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Skype lessons with Anastasia Ivbule

IELTS and TOEFL preparation on Skype


45 minutes


From 62$

About Anastasia

• She passed international language exams with high scores

Anastasia is a practicing teacher. She scored 119 out of 120 on TOEFL, 9 out of 9 on IELTS, and got CELTA with a maximum Grade A. She has been teaching English and preparing students for exams for over ten years.

• She graduated from an American university

She holds a degree in Linguistics from Boston University.

• She stays on top of things

Anastasia closely follows all the latest changes in the IELTS and TOEFL exams. Her teaching is based on modern requirements, including the most recent updates in the TOEFL structure in August 2019.

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To get ready for IELTS or TOEFL, you should do at least two to three sample tests a week to track your progress. You need to understand clearly the mistakes you make: it’s either the gaps in your vocabulary and grammar knowledge, or the wrong strategy for the particular type of question. I will cover all these things during my classes.

Why you should choose Skype-lessons

International exams without problems

You will learn where you can score bonus points and where you risk losing them.

Preparation with the latest materials

You will know for sure what to expect during the exam.

Helpful feedback

Anastasia will not only identify your common mistakes, but also help you to get rid of them.

Enter your dream university

With an IELTS score of 6.5 or a TOEFL result of 100+, many foreign universities will be happy to see you among their students.

"As a person who passed these international exams myself, I understand the confusion many students can experience at the beginning. There are too many textbooks and tips around. You don’t know where to start and how to find truly useful things among them. During one-on-one Skype-lessons, I will sort everything out and explain to you how to get the highest possible score in every part of the exam."

Who should take these classes

  • Those who plan to apply for foreign universities and will need to provide their IELTS or TOEFL results.

  • Interns and prospective employees who want to work in international companies.

  • Those who want to prove their English comprehension level.

  • Those who plan to move abroad.

How our Skype-lessons are arranged

Select a course and number of classes

Pay the fees

Receive an email with Anastasia’s contact

Choose convenient time and go ahead!

Free cancellation! You will be able to cancel the reservation up to 24 hours before the start of the class and get a full refund. You will be also able to ask for a partial return after the first class. In this case, we will return full fees minus the cost of the first lesson.

IELTS preparation on Skype

  • 1 class 45 minutes

    62$ per class

  • 4 classes of 45 minutes

    62$ per class

  • 8 classes of 45 minutes

    62$ per class

  • 16 classes of 45 minutes

    62$ per class

TOEFL preparation on Skype

  • 1 class 45 minutes

    62$ per class

  • 4 classes of 45 minutes

    62$ per class

  • 8 classes of 45 minutes

    62$ per class

  • 16 classes of 45 minutes

    62$ per class

What our students say about IELTS and TOEFL preparation on Skype


I met Anastasia when I decided to enter an American university. I needed to prepare for IELTS and SAT exams. I liked Anastasia from the very beginning as the lessons were well-structured and clear, I understood where we were heading and what the final result would be. After each lesson, Anastasia sent me a list of new words that we came across during the lesson, as well as sample phrases and sentences with these words. And during the following lesson, we had a dictation or verbal test to check my comprehension of those words. It stimulated me a lot and helped to widen my vocabulary: before I used to write new words in a notebook and happily forget about them straight after the class. Also, I had some difficulties with pronunciation and made long pauses between words. Anastasia helped me to develop an American accent, and I am very grateful for this! Now I'm studying in the USA for free, and I passed IELTS with 8 points!


With Anastasia I did an express-preparation for IELTS. The exam was arranged by my university (HSE in Moscow). I had a good level of English knowledge but was completely unfamiliar with the exam structure and requirements. In three hours, Anastasia briefly and clearly explained to me everything about the reading section, we practiced all types of tasks and wrote down all key tips and strategies for each type of question. In another three hours, we made our way through all types of diagrams, bar charts, line graphs, etc. for writing task 1 and different types of essays for writing task 2, including the word choice (linking words, academic vocabulary, etc.). Anastasia also explained which words and phrases I should avoid in my writing part. I had no problems with speaking, but we spent an hour on the most complicated tasks possible anyway. In the end, I scored 8.5 at IELTS! If I decide to do a Master's in the USA, I will definitely prepare for the necessary exams with Anastasia!


I was looking for a teacher that will make me study regularly because I study and work in parallel, and I did not have enough willpower to sit down and prepare for the exam. I liked that Anastasia managed to make me interested and arranged the process in a way that made me use English every day: I do homework (she assigns me small tasks for every day), listen to lectures in English, and read scientific articles with IELTS vocabulary. Thanks to that regular practice, I've already made real progress, even though I've only been studying with her for only 2.5 weeks. I have had plenty of opportunities to practice new words. If we've listened to a lecture or read a text, we write down all necessary vocabulary, practice making examples, then do a test, then simultaneous translation (by the way, a very effective method!). After two or three lessons, we refresh the vocabulary. Nothing slips out of the memory. Everything arranged clearly and responsibly. I feel that I'm in good hands and can rely on Anastasia.


With Anastasia, I prepare for the IELTS exam which I need for work in an international company. Originally, I started to prepare almost from scratch, having solely school English lessons behind me. Overall, I knew grammar poorly and could hardly speak. After three months of intensive classes, I got to the upper-intermediate level. Now I can speak with confidence, understand the grammar, and fluently use it in my speech. I don't need to think about whether to choose a past simple or present perfect anymore. It comes automatically. My foreign colleagues often compliment my English. Furthermore, Anastasia tells me a lot about life in the USA and Europe; I even started to consider moving there. At the moment, we are actively working on IELTS preparation. And I'm fully pleased with this teacher.


My name is Natalia, I live in London and I’m preparing for IELTS with Anastasia. I came to Anastasia after I attended IELTS preparatory courses here in England for half a year and have not got any new knowledge. My level was about 5.5-6 points, while I needed a minimum of 7.5 to certify my Russian diploma and start working. I started to look for alternative preparation options and found Anastasia's contacts via some friends. I did not have any problems with spoken English as I've been married to an English man for over 3 years, so we mostly focused on reading and writing. They were the most difficult parts for me, and I know that it’s the same for many other students as well. Even my husband – a native English speaker - made a lot of mistakes when doing these two parts. Firstly, I like that Anastasia very simply and clearly explains all the things that were presented as complicated in the courses. Secondly, she has a completely different teaching methodology and the progress is visible already after the first session. Thirdly, I refreshed my grammar knowledge with Anastasia and discovered a few weak places where I was losing points in the writing part. None of my native-speaking teachers ever tried to check my grammar. I'm 100% satisfied with my preparation and I'm very glad that I met Anastasia! Huge gratitude to her! I will keep studying!

Parvin Mamedov

Linguatrip is the best. I had TOEFL lessons with Anastasia Ivbule for several months, and they were extremely helpful. During our lessons we usually practiced Speaking and Writing, which are the most difficult parts of TOEFL. Thanks to these lessons, I managed to score 115 on my exam. I really recommend it!!

Zoya Fandina

Thanks to Anastasia Ivbule for help me to prepare to my IELTS. She is a great experienced teacher! Very easy-going and open-minded as well! I really loved her teaching methods cause we managed to train all my problematic parts, such as Grammar, Writing, Spelling and Speaking. And what I really liked is that she shares a lot of her own lectures and useful resources (for Vocabulary, book downloads etc). And finally, she succeeded in her IELTS and TOEFL (she took high scores), so she can share her own experience. Thank you a very much, Anastasia! You’re great!

Bassam Yaghmoor

Hello everyone, I took my exam last week and the results showed up yesterday. I only wished to have this score! My speaking and writing online evaluations had much lower scores but I tried to follow the advice. The writing score was surprising, but what did make a difference in my opinion is conditional sentences and advanced grammar ("If I had not..., I would have never..."), plus a good amount of details and words. I was super nervous and thought my reading and listening marks would be much lower. All the best to you all

Denis Aleksandrov

I wanted to submit my review for personal classes with Anastasia Ivbule. I took ~5 classes with her for IELTS preparation. I was familiar with this exam as I wrote it before, but needed to work on a “Writing” section as I consider it to be the hardest section of this exam. Anastasia explained letter and essay structure very diligently and gave me lots of examples. For every lesson I would write my answers to the sample questions and Anastasia would check them and point out my mistakes, which improved my preparedness for IELTS. Most importantly, she corrected me on the structure and provided examples of phrases/words that would start each paragraph for a specific question type. This helped a lot as understanding how to start each paragraph saves time and keeps structure appropriate for IELTS format. I did well on my exam and got 7.5 for the Writing section which is quite high considering the IELTS grading criteria and relatively short preparation time. I would recommend anyone who is preparing for an IELTS exam to take lessons with Anastasia in order to get a higher score.


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