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Practice LSAT Online with a Tutor


From 120$

Scoring just a few points lower on the LSAT may cost you several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tuition fees in one of the top-50 universities are about $52 000 a year, and accommodation costs another $12 000. A higher score on the LSAT will help you to get a grant that will partially or fully cover tuition and accommodation costs.

What is LSAT

It’s an entry exam for law schools in the USA, Canada, and some other countries.

The exam tests critical thinking, analytical skills, reading comprehension, and written English.

There are two parts of the LSAT exam: the first is a multiple-choice test, and the second is a written English assessment (done separately online).

Since 2019, the exam has become electronic in most countries; the paper-based exam format was dropped.

The LSAT exam fee is $200. Scores are distributed on a scale between 120 and 180 points.

You can take the test three times within a given year (from June 1 to May 31) and only seven times during your lifetime.

Choose Skype-lessons with Michael

  • Michael has passed the LSAT with 178 out of 180 points. Only 0.1% of all people passing the exam score that highly.

  • The highest score from one of Michael’s students is 170 out of 180 on the LSAT. Only 3% of all people passing the exam score that highly.

  • Michael has a profound experience with LSAT tests: he uses them to prepare students for the GMAT exam.

  • Michael has been assisting students with international exams preparation for over 10 years.

About Michael

• Has been teaching for over 10 years

• Scored 178 out of 180 on the LSAT

• Scored 780 out of 800 on GMAT, and 340 out of 340 on GRE

• Has a degree in Mathematics

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Get the best score possible on your LSAT

If you get a high score, you will be able to get a good law degree abroad and provide yourself with a high stable income in the future. According to the HR website Glassdoor, an average lawyer’s salary in the USA is $107 000 per year, in Canada — CAD106 000 per year.

How does it work?

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  • 1 lesson 90 minutes

    120$ per lesson

  • 4 lessons 90 minutes

    115$ per lesson

    You save 20$

  • 8 lessons 90 minutes

    115$ per lesson

    You save 40$


David, LSAT

I wanted to thank you again for the guidance and wisdom you imparted during our lessons. I think that had a lot to do with my achieving my original goal of scoring 170+.

Marina, GMAT

Mikhail had been helping me prepare for the GMAT exam in 2015. (1) the main value for me is a comprehensive approach to learning, which Mikhail practiced, identifying undeveloped sides not only in my knowledge but also in my training practices (for example, giving advice on developing concentration and endurance, without which it is difficult to successfully pass such exams). (2) from the point of view of competence - Mikhail has a mathematical education, also he non-stop reads English literature (advise good things), passed GMAT, GRE. In sum, I recommend:) an excellent teacher and an interesting person

Evgeny, GMAT

I would like to write a few words about my experience with Mikhail Zagorsky. In 2012, I entered one of the business schools. I had been working with Mikhail for most of the admissions process. I found out Mikhail from a friend who was preparing for the GMAT test. The average GMAT score in my business school was ~705. My goal was to score at least. The main obstacle to this for me was the Verbal part. Preparing for the GMAT verbal part is obviously one of Mikhail's strength. He quite clearly divided a whole verbal part into several main topics that we were able to cover in a few lessons. Smaller things were considered by checking sample tests (Manhattan). As a result, I managed to raise my Verbal part score from 56% on the 1st sample test to 81% on the exam in a month and a half of classes, which allowed me to get the necessary 710 points. The next goal was to pass the TOEFL exam. School requirement >105 points. I could only rely on 100 with confidence. Reading and Listening were my strengths, which I could also train myself. Everything was solved in Speaking and Writing. Since we only had time for a couple of classes, we focused on the main points. Quick wins consisted of working out the main phrases in the introduction, design of your thoughts and conclusion for both Speaking and Writing. Speaking, unfortunately, in such a short time it was not possible to pull up, largely due to the fact that I did not have a set pronunciation. But Writing managed to pull up to 28 points, which allowed the total to score the necessary 106 points. The next stage is writing a series of essays. Mikhail's rewriting skills came in handy here. Despite the fact that the work on editing was quite time-consuming, this did not affect its quality. The last stage is the interview. In addition to improving the quality of my English speech, Mikhail provides valuable feedback on the essence of the issues being discussed. Despite the fact that I had enough opportunities to practice interviews with fairly strong partners, including graduates of the business school where I was enrolled, the extra repetition of interviews with Mikhail, of course, added value not only in the English part. In conclusion, I want to note apart from the professional qualities of a teacher and editor, Mikhail is a very pleasant and open-minded person with good logic. Good value for money option. Without a doubt, I recommend Mikhail to my friends. It is definitely choice #1 for preparing for the GMAT and rewriting.

Maria, GMAT

I really like preparing for the exam and our classes, since before I did not know anything about how to prepare for the terrible and frightening GMAT!). Although the test is still ahead, Mikhail obviously helped me to rise to a level that I did not expect!))) Fingers crossed!


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