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From Marina and Lucy

English as a Lifestyle with Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

Boost your English and make it part of your daily life with a combo of two cool workbooks



It's great to learn English with those who inspire, motivate, and explain well with clear examples. You are in the right place! We have two cool workbooks for you to learn grammar and vocabulary in a simple way. You won't just learn English, but fall in love with it! With English as a Lifestyle you will integrate English into your usual life: watch TV shows, sing along to your favorite artists, and speak real English like in movies or on LA streets. With Lucy's workbook, you will diversify your speech with idioms and phrasal verbs which natives often use.

What’s inside Marina's English as a Lifestyle

Marina's language learning methods

Learn how to create a clear study plan so you see progress and don't lose motivation

Grammar (yes, you need it)

Grammar and vocabulary rules and exercises

Marina's favorite learning tools

From watching a YouTube video and learning phrases from it to listening to songs and filling in gaps in lyrics

Helpful handouts

Grammar checklists, result trackers, vocabulary cards, lists of popular phrasal verbs

What’s inside Lucy's Learn Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

Idioms in your daily life

Learn the most popular English idioms that you can use in your everyday conversations

Top phrasal verbs

Study the most common phrasal verbs that come in handy in daily life

Exercise with keys

Practice all the knowledge you have gained

Grammar references

Understand how idioms and phrasal verbs work

About the author

Marina Mogilko

  • co-founded Linguatrip
  • YouTuber with over 9M followers across three channels
  • got 117 out of 120 on TOEFL and 700 out of 800 on GMAT
  • accepted to Johns Hopkins and University of Florida with full-ride scholarships (but ended up focusing on Linguatrip)
  • non-native speaker! doing business in an English speaking environment
  • lives in Silicon Valley

Lucy Bella Simkins

  • is a British teacher of English as a foreign language
  • is the creator of the YouTube channel 'English with Lucy'
  • has over 10 million followers across YouTube and Facebook
  • has taught English for over 7 years, with a specialty in British English grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary
  • lives in The Cotswolds, the UK

What you will get from both workbooks

Language practice

Do exercises and test your knowledge.

Up-to-date vocabulary

Learn words and phrases that natives use in their casual conversations nowadays.

Complex approach

Study the main topics of grammar and vocabulary with useful examples from real life.

Clear learning system

Study English effectively with the topics that are necessary for improving your speaking skills.

Relevant tips and life hacks

Learn how to make the process more exciting, stop pushing yourself, and finally integrate English into your life.

English to the maximum

Learn how your daily activities can be beneficial for your English.

How your life will change

  • You will enrich your vocabulary with modern phrases, idioms, and phrasal verbs

  • You will remember new vocabulary and grammar better, and use them in your speech

  • English will become a part of your life

  • You will get used to watching series or movies without subtitles, singing songs, and surrounding yourself with English

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Prices and packages

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Workbook "English as a Lifestyle"

  • a PDF version of the workbook



Workbook "Learn Idioms with Phrasal Verbs"

  • a PDF version of the workbook



Double boost

  • a PDF version of the English as a Lifestyle workbook

  • a PDF version of the Learn Idioms with Phrasal Verbs workbook




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