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Skype lessons with Jonathan

TOEFL preparation with a native English speaker


60 minutes


From 48$

About Jonathan:

• He is a native English speaker and professional tutor

Jonathan is a certified language tutor from California with over 20 years of professional experience. Taking classes with him, you will master proper American English.

• His teaching is informed by practice

He passed the TOEFL exam twice himself to provide students with relevant and up-to-date feedback.

• He works with your background

To choose the strategy for your classes, Jonathan will try to get maximum information about you, including your current level, your strengths and weaknesses, and your interests.

• Communicative approach

Forget about learning grammar rules by heart and learn the language while speaking in English all the time.

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Prepare for TOEFL with Jonathan

"In March 2018, I passed the TOEFL with the highest possible score of 120 points. Previously, I scored 117, and many of my students surpassed me, scoring up to 119 points".

Why you should choose Skype-lessons

Your best possible exam score

You will score 100 or more on TOEFL, getting the highest possible result for your English comprehension level.

Step-by-step exam preparation

You will look at every part of the exam in detail and get ready for all of them: you will work on your weak points and learn the ways to show your strongest skills. Jonathan pays special attention to grammar, vocabulary and speaking in English.

Learn from mistakes of other students

Jonathan has prepared many students for TOEFL and knows for sure what you need to focus on and what doesn’t really matter

Enter a foreign university

If you score high on the exam, you get the opportunity to enter an American university. During lessons with Jonathan, you will dive into the language environment and get ready for your future studies. Jonathan focuses on speaking practice and communication with native speakers.

"I did not get the maximum score in TOEFL the first time myself. On my first try, I scored 30 points in Speaking and Writing, however, got only 28 for Reading and 29 for Listening. I worked on my mistakes and managed to score 120 out of 120. Now, I can help you to hit the maximum score too."

Who should take these classes

  • Those who are planning to study in foreign universities.

  • Those who are looking for jobs in international companies

  • Those who are planning to move abroad

  • Those who want to test their knowledge and prove their English comprehension level

How our Skype-lessons are arranged

Choose the number of classes

Pay for the package

Get the email with Jonathan’s calendar

Choose a convenient day and time and start your lessons

Free cancellation! You will be able to cancel the reservation up to 24 hours before the start of the class and get a full refund. You will be also able to ask for a partial return after the first class. In this case, we will return full fees minus the cost of the first lesson.

Prices for lessons with Jonathan

  • 1 lesson 60 minutes

    48$ per lesson

  • 4 lessons 60 minutes each

    42$ per lesson

    Save 24$

  • 8 lessons 60 minutes each

    42$ per lesson

    Save 48$

  • 16 lessons 60 minutes each

    42$ per lesson

    Save 96$



I had only ten English lessons with Jonathan. These lessons were very useful to me. I’ve learned lots of useful expressions for real conversations. He has a lot of training materials which helps me understand more clearly. He gave me more self-confidence. I thank my teacher for his patience.


Lessons with Jonathan were superb. He is one of the best teachers I ever know. Jonathan is very kind, polite, punctual. He has a good teaching strategy, he really knows what he is doing and his 120 points TOEFL exam show it. I would highly recommend lessons with Jonathan, but for persons who have at least Intermediate level of English, not for beginners.


The classes I had with Mr. Jonathan were a significant factor for my overall success in TOEFL. Mr. Jonathan is equipped with lots of knowledge about TOEFL and has access to various resources. This, coupled with Mr. Jonathan’s easy-going personality, provided me with what is necessary to nail down all four components of TOEFL (reading, listening, speaking, and writing). I scored an overall of 104 after several classes with Mr. Jonathan. I highly recommend Mr. Jonathan for you.


I took Skype lessons with Jonathan almost a year ago. In the beginning, I wasn't sure if I should take the TOEFL or the IELTS. I was nervous about this English test because I wanted to start my master's soon. Jonathan showed me the difference and advised me which was the best for me (in the end, I decided to take the TOEFL). During the sessions, he taught me some tips & tricks for each section and gave me some practices that helped me to improve my score (A LOT!). It was my first time taking classes for TOEFL, but for me, it was helpful. Jonathan is fantastic; he is patient and empathetic, mainly because he also speaks Spanish, so he knows what the most common mistakes (specifically in Speaking session) are. Another thing I liked very much is that he was aware of my results and how I did it as soon as I finish my TOEFL. Since then, I have been recommending Jonathan 100%.


I have had a great time with Jonathan because he has been helping me with my English skill, also he has been flexible with my schedule all this past lesson. I am so happy to be a student from such a talent and a good teacher as Jonathan.


I took lessons with Johnatan in order to improve my speaking abilities, to make my accent softer. Jonathan listened to my problems carefully and we started to work on them. He found a lot of materials for me. Along with sharing knowledge, he motivated me. I believe it is extremely important in any learning process! He is a teacher who responds to any requests. For example, we discussed not only aspects of correct pronunciation but also some aspects of professional writing and general learning strategies. He is still helping me to grow. Overall, I assert that Jonathan is a wonderful teacher and a sweet person.


  • I prefer using my phone for classes. Can I do this?
  • Will I have to do homework?
  • How can I choose the times for my classes?
  • Can I reschedule or cancel my class?
  • How fast do I need to take all the lessons?
  • Can I place my package of classes on hold?
  • Can I change my teacher?
  • I bought a package of lessons, can I return it?

If you have any questions, email us at

We reply from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Moscow time on weekdays.

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From 48$

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