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Book from Venya Pak

Everything You Need to Know about Tenses

Simply, clearly and quickly



About Venya Pak

Book Writer

He wrote a textbook in the past: "English like a Boss". Also, he developed his own system of teaching languages.


Learned English up to a native speaker level in Russia. Moved to the USA in 2013. Was teaching at the language school Columbia West College.

Video blogger

Has his own YouTube channel called VenyaPakTV with 700.000 followers. Also, Venya creates videos for LinguaTrip TV channel.

What’s in the book?

Native speakers take center stage

Learn how to think, write and speak in English like native speakers.

Simple rules

One rule per one tense or inclination.

Clear structure

All tenses are explained in a systematic way: simply, clearly and precisely so you would not have any question unanswered.

Real-life examples

Easy to memorize, easy to apply in conversations or correspondence in English.

Aimed for

  • Those who are confused about tenses and want to clarify everything.

  • Pupils and students to recap English tenses quickly before the exam.

  • Pupils and students to recap English tenses quickly before the exam.

  • Those who are tired of boring textbooks and complicated explanations.

  • Handbook in English

  • Handbook in Russian


  • "Everything you need to know about tenses", digital copy (PDF)




Alexey Razumovskiy

Venya, thank you! 😊 I bought some of your books (English Like a Boss, Tenses Memo, Prepositions Suck), and I use them regularly in my studies. My English has greatly improved, and it's very handy to go back to your notes in case I forget something. Your books cost nothing, but they are the source of the most useful up-to-date information. The writing style is terse and interesting; there is nothing unnecessary. Any English coursebook cannot compare to yours as they either have too much extra info or, on the contrary, lack essential materials. It is very easy to study and remember stuff with the help of your books. I like them a lot!


Both English Like a Boss and TENSES books were lit! Wonderful student books that provide important and easy-to-grasp rules about prepositions and grammar rules in general! ✊🏽👍🏽

Anya Apes

I bought two of Venya’s books - 'English like a Boss' and 'Tenses'. I read both of them in one sitting. I was amazed that I understood EVERYTHING! Everything in Venya’s book is interesting and laconic. Venya passes across all challenging topics so easily, and the books are way more interesting than the boring school lessons. I was stunned! Thanks a lot, Venya. I cannot express how grateful I am to you for your work. It is so cool that you have learnt something and now you can actually put your knowledge to good use.

Vyacheslav Peshkylov

Venya is the best teacher! What would be, if Venya doen't exist... Thank you, Venya!


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  • I have some questions for Venya. How can I reach him?
  • I want to get a refund for the book. Is it possible?

If you have any questions, email us at

We reply from 10 to 19 Moscow time on weekdays.

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