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The life-changing book by Marina Mogilko

The Step by Step Guide to Enter a University in the USA

+ Get a Scholarship — in Just 2 Months


15 $

About Marina Mogilko

Marina has been accepted to 5 USA universities.

Two of them — Johns Hopkins and University of Florida — provided her full scholarships for their Master and MBA programs.

She aced her international language exams with high scores

She beat the TOEFL with a near-perfect score of 117 out of 120, and the GMAT at 700 out of 800.

Marina also has her own successful business

She became one of the co-founders of and managed to secure a $100,000 investment for this company. She also won the grant “Opportunity Award” from the USA Government.

Marina has 3 YouTube channels

Where she teaches millions about the English language, studying abroad and business. 7+ million people watch her regularly from all around the world.

What’ll I Get Out of This Book?

Advice for entering universities in the USA

Witness Marina’s time-tested secrets and get practical tips that have been proven to work.

Marina’s personal story

How she prepared for the exams, passed them with high scores, and secured her place in 5 different USA universities, as well as scholarships.

Lifehacks that help you save money and time

Avoid paying a registration fee for university and learn how to get crucial, but easy-to-miss discounts.

A list of the universities that may finance your studies

Learn how to find the right universities that offer suitable grants and scholarships, tailored specifically to you and your needs.

Documents for applications

Learn how to write the necessary motivational letters and prepare for the TOEFL and GMAT exams, faster and easier.

Who Benefits Most from This Book?

  • Pupils and students who want to study in the USA.

  • Those who want to gain an understanding of the American Education System.

  • Those who need to pass the language exams — TOEFL and GMAT.

  • Those who’re looking for financial support but worry they won’t find a suitable option in time.

Book Packages

  • Handbook in English

  • Handbook in Russian


  • "The Step by Step Guide to Enter a University in the USA", electronic version



Book, Motivational Letters and Resume Samples

  • "The Step by Step Guide to Enter a University in the USA", electronic version


  • Marina’s very own motivational letters and resume; the same ones she used to get accepted to 5 USA universities



Book, Motivational Letters and Resume, Bonus Materials

  • "The Step by Step Guide to Enter a University in the USA", electronic version


  • Marina’s very own motivational letters and resume; the same ones she used to get accepted to 5 USA universities

  • List of “Generous Universities” willing to help you financially; saving you lots of time, effort and stress



Customer Testimonials

Olesya Lapina

Read it in one breath and got from it a lot of useful details that finally helped me to see the whole picture. Your success story inspires and breaks one of the worst stereotypes, common in Russia and CIS countries: “You are N-year-old and you are too old to look for a better life”. Special thanks for the large amount of the exact links and names of the organizations that assisted you with applications. Especially useful was the rating because there are so much different and confusing information on the Internet at first glance. Also, the information about finding the financial support turned out to be very useful: after the bigger picture became clearer, I started thinking about my strong sides and strategies of looking for the funds with external financing (considering my rare specialization and the fact that in Russia metallurgy and engineering are openly considered to be not suitable for women). It was a pleasure for me to become one of the first readers of your book and get the powerful charge of inspiration to get moving in the right direction (I could not stand the temptation and take a lot of notes and quotes from your book:) Thank you for all the great work you’ve done to create this magic textbook-motivator. It helps not to be scared of the tricks in your application process and set the priorities correctly. I will definitely recommend the book to all who wants to enter the USA universities :)

Artur Skutelskii

Marina, thank you very much for the book! There I found the answers for 89% of my questions; learned more about grants and scholarships, about different programs and organization, about the tiniest details and tricks of passing the TOEFL; got to know Marina much better, and so much more! The book is written in friendly, kind language so even through the text you can feel the positive energy and kindness of Marina, her optimism and ambitiousness. I’ve never met the people like Marina before and I wonder how in such an aggressive and non-smiling country could bloom such a sunny flower..? This is incredible. She gives me hope for the enlightened future. Her book is a great step in this direction. Trust me, it worth much more than $15.

Yana Antipenko

THANK YOU! This is the user manual for everyone who wants to study abroad. Information is presented logically and precisely, nothing redundant. It’s a real-life example of the person who did it all herself! There is a huge charge of inspiration and energy not only for preparation and passing the exams but also for the Great Doings! There are all necessary links, information about financial support, exam structure, tips for correspondence with the universities, all nuances and secrets in the book. Everything that you need to make it happen. Marina, thank you for what you do!

Alla Shlak

I’d like to begin with saying that this textbook/manual is the must-read for those who are purposeful, hard-working, curious and dreams of studying abroad but due to certain circumstances does not have the opportunity to pay for such costly studies and living on their own. I like a lot that this book describes the exact steps and ways to ensure that you have a chance to gain the financial support for your studies. It does not end up as reading the story of a genius and realizing that without the same skills you have no chance. In my opinion, this is the book that should be given to pupils in 7-8 school grade so they can stick up with the idea that if you really want something and work hard on achieving it, everything will come true. Unfortunately, nowadays many people believe that you can apply for foreign universities only when you have sufficient financing. And this is exactly the stereotype Marina successfully proves wrong with her book. In my opinion, Marina tells her story to describe in details this way “from dream to the result”. This book will be useful for all who


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  • I want to get a refund for the book. Is it possible?

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