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Double boost your English! Hurry up to purchase the handbook "Secrets of English for Intermediate Learners" with a 60% discount!

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Handbook by Venya Pak

Secrets of English for Intermediate Learners

Practical English for those who want to become advanced


From 4.99$

In my new handbook, I tried to compile all the secrets of native speakers. Here, you’ll find up-to-the-moment words and phrases, grammar, ways of forming new words, pronunciation, and even tricks for managing efficient small talk.

It’s not a “yet-another-book with grammar charts and vocabulary sections” which you’ll never use. This book contains brief notes on actual and handy information for those who want to get the ball rolling and achieve the cherished advanced level.

What’s Inside

Secrets of Native Speakers

You’ll speed up your progress in learning English, get over the Intermediate Plato and reach the advanced level.

Vocabulary of Native Speakers

You’ll get up-to-date words and phrases on essential topics you need at the advanced level.

Applied Knowledge

With our clear examples, you’ll sort out vital vocabulary and understand how to use complicated grammar.

About the Author

Venya Pak

• A certified teacher from Los Angeles(TESOL)

• An author of his own methodology of language learning and three handbooks and guides

• Graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in LA, writes songs in English – he has an ear for music and decent pronunciation

• Has his own YouTube channel where he has been teaching real English for more than six years

What You Will Get

Fast Progress From Intermediate

You’ll overcome the Intermediate Plato, and start using English for work, studies, traveling, and all the other spheres of life.

Speaking Like a Native

You’ll become a fascinating conversation partner, learn to manage a conversation, and start speaking fluently.

Getting Knowledge in a Light Way

You’ll find a way around mistakes without dull grammar long reads. You’ll see a mistake and a quick way to avoid it. Like that your visual memory will work at its full capacity. It also helps you to study regularly.

Up-to-Date Words, Phrases and Examples

No more dull explanations. Our teachers and methodologists use only the contemporary examples which are used by native speakers now.

Who Is It For

  • Those who are stuck at the Intermediate level and cannot get to Advanced

  • Those who want to start speaking fluently and naturally without problems with talking to native speakers

  • Those who need handy tips for traveling, work and migration

  • Those who are tired of outdated textbooks and is looking for concise and handy materials


  • Chapters 1-7

  • Chapters 8-15

Chapters 1-7

Chapter 1| The secrets of the use of the tenses

​​Learn how to choose a tense in a native speakers’ way, and learn which rules can be neglected to sound more natural

Chapter 2 | Phrasal Verbs You Can’t Do Without

Enlarge your vocabulary with phrasal verbs which natives use every day so that you feel good while communicating and watching English films and series in the original

Chapter 3 | Romantic Relationships Vocabulary

Learn all essential words and phrases on the topic to understand contemporary content in social media and your favorite songs. You won’t find a lot on this topic in usual textbooks.

Chapter 4 | Talking about work

Learn up-to-the-moment vocabulary to talk about work and business. There are no outdated words or phrases, just commonly used ones used by native speakers in Wall Street

Chapter 5 | Punctuation: the thing we often forget about

Stop applying the rules of your language to English, and start thinking and writing in English

Chapter 6 | SMALL TALK: how to and what about

Learn to have small talk naturally and enjoy it

Chapter 7 | Word formation

Learn how native speakers make up new words, and enlarge your vocabulary with catchwords

Chapters 8-15

Chapter 8 | Strong adjectives

Add emotional coloring to your speech to better express shades of meaning to make your ideas clearer, vary it and avoid repetition

Chapter 9 | Short forms: how to make your speech simple but cool

Learn how to understand and reply to a text message saying “hru wanna cu asap”

Chapter 10 | Words with identical spelling but different meanings

Learn to make out the meanings of words from the context

Chapter 11 | Words with identical pronunciation but different spelling

Learn the most used words to use jokes and puns in your English speech

Chapter 12 | Idioms and clichés

Learn the most useful idioms and clichés to make your speech more vivid and fill pauses in a conversation

Chapter 13 | The cultural peculiarities of the English language

Grasp the meaning of the cultural aspect which influences the English language and stop thinking and translating from your native language

Chapter 14 | The peculiarities of pronunciation: linking, shortening and others

Start understanding native speakers in dialogues in real life and films or TV series

Chapter 15 | Slang

Learn words and phrases you need for emigration, traveling, talking to foreigners, and watching English videos in the original


  • Handbook in English

  • Handbook in Russian

Secrets of English for Intermediate learners

  • This handbook will reveal all the secrets of the English language for you to get to Advanced



Triple boost

  • Handbook "Secrets of English for Intermediate Learners" will reveal all the secrets of the English language for you to get to Advanced




Turbo boost

  • Handbook "Secrets of English for Intermediate Learners" will reveal all the secrets of the English language for you to get to Advanced






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From 4.99$

Buy the “Secrets of English for Intermediate learners” handbook and reach the Advanced level!

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