Lessons on proper English pronunciation

About Joe:
  • Creator of a personalized pronunciation course
  • Has been teaching English for 3 years
  • Certified Professional Teacher
  • Has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature

What can you do after taking English pronunciation lessons?

  • Be more confident in your communication with native speakers
  • Speak English more clearly in day-to-day situations and in front of an audience
  • Lose the fear of speaking freely in an English-speaking country
  • Learn about phonetics so you can pronounce new and unfamiliar words correctly the first time

How does it work?

Select a course and the number of classes you are going to take
Pay the fees
Receive an email from Joe
Choose a convenient time and you can start
Free cancellation! You will be able to cancel the reservation before classes start and get a full refund. You will be also able to ask for a partial return after the first class. In this case we will return full fees minus the cost of the first lesson.
Lessons on a proper English pronunciation
1 class 25 minutes

1 class 50 minutes

4 classes 50 minutes

You save $12
General english
1 class 50 minutes

4 classes 50 minutes

You save $12
8 classes 50 minutes

You save $48

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