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Online intensive by LinguaTrip team


Best from the team of LinguaTrip star teachers


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From 11$

We have collected ten lessons on the most popular and difficult topics from our top courses into one intensive course! This is not just a course, we have collected feedback from 13,846 students who studied with us in 2021 and made a summary of the most effective and important topics.

Now you have the opportunity to upgrade or improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills in just ten days with a team of LinguaTrip star teachers.

What You’ll Get

Perfect combo for all skills

Lessons on each topic for a comprehensive training of all skills.

Star teachers in one intensive

The intensive includes lessons from every leading LinguaTrip teacher.

Best of our marathons

The most important topics from our marathons are combined in one intensive.

Top topics for learning English

All hit, complex and insidious topics in one place.

Complex Approach

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Pronunciation

  • Listening

Who the Intensive is Suitable for

  • Those who have recently started learning the language and want to thoroughly prepare for the transition to a new level.

  • Those who want to close all language gaps in English, brush up on their knowledge, and review important topics to move on to the next level of English.

  • Those who want to take the maximum and in ten days to upgrade all areas of the language.

  • Those who are not seeing progress and want to test themselves in all important skills in English.

About Tutors

Venya Pak

  • Certified teacher from Los Angeles (TESOL).
  • Author of four textbooks and has his own methodology.
  • Graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in LA. Writes songs in English and has a good ear and a decent pronunciation.
  • Has his six-year-old YouTube channel dedicated to studying real English.

Marina Mogilko

  • Lives and works in the USA.
  • Was accepted into MBA and Master’s programs at five American universities.
  • Passed international language exams with high scores: 117 out of 120 on TOEFL and 700 out of 800 on GMAT.
  • Has three YouTube channels with over five million subscribers, where he talks about studying abroad, learning English, and life in the USA.

Anastasia Ivbule

  • Tutor with wide practical experience.
  • Passed international language exams with high scores: TOEFL with 119 out of 120 and IELTS with 9 out of 9.
  • For over ten years she has been teaching English and preparing students for the exams.
  • Graduated from Boston University with a degree in Linguistics.
  • Speaks five languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Now she is learning Hebrew and Turkish.

Anastasia Eustace

  • Certified specialist in linguistics and a tutor with wide practical experience.
  • Certified teacher: TKT, CELTA, CPE, and DELTA.
  • Lives in the UK. She’s been teaching British English in language schools for over six years.
  • Polyglot. She fluently speaks Russian, English, and Spanish, and knows German, French, and Hebrew at a decent level.

How The Course Is Arranged

Recorded lessons and streams

The recordings are available anytime and from anywhere. You'll also get access to private streams with teachers to chat and get answers to all your questions. You can watch them live or recorded.


Access — two months from the start date.


After each lesson, you get non-boring homework in a test format, so that you accurately learn all the new vocabulary and the context of its use.

Convenient learning platform

All materials and tasks are collected in a personal account, which is accessible from a computer, phone, and tablet.

Live chat and support

You will get access to a group on Telegram, where you can ask curators your questions, and chat with course mates.

Certificate and discount

All participants of the intensive course will receive a certificate of participation that you can add to your resume and use while applying for a student visa. Also, you’ll get a $30 discount on any course from LinguaTrip.

Course Program

Lesson 1

Articles with Venya Pak

How to describe nouns using articles

Lesson 2

Prepositions with Venya Pak

Master almost the whole system of English prepositions with the help of difficult tasks and popular combinations that can confuse not only language learners but also native speakers.

Lesson 3

Past Simple VS Present Perfect with Venya Pak.

Vocabulary: education Memorizing the difference between Past Simple and Present Perfect once and for all.

Lesson 4

Rules for getting acquainted (or about getting acquainted) with T'Keayh Day

The best phrases for meeting new people and starting a conversation.

Lesson 5

Slang that is spoken but not taught with Venya Pak

Slang that is spoken but not taught with Venya Pak Expand your vocabulary with the slang that native speakers are using right now.

Lesson 6

Voiceless and voiced TH. Fixing a major pronunciation issue with Venya Pak

You will learn how to pronounce the most important TH sound, the incorrect pronunciation of which reveals your foreigner accent.

Lesson 7

Sounds H, N vs NG with Anastasia Eustace

You will begin to pronounce these sounds correctly and sound more natural.

Lesson 8

Filler words and expressions native speakers use with Venya Pak

Learning to spot junk words in speech and use them correctly.

Lesson 9

Finance vocabulary with Marina Mogilko

You will learn new vocabulary for comfortable communication on the topic of finance, economics, and capital.

Lesson 10

Idioms and metaphors with Anastasia Ivbule

You will start using idioms and metaphors that will help you express your intentions and thoughts more accurately.

Packages and costs

Hurry! Prices are about to go up!


  • Ten recorded lessons

  • Two months of access to general live streams

  • Homework after each lesson

  • Two-month access to classes from your personal account

  • Certificate



Places count



  • Ten recorded lessons

  • Two months of access to general live streams

  • Homework after each lesson

  • Two-month access to classes from your personal account

  • Certificate


  • Handbook "Minus 365 mistakes per year"

  • Handbook "Grammar is all you need"



Places count


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Any day




from 11$

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