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Skype lessons with Ksenia Almog

English for Kids Online


45 minutes


From 65$

About Ksenia

• Experienced tutor

Her working experience with kids over 6 years of age is ten years in total.

• Help with TOEFL and getting higher education abroad

To pass TOEFL with 100 points when you are 16 is realistic if you take classes with Xenia. She passed TOEFL and got 118 out of 120 and IELTS — 8.5 out of 9.

• Conversational English

She will teach a child not only to automatically do the tasks but to really speak English.

• Captivating lessons

She’ll opt for such topics that are appealing to a student, whether they are anime, comic books, sports, video games or something else.

Video preview

"English language courses are an investment in the future success of your child. If they start learning right now, by the age of 16, they will be able to score 100+ points on the TOEFL test without any stress. This is the language comprehension level required to enter the Ivy League and other prestigious universities."

Why you should choose Skype lessons

Love of studying English

A child will look forward to the next lesson because there’s no hard labour with endless dictations but it is instead a truly exciting activity with interactive tasks and short breaks.

Progress in studies

A child will be able to study at school much more easily. They will get good grades and spend less time on homework.

Overcoming the language barrier

A child will be able not only to tell a topic by heart, but to apply new knowledge in real practice when they go on a vacation with their parents or a language course abroad.

Broaden horizons

Ksenia will create an educational program for a child, their personality, interests, strengths and weaknesses. After the lessons, they will improve memory and attention.

Who should take these classes

  • Kids over 6 years of age who are willing to learn English

  • Students of senior school who are getting ready to enter a university

  • Children whose parents plan to move abroad

  • Kids who can’t stand English lessons and get bad grades at school

Our English lessons for children on Skype do not use boring pictures and old songs that the children have to sing along to with a tutor. Ksenia knows how much modern kids love gadgets and apps. She will turn Skype lessons into a new exciting hobby for your child.

How our Skype-lessons are arranged

Choose the number of lessons

Pay for the chosen package

Select convenient time

Your child can start learning English

Prices for lessons with Ksenia

  • 1 class 45 minutes


  • 4 classes of 45 minutes


  • 8 classes of 45 minutes


  • 16 classes of 45 minutes


What our students say about on Skype with Ksenia


My son had classes with Xenya for several months. Our goal was to prepare for US school. Our family decided to relocate to the US and I was worried that Michael would have problems with the language barrier. He learned English before, but he wasn’t really fluent and he had problems expressing himself in English. Xenya did great job! Thanks to her classes, my son said he felt at ease with his new classmates and teachers. He quickly made new friends. We reached our goal and I am happy about it.

Stefano and Rachel (two sons, Cristian and Lorenzo, 6 and 7)

Great teacher! I absolutely recommend! Our two sons are having fun having classes with her! It’s good she told us that it’s better for them to study separately as they have a much better progress this way. Boys like doing homework and are enthusiastic about classes.

Jun (daughter Ring, 6, Harbin)

I took classes with Xeniya myself when I was preparing for my TOEFL test. Later, I asked her to have classes with my 6-year-old daughter. She really enjoys the classes. I like that Xeniya’s program is tailored for online classes.

Dalia (son Daniel, 7)

Dear Xenia! Thank you so much for your classes! 🙏🙏🙏 They were really interesting and engaging! My son, Daniel, got rid of his speaking problems. During our last trip to the US, I made him do most of the talking! He bought ice cream and toys at a local shop without my help and even asked a few things on the reception. I am so happy we found you! I hope we will continue our classes in the future! 💐😊🌷


  • From what age can my child start learning on Skype?
  • How are the classes arranged?
  • How can I choose the times for my classes?
  • How about homework?
  • How much time will the homework take?
  • I prefer using my phone for classes. Can I do this?
  • Can I reschedule or cancel my class?
  • How fast do I need to take all the lessons?
  • Can I place my package of classes on hold?
  • I bought a package of lessons, can I return it?

If you’ve got any questions, email us:
In the subject line write “Skype classes for kids with Ksenia”.

We reply from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Moscow time on weekdays.

Book lessons


From 65$

Book classes for children on Skype with Ksenia Almog.

How to book:

  1. 1Choose the number of lessons
  2. 2Pay for the chosen package
  3. 3Select convenient time
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