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A handbook for smart students

Grammar Is All You Need

Difficult English grammar, explained in a simple way


from $4.99

If you're tired of weird grammar rules and constructions, confused by tenses and prepositions, and having nightmares about articles, then it's time to crack wild English grammar open once and for all!

What's inside

An effective learning technique

You'll start learning English without straining yourself, and you'll realize how effortless it is to study every day.

Complicated grammar is explained in an easy-to-understand way

You'll sort through the most challenging topics and gain confidence in your knowledge.

Analysis of the most common errors students make

Get rid of your most common mistakes and improve your English to a new level.

How is it different from a typical textbook

Everything is clear and straightforward

No boring explanations. All the rules are practiced in exercises with contemporary, comprehensible examples.

Awesome LinguaHacks

We will share our tips, which will surely help you understand English grammar!

The balance of theory and practice

The practical part is not a scary test, but an exciting and informative game for checking how well you understood the topic.

Relevant and up-to-date content

Not only will you review what you already know, but you'll also learn a lot of new material: up-to-date vocabulary and interesting topics.

The updated formula of studying with maximum comfort

Interactive handbook

It's always at hand and convenient to use. It's a completely new and fun interactive way to study English.

Automatic checking of your answers

You don't need to look for answers at the end of this book—the handbook points out the correct answer with a detailed explanation.

What’s inside the interactive handbook

Interactive mechanics

Completing the exercises will not bore you. There are a variety of tasks: multiple choice, drop-down lists, dragging words, and so on.

Practical exercises

Each chapter of the book includes practical exercises to reinforce the material.

Convenient learning on any device

You can study and complete tasks anywhere, anytime you have access to the Internet.

Always within reach

You can open the handbook at any moment and review the topic. No more inconvenient pdfs or handouts.

Automatically checks your answers

You don't have to flip through the end of the book to find an answer and check your work—it's all there, with an explanation.

Navigation and progress tracking

Efficient time-saving You'll effectively save time with a user-friendly interface and comfortable learning material.

This workbook is for you if

  • you have studied the basics and are ready to finally conquer English grammar.

  • you are a student and need to quickly refresh your knowledge or pick up new information.

  • you constantly find yourself making mistakes, even though you seem to have learned the rules by heart.


  • Chapters 1-8

  • Chapters 9-16

Articles: they finally make sense

Nouns: countable, uncountable, or…?

Pluralia tantum and singularia tantum: which is which?

Bored or boring? Adjectives ending in -ED and -ING

Prepositions of time: a moment of clarity

Prepositions of place: at, on, or something more fun?

Adjective and preposition combinations

Adjectives and adverbs: what’s the difference?

English tenses and their uses

Reported speech

Verb lists: infinitives and gerunds


How to use zero and first conditional

Second and third conditional: the sky is the limit

Mixed conditionals

What is another word for IF? (Unless, provided that, supposing, etc.)

Cost and packages

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  • An electronic handbook “Grammar is All You Need”



Handbook + Exercises

  • An electronic handbook, “Grammar is All You Need”

  • 300+ automatically checked exercises to practice your grammar right away






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from $ 4.99

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