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Don Quijote Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Perfect 5.0
School 5.0
Accommodation 5.0
Course 5.0
Free time activities 5.0
Phil Laurence
The course was excellent. Our teachers were really first class, full of enthusiasm, lively.

Santo Domingo - the bustling capital city boasts a rich cultural heritage.

Despite its size, the city maintains the charm of a small town and the typical warmth of Latin culture around every corner. Old Santo Domingo’s cobblestone streets and colonial homes will transport you to a different era, but whenever you wish you can enjoy this capital’s modern side with fine restaurants, merengue clubs and much more. Students love to take advantage of Santo Domingo’s rich cultural offerings by going to theatres, museums and cinemas,

which are dispersed throughout the city. Best of all, it’s set on the island’s southern coast, so you will be just a short trip from the beach.

Our partner school in Santo Domingo is located in the district "Zona Universitaria” and faces the campus of the largest Dominican University (UASD). A garden and terraces where students meet to socialize, 3 outdoor

classes, 2 indoor classes with ceiling fans, access to the university library across the street.

A number of local activities and excursions will compliment your Spanish course (dance classes, visits to museums, theatres, cultural events, hiking...).

You can enjoy a variety of nature-oriented activities in Santo Domingo due to its impressive variety of landscapes. Hike the mountains, trek through lush jungles and semiarid deserts, or simply bask in the warm Caribbean sun on white beaches. Although the country is a popular tourist destination, much terrain remains unblemished and largely undiscovered. Whether exploring the island’s natural beauties or dancing to merengue rhythms with

locals, the Dominican Republic offers a vast array of possibilities for the Spanish immersion student.


Intensive Spanish course TOP CHOICE
From 16 years old 7 students per class 1 lesson — 45 minutes
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
27 August—7 September

Intensive courses are perfect for students of all ages who wish to learn as quickly and eciently as possible through constant interaction. Students will learn how to use grammar in context through a wide range of activities including: reading, discussions, conversations, viewing documentaries, listening to songs, watching lms, etc.

Frequency per week: 20 Spanish classes.

Start dates: Every rst Monday of each month, all year round.

Minutes per lesson: 45.


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School apartment

30 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 16
No meals

Student apartments are a simple yet complete housing option. Equipped with essential features like a bed, desk, chair, closet and nightstand you will have a comfortable bedroom for sleeping and studying.

Students will be responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food.

Double rooms are only available to 2 students traveling together on request.

Private bathroom available: $ 50/week.

Home stay

30 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 16
Half board

Our host families are carefully selected and many have worked with us since we began. Our families are fully aware of what it means to be a good host and making our students feel at home the moment they step in the door. Our students receive keys to the home where they live which guarantees total flexibility and the freedom to come and go as they please. Double rooms are only available to 2 students traveling together on request.


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United Kingdom
February 2015

The course was excellent. Our teachers were really first class, full of enthusiasm, lively. The classes were also quite small which enabled each of us to have the opportunity to speak, listen, and get our individual exams corrected. I can thoroughly recommend it.

About school

Av Alma Mater, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Average age: 25
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