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The terms and conditions set forth below are integral to the provision of services by LinguaTrip, Inc. (“LinguaTrip”) to any customer or client (a “Client”). When you purchase services from LinguaTrip, you agree to these terms and conditions.

1. Limitations of Role.

The role of LinguaTrip is to coach and direct the Client but it is the responsibility of the Client to write or rewrite (as applicable) the application and supporting documents. LinguaTrip cannot guarantee acceptance into any particular school or into any of the Client’s selected schools.

2. Termination; Refund Policy.

This Agreement may be terminated by the Client at any time. LinguaTrip will not issue any refunds for hourly or editing services. All Admissions Consulting Services (including, but not limited to Individual Consultations, Essay Evaluation, Interview Preparation, Resumé Evaluation, etc.) are nonrefundable. In case of termination due to the fault of Linguatrip, the Client may receive a refund in the amount not exceeding the amount paid by the Client in US dollars.

3. Client's liabilities.

Client is responsible for providing of all support information and documents to LinguaTrip in timely manner. Also, it is client's responsibility to translate all needed official documents (including, but not limited to high school diploma, university degree diploma, transcripts, etc.)

4. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure.

The Client may receive information of a confidential or secret nature ("Proprietary Information") that may be disclosed by LinguaTrip, including but not limited to, client questionnaires, sample essays, resumes and recommendations, and interview transcripts. At all times, both during the term of this Agreement and after its termination, the Client agrees to keep and hold all such Proprietary Information in strict confidence and trust, and agrees that he or she will not use or disclose any Proprietary Information without the prior written consent of LinguaTrip, except in connection with completing the Client’s applications.

5. University Admissions Packages.

Once a customer has registered for a University Admissions Package, LinguaTrip will respond by providing an introductory Individual Consultation, which is the first step in a University Admissions Package.

If a customer is unable to attend a scheduled consulting session, the customer must give notice to the consultant 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time.

If the customer wishes to cancel the University Admissions Package after the Individual Consultation for any reason, the customer will be refunded the package price, less the $100.00 price of the Individual Consultation. Prices are subject to change at any time.

Customers who register for a Multi-School Package (two or more) and who wish to cancel an additional school beyond the first school may be eligible for a refund, provided that no consulting work has been performed on the additional school in question. The amount of the refund shall be the difference in price between the services provided by LinguaTrip and those additional schools that were not used, less a $100.00 nonrefundable fee. Any changes to a University Admissions Package will be based on the full retail price of consulting services at the time of the customer request. Prices are subject to change at any time.

University Admissions package includes the following based on the selected package:

  1. Analysis of the student profile and selection of five to ten programs based on student’s preferences, aspirations and special requirements (funding, time of enrollment etc.) The number of programs for analysis depends on the package selected by Client.

  2. Developing a schedule for application preparation including dates of the language tests, deadlines for each document and deadlines for the application submission.

  3. Support in preparation of the admission package for each university:

  • motivation letter/essays writing assistance
  • CV or resume writing assistance (if required by the program)
  • two to five recommendation letters writing assistance (the number depends on the selected package)
  • proofreading of the documents by a native speaker
  • communication with instructions
  • forwarding application documents
  • providing help with an application document preparation list
  • needs-based consultation schedule
  • I-20 request help (applies to the US universities only)

After receiving the full payment for University Admissions package in the amount indicated on the service sale landing page, LinguaTrip undertakes to perform all the services described above.

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