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Speaking Intensive Course with Venya Pak

Speak English Like a Pro 3.0

How to talk fluently on any topic, include all the emotional aspects of the language in your speech and be understood

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From 26.70$

Course liquidation! Last chance to buy an intensive at a 70% discount!

The speaking intensive course with Venya is a perfect opportunity to boost your speaking skill in just 14 classes. We created this course to help you overcome the language barrier and start expressing your opinion in a correct and neat way. There are a lot of advanced vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation lessons. You will learn to diversify your speech, sound more natural and stop losing your confidence when talking to native speakers.

Why Choose the Intensive Course

Language Barrier no More

You will obtain everything you need to feel confident and talk freely.

Upgrade of Your Speaking Skill

You will learn how to express your opinion and have a conversation on any subject.

Up-to-date Vocabulary

You will stop using worn-out phrases and being basic in your speech.

Communication on the Native Level

You will get out of your comfort zone and reveal the full potential of your speech.

Who is the Course Suitable for

  • Those who are afraid to speak English and are anxious that people do not understand them

  • Those who desire to get effortless and natural English

  • Those who have learnt all the rules but still can’t talk to native speakers easily

  • Those who want to quickly upgrade their speaking skill and start talking while travelling or at work

About Venya Pak

• Experienced teacher with a teaching certificate — TESOL.

• Author of 4 textbooks and has his own methodology.

• Speaks like a native speaker because he graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in LA. Has a good ear for music and a decent pronunciation.

• Has his six-year old YouTube channel dedicated to studying the real English.

Video preview

Venya Pak about the intensive course

What to Expect at the Intensive Course

Lessons and live streams

14 lessons and 3 live streams. You can watch the recorded materials as many times as you want within a 3-month timeframe since the day of purchase.

Lots of practical homework

Joint practice with Venya and creative homework for every class. You can memorize the information more effectively if you do them immediately after taking a lesson.

Memo with the new vocabulary

We gathered all lecture vocabulary in the convenient format of a memo that you can use as a cheat sheet. You will find the memo in your personal account.

Certificate and discounts

All students will receive a certificate that you can add to your CV or use for visa purposes. Also, you’ll get a discount of $30 for another intensive course of your choice.

Last chance

You can buy this course till the end of the liquidation. Access to the course is valid for three months from the date of payment.

Amazing discount

For only five days, you can buy this course at a 70% discount. There won't be another chance like this!

Every class in the program has a particular goal and result. You will learn how to talk about yourself, perform job interviews, work on your pronunciation, ask questions correctly and give advice. Creative tasks after every lesson will help you memorize the material.

Intensive Course Program

  • Lessons 1-7

  • Lessons 8-14

Lessons 1-7

Lesson 1 Exploring vocabulary #1

Lesson 2 Exploring vocabulary #2

Lesson 3 Exploring vocabulary #3

Lesson 4 Exploring phrasal verbs

Lesson 5 Exploring vocabulary for work

Lesson 6 Wishes and hypothesis

Lesson 7 How to ask better questions

Lessons 8-14

Lesson 8 In spite of / despite

Lesson 9 Predicting the future

Lesson 10 Adjectives -ed/-ing

Lesson 11 Pronunciation work

Lesson 12 Improving your storytelling

Lesson 13 Opinions, agreement and disagreement

Lesson 14 Commonly used expressions

Our prices

Discount $10!


  • 14 recorded lessons

  • Access to three course-wide live streams with Venya

  • Your personal account with all homework and course materials. Access is valid for three months.

  • Tracker of good habits

  • Certificate

  • Discount for online intensives


8926.70 $




  • 14 recorded lessons

  • Access to three course-wide live streams with Venya

  • Your personal account with all homework and course materials. Access is valid for three months.

  • Tracker of good habits

  • Certificate

  • Discount for online intensives


  • Vocabulary and grammar memos


10932.70 $




Valentin Aliferov

Intensive lessons with Venya were memorable for me because I received only relevant, current information on the topic. Everything was explained with real-life examples, in simple terms, and with humor. :-) Furthermore, I was pleased with the technical and organizational sides, including webinars, chats, and reminders. Everything was clear, modern, and tasteful. I’m looking forward to the next intensives!

Elizaveta Cherepanova

Venya is a very good teacher. He always smiles and jokes. And when the mood is good, I’ve noticed it’s much easier to study. When explaining the material, Venya usually gives such vibrant--I would even say "flashy"--examples that stick in your memory very well. I also liked that Venya communicates with everyone as if they were long-familiar friends. This vibe is very comfortable. That would be great to talk face-to-face! I have done only one intensive grammar course so far. It was rather short but capacious. It may seem a bit complicated if you’re a complete beginner. But those who know the grammar will still find something interesting in the course. And it won’t necessarily be related to the grammar :-) It is more important that there be instant communication with the teacher, a resident of the United States. He is immersed in the language environment and knows all the life situations first hand. It was very useful that he repeated and reinforced many rules and topics. To all those who are still thinking about it, I recommend trying at least one intensive course. That way, you’ll see how the process is organized and how Venya is in action. He’s so cool!

Ilya Lukevich

I previously participated in the marathon, “Speak like a Pro,” and I liked the course a lot. It was the first time I’d participated in such a course. The format of homework was hugely interesting and informative--there was a lot of new and useful vocabulary for everyday communication. As the vocabulary was explained via song lyrics, I discovered a new way to study the language for myself. My partner for this course was perfectly chosen. We became good friends and did all tasks on time. And I’d like to specifically mention “The Chaos Poem:” amazing thing to boost your pronunciation! It was a challenge within a challenge.

Andrey Ivanov

All lessons were delivered in an interesting and engaging format. All examples given were helpful for increased comprehension and memorization of the information, to build emotional connections. My partner was chosen nicely, we have kept in touch with him after the end of the marathon.



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From 26.70$

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