Skype English lessons with a native speaker from California

About Jonathan:
  • speaks with a Californian accent - the easiest to understand!
  • 16 years of educational work experience
  • Worked in Ernst & Young for 2 years
  • his students get admitted to prestigious American universities and find jobs in the USA
  • scored 9 out of 9 on IELTS
  • scored 117 out of 120 on TOEFL

What can you do after taking Skype English lessons?

Score maximum on TOEFL and other exams
Get admitted to your dream university
Get a job at the coolest company
Socialize with friends all over the world
Read, research, and work in English
Warning! In 97% of cases, postponed things never get done, so if you are eager to learn English, start right away.

English on Skype. How does it work?

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General English
Duration of a class — 60 minutes
1 class

4 classes

You save $12
8 classes

You save $40
16 classes

You save $128
Business English
Duration of a class — 60 minutes
1 class

4 classes

You save $20
16 classes

You save $160
TOEFL preparation
Duration of a class — 60 minutes
1 class

4 classes

You save $24
16 classes

You save $176

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What our students say about learning English on Skype

My impressions about Jonathan are the most positive! He is a very outstanding person and he poses himself as a very cool tutor. I will be able to represent a broader comment after attending some more classes, because the first one was focused on acquaintances and organizational issues. I got a great deal of positive emotions, motivation and awakening of how the advanced mastery of a foreign language is important.
— Michael
Jonathan is a talented, friendly and modern tutor of a great competence. He always answers the asked questions in a very simple and intelligible form. The atmosphere is always inspiring and welcoming . Jonathan is an amazing person who is sincerely eager to help all the students to overcome difficulties. I highly recommend the course!
I had my first class online with Jonathan yesterday. It was amazing! He is very professional, talent, and patient. I felt comfortable to speak with him even though I was a little bit nervous at the beginning of the session. He gave me a lot of tips, MpReserver.Domain.Resources.Dictionaries to explore, and the most important thing, he gave me confidence. I'm so excited to see my progress. Can't wait for the next session.
I am taking some TOEFL lessons with the teacher Jonathan and i wanted to express how much he is helping me. Actually i already knew i was in the right place but i didn't think Jonathan could help me to such a large extent through this school transition.
I'm experiencing unexpected results so that at work in Italy people ask me if i'm American. Thanks to his lessons and a course he recommended i could also develop important links in the US with professionals and organizations in my field of study and work.
I think you do a great job at linguatrip and i would be absolutely happy to advise Jonathan and your company to other students.
— Federico G.
My name is Anastasia and I got just one lesson with Jonathan some weeks ago. I have just received my results from the TOEFL iBT test and I got 119 out of 120! I am really happy and I think that although it was just one hour lesson, Jonathan really helped me. He gave me some tips and hints, and he managed to help me believe in myself and in my skills, which is what I really needed before such a stressful exam. So thank to both you and Jonathan for this experience.
I am fully available if you want to ask me just some more questions that might help other test takers (even though I still cannot believe that I really managed to get that result!)
— Anastasia Cardone
The first class with Jonathan was great! It was good that we had to speak only English. I also liked that Jonathan corrects the mistakes right away. Thanks a lot for the opportunity!
— Inessa
I've just had my first Skype class with Jonathan and he has asked me to give you feedback about it. It was a great experience. He had these great tips for my TOEFL exam, and I'm glad I got to talk to him before the exam! I've already booked another class.
Lygia Boutros, scored 118 on TOEFL!
It was the first class with Jonathan today. It was great and the impressions were very positive. I was there with my girlfriend to support her because she felt a little nervous, it was her first class with a native speaker. Jonathan is very communicative. It is great that he knows a little bit of Russian. Nadya feels more confident like that, because he understands how hard it is to study a foreign language. Eventhough he can speak Russian, the class was held in English. The class lasted even longer than it should have. After, Jonathan sent some materials to drill for the next class: an “about myself” text, that contains all the vocabulary, that was given at the class, and also an audio file with Jonathan’s recorded voice that reads the text, first, slowly and then faster. All in all, we are glad. We will come again on Friday night :)
— Sergey
This is my first experience of learning English on Skype and I'm completely satisfied with the first lesson. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of MpReserver.Domain.Resources.Dictionaries of improving English he has shared with me. So now I've got enough information to work with before the second lesson. I believe such kind of lessons will definitely help me to improve my pronunciation and more vocabulary. I'd like to thank you for giving such an opportunity to learn English with a native speaker on Skype. I appreciate it.
I got my toefl score today, 99 in total, 26 in Speaking and 25 in Writing, which is not the best result. I am not sure wether I should take another one to lift it abit up to 100. Now, I am preparing my GRE exam, which is more difficult than TOEFL. I worried so much about Verbal session. But anyway, Thank you so much for your help. Many thanks to Jonathan too. He is a great teacher. I wouldn't get this score if I didn't have your course with Jonathan. Please keep me updated with your progress. I would definitly recommend your course to my friends.
Thank you
— Peter
I had some really good sessions with Jonathan, who I think is a great English teacher. I liked his way of teaching, the methods he used let me realize my problems. And the way he taught me to apply good intonation was amazing. I become much more relaxed and confident after those classes with Jonathan. I got 26 in Speaking, 25 in Writing, which is not that good as yours, but I am actually quite surprised.
Thank you for asking me feedback on your courses, I wish a brisk business for you and Linguatrip.
— Xinpu Wang

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