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Grammar memo by Marina Mogilko

Learn Tenses Once and for All!

Tenses explained, simply and clearly



What Will You Find Inside?

Test to check your level

Assess your tenses’ knowledge with our test and work on your problem zones.

Memorable visual cards

Use the cards with 12 English tenses to understand grammar rules.

Convenient verb tables

50 most common irregular verbs divided into 7 groups to help you learn them by heart.

Time markers for tenses

100+ signal words and expressions for you to identify the correct tense.

Proven learning hacks

Effective tips for memorizing irregular verbs easily.

Students often say that English tenses are the most difficult grammar topic. I have explained them once and for all in this memo. Forget complicated rules and boring examples. Clearly explained grammar, easy-to-understand examples, and hacks and tables to help you remember all the irregular verbs."

This Memo Is For You If You

  • Have just started to learn English and want to dig deeper into the grammar.

  • Are confused about tenses and want to clarify everything.

  • Want to recap English tenses quickly before the exam.

  • Are tired of boring textbooks and complicated explanations.

Learn Tenses Once and for All!

Memo by Marina Mogilko

  • TEST YOURSELF — a quick check-in on your current English level.

  • SIMPLE RULES on a form you can print out to LEARN TENSES in the quickest way.

  • 3 VERB FORMS grouped in a way that you can EASILY learn them.

  • USEFUL CHEAT CODES — how to learn them once and for all!

  • TIME MARKERS help you identify the correct tense.



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