can be difficult, no matter how excited you are! LinguaTrip will be there for you and provide you with all necessary contacts and give recommendations as needed.

    The advantages of the F1 Visa in the USA:

    • Visa application is possible for individuals aged 15 to 75.

    • Legal residence in the USA throughout the entire period of study.

    • Unlimited travel within the country.

    • Opportunity to start a business and receive dividends.

    • Arrangement of health insurance, debit, and credit cards from American banks.

    • Possibility of long-term housing rental without a credit history.

    • Opportunity to change student status to another.

    Find out what previous students are saying!

    Inezita Lopez Spain ★★★★★

    Such an amazing school...I learn so much, the classes are perfect and the teachers the best.Thank you so much for take care of me and treat me like a member of this amazing family.It was a pleasure to meet all the incredibles persons that CLA has in LA.A big hug for everyone, and I'm sure that I'll come back to visit CLA soon, so soon :), more that everyone expect haha.Thanks and I love you guys :)

    Yuki Kuwabara Japan ★★★★★

    First of all, thank you very much for having me!! Every moment there was amazing and fantastic! I chose this school simply because the number of students is small, which means that we can ask great teachers a bunch of questions and participate to our hearts content. I think doing conversation in English is a best way to improve our skill to talk/think in English. So, my suggestion is to get involved in this school, no worries, the staff here and teachers are very considerate, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have and talk whatever you want!! There is a will, there is a way!! Good luck!

    Ksenia Belarus ★★★★★

    Excellent school!!! Thanks to the team Linguatrip for advice to choose this school and help with the booking. Everything was great! Teachers really took me as their part of family. With some teachers, we went to the beach after classes. I met cool guys from Chile, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy. We became friends and we were the most active and fun group in the school. Near the school CLA there are cafes, restaurants, shops and other attractions. I improved my English fast from 0 to talk. Everywhere I've been speaking in English, even in small shops, asking the sellers how they are doing :) The main advise is not to be afraid to talk. People everywhere are insanely friendly, sympathetic. You can choose in school the activities for all tasted. There were also talent evenings, where the students showed their skills and learned the culture of other people. It was very cool! Thanks to this school and again to the Linguatrip team!

    Raíza Gavanski Brazil ★★★★★

    Studying at CLA was the best experience for me.. everyone was so friendly and helped me to improve my English! I hope to return to Los Angeles soon, and spend some time with my friends who I did there! I missed classes and teachers that make everyone feel like family!

    Gianna Ambrosano Switzerland ★★★★★

    All of the teachers and everyone that works at CLA were so welcoming and I've met so many good friends since my first day here.

    Nina Portugal ★★★★★

    Studying English in FLS was a fantastic experience for me, because at the same time that you're learning, you can meet people from different parts of the world — that's really amazing!

    Mia Czech Republic ★★★★★

    I like FLS so much! It's an awesome place to learn English and have fun.

    Daniela Spain ★★★★★

    FLS is a school that helped me to learn English and meet lots of people from differents cultures. I recommend it.

    Alla Russia ★★★★★

    The host family was wonderful. Very nice people and comfortable accommodation. I was 100% satisfied with it. The school offered various after-class activities and excursions. Of course, two weeks were not enough to achieve a higher level of English. But I also wanted to explore Boston, so I combined studying with tourism. The course and the teachers were just amazing! The school was awesome! Now I’m your regular customer :)

    What to expect at the Language School:

    Accommodation in either a host family's home or a student residence.

    Classes at school and extracurricular activities: excursions and trips

    Getting acquainted with the school: taking a language level test

    Opportunity to enroll in an American University without a TOEFL Certificate*

    *for Pathway students

    About LinguaTrip

    8 years of education abroad

    2,500 language courses

    14 foreign languages

    20 countries to study in

    10,000+ clients annually

    1 in-house visa department

    600 language schools worldwide

    Countless dreams realized!

    Packages & Fees


    • Personal manager

    • Selecting a language school

    • School application documents and communication with staff

    • Consultation for obtaining an F1 visa

    • Preparing the visa application

    • Interview preparation

    • Document translation


    1500900 $




    • Personal manager

    • Selecting a language school

    • School application documents and communication with staff

    • Consultation for obtaining an F1 visa

    • Preparing the visa application

    • Interview preparation

    • Document translation


    • One month of adaptation support in the USA (assistance with contacts, applications, obtaining a bank card, getting a driver's license, etc.)


    25001900 $



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    from $900

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