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    Don Quijote Barcelona

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Useful tips and interesting facts

Find out about Spanish language courses and schools abroad, accommodation options and travelling costs. 

Here’s What You’ll Find Out

  • Places to learn Spanish
  • What Spanish teaching programs have to offer
  • Accommodation options
  • Where to buy food and eat out (with price indication)
  • Travelling costs
  • Choosing Internet and mobile provider and how to stay connected
  • Average temperatures
  • Budget planning
  • Where to Learn Spanish

    If you want to learn Castilian Spanish, the standard for radio and TV presenters (like RP in English), go to Spain. Yet, if accent is not a major issue for you, there are other options to learn the language and explore other cultures. recommends Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Chile and Colombia.

  • Spanish Courses and Schools Abroad

    Spanish language schools offer a range of courses which vary in length, intensity, specialization and cost. No matter what program you choose, each can be studied in a group or individually.

    General Spanish. This all-in-one course is designed to teach students the correct pronunciation, get essential grammar skills and expand their vocabulary. General Spanish suits students with any language background and of any age. Take a look at some well-reputed schools providing the course.

    For example, Academia Contacto Madrid, Spain. Once you are in Madrid, visit the world-famous Prado Museum, look at the center of all the roads in Spain, taste yummy calamari sandwiches, and visit the biggest Zara in the world.

    Would you like to see Argentina? There’s a well-reputed language school in Buenos Aires, Expanish Buenos. Visit working-class neighborhoods of La Boca and San Telmo where you can watch atmospheric tango shows, go to traditional “parrillas” (barbecue grill restaurants) and stroll along the Avenida 9 de Julio — the world's widest avenue.

    Check Enforex Cartagena, Colombia, for highly acclaimed language courses and the ability to taste famous Colombian coffee in the place it is produced. Visit Ciudad Amurallada (“walled city”), Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas (a grand castle) and Playa Blanca (one of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia).

    If you’re fond of outdoor activities, there’s a brilliant school in Mexico where you can learn Spanish on-the-go. Studying in Walk Spanish Mexico City, you’ll be surrounded by cafes, museums, art galleries, parks and other tourist attractions. It’s an excellent way to learn Spanish while discovering Mexico.

    Intensive courses suit those who need to build up skills in different language aspects asap. Of course, due to time restrictions, the program won’t give you deep knowledge of the language, but will definitely help to build confidence and improve fluency through daily practice, dialogues, role-plays, guided conversation, reading, listening-comprehension and grammar tests. Here are some examples of Intensive and Super Intensive Spanish courses: Don Quijote in Valencia, Chile and Buenos Aires.

    DELE preparation. If you pursue a career involving Spanish language or simply want to have an official acknowledgement of your Spanish proficiency, it’s advisable to take a Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language exam (DELE). In order to prepare for DELE, take a course in one of the Spanish language schools (e.g., Don Quijote, Valencia). The course is fairly intensive (about 30 lessons per week) and allows you to dig deep into the four language areas: Grammar, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

  • Accommodation

    There are three options of lodging available: stay with a host family, live in a school residence or find lodging independently.

    Host family — stay with a local family, breakfast and dinner included. Be ready to follow certain house rules, e.g. eating at a particular time, no guests allowed.

    School residence — stay in a student residence in a single or shared room. This is the cheapest option and will best suit those who want to mix a lot with international students at parties, events, etc.

    Independent lodging — you can rent accommodation in any part of the city. We recommend the well-reputed service Airbnb where you can find suitable options regardless.

  • Food

    What are the must-eat dishes in Spanish speaking countries?

    • Spain — Paella, jamon iberico, gazpacho, tortilla, patatas bravas.
    • Mexico — Chilaquiles, tostadas, Elote, Enchiladas, guacamole, tacos.
    • Argentina — Empanadas, Milanesa a la Napolitana, Alfajor de maicena, Chimichurri.
    • Dominican Republic — Quipe, sancocho, pescado con coco, roasted pork.
    • Costa Rica — Gallo pinto, casado, tamal, sopa negra, Arroz con leche.
    • Chile — Ceviche, cazuela, humitas, choripán, completo.
    • Colombia — Bandeja paisa, sancocho, almuerzo corriente, fritanga.

    Average cost of a meal in a budget restaurant:

    • Spain — €10
    • Argentina — €7
    • Chile — €7
    • Dominican Republic — €6
    • Costa Rica — €6
    • México — €3
    • Colombia — €3
  • Traveling

    There is a well-developed network of public transport in each of the countries.

    • Spain — metro, buses, taxis and trains. A single ticket for public transport costs €1.50.
    • Argentina — trains, subway, taxis, buses, ferries. Single ticket fare is €0.16–0.61.
    • Chile — metro, buses, taxis and trains. Single ticket fare — €0.90.
    • Dominican Republic — buses, public cars, guaguas (privately owned minivans), metro, taxis, motoconchos (privately owned motorcycle taxis). Single ticket fare — €0.90.
    • Costa Rica — taxis, buses, shuttles, boats, ferries. Single ticket fares range from less than €1 to around €15.
    • Mexico — metro, buses, taxis, trains, monotaxis, ferries and boats. Single ticket fare starting from €0.30.
    • Colombia — taxis, buses. Single fare ticket — €0.54.
  • Internet and Mobile Service

    All the schools will provide you with a high-speed Internet connection, but you may not always have it outside the classroom so it’s better to buy a local SIM card to stay connected all the time.

  • Climate

    The average annual temperature in Spain is 14°C, in Argentina 19.6 °C, Chile 26.9 °C, Dominican Republic 25 °C, Costa Rica 22 °C, Mexico 24 °C, Colombia 24.5 °C.

  • Budget

    Deciding where to go for your language trip, remember that Spain is the most expensive country on the list. If you go there, make sure to have €70–80 per day.


If you are determined to study the world’s second most widely spoken language, welcome to Spanish language schools located all over the world. There, you’ll find the course that will be both useful and enjoyable. Once you’ve chosen the language school, make sure you’ve got a visa and all the documents ready. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the team.

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