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  • Online education·
  • Course for B1-B2

Course with Venya Pak, Marina Mogilko, and Angela Pirozzi

From Intermediate to Advanced

7 weeks to say goodbye to the language barrier and intermediate plateau

Start date

July 26




Starts at $89

We've updated our best-selling course that has already been taken by more than 10,000 students! You can now participate in course mode or challenge mode — if you are ready to leave your comfort zone and say goodbye to the language barrier forever!

The new program will help you boost all the skills needed to overcome the Intermediate level, break through the plateau effect and finally reach Advanced!


Valeria Makova


The Greatest! The marathon challenge “From intermediate to advanced” is a great way to improve your English! It is really helpful! It gets you (a little bit) out of your comfort zone and you start communicating with people who are total strangers to you but you have the same goal! When you participate in the challenge and don’t just watch lectures but get points, it really pushes you to do the best!



From Intermediate to Advanced

I did the course from Intermediate to Advanced and what can I say? It great and helpful, but the Website is uncomfortable. I should search HW after Videos and Video material. This Course Worth buying. I would say it is the best of all courses thay i find. Sorry for my mistakes, I have been learning English 4 mounts.

berre saylam


Experience about Intermediate to Advanced Course I like the intensity and the ability to learn in a short time period. I wish the optional part had been included in the newbie package. Thank you for the effort and preparation!

Margy González



I just finished the course and I can say that I improved my English knowledge. The part I liked the most was that about the advanced vocabulary and useful idioms to use everyday, the tips Marina shared with us to learn new vocabulary and to practice English outside classes. Truly I learned a lot of stuffs that I had never studied even at school or university, that was surprising for me.

Abdulaziz Mirzoev


Hi everyone who is reading this

Hi everyone who is reading this . I was participant of Marathon from Intermediate to Advanced . And here I wanna thank Marina and Venya for this breathtaking marathon . There were everything ( practice , grammar , vocabulary , motivation and so on ). And who is reading this I recommend that you pass this Marathon . Good luck everyone !



That was amazing experience! That was amazing experience! I've improved my grammar, vocabulary and writing, found opportunities to practice speaking, built a habit to learn English every day! Moreover, teachers and curators are very friendly and provide participants with all necessary information to get advanced level. I absolutely recommend marathon "From Intermediate to Advanced" to everyone who wants to make English your tool to achieve goals)

Stan Mykhalchuk

It turned out to be a fantastic and exciting journey for me. Both Venya and Marina, who happen to be the most positive and inspiring personalities you can imagine, have taught me a lot of new things. Not a single lesson was wasted - only top-notch material, explanations and tasks were given. The course itself is well-structured, and the homework is sometimes challenging (I recommend that you don't skip it, as it's vital to practice after each lesson). The truth is that you really have to burn the candle at both ends if you want to succeed in English. Feeling so over the moon to get my first certificate from LinguaTrip! Not planning to stop here, though. Thank you so much guys, you're totally killing it. See you around.

Iuliia Charkova

It's was an amazing experience. Guys grabbed my attention from the first lesson. Informative, knowledgeable and positive tutors. Very modern and innovative way to study English language.

Ksenia Ivanova

I enjoyed every single lesson! Just because I feel that teachers are very into that. I realized how much do I already know but teachers helped me to understand something more clearly. I got so much new information and not about theoretical part but also some tips how not to be timid about speaking. I guess that was exactly what I needed! Gotta take another course;)

Tom Medison

These courses gave a good start in developing communication skills using English. When passing through the materials, the results are immediately visible. Perhaps, this is the only school in my life, where I attended every lesson with such pleasure. Here my cherished dream was fulfilled - to speak English. All lessons were interesting with humor and without boring. I received excellent knowledge, for which I am very grateful to these courses.


Dear Marina and Venya, thank you so much for the course I have attended. I definitely enjoyed it. The structure of the course, the abundance of the necessary resources - everything was perfect. All the grammar material was clear and brief, as well as Venya's explanations. He is a great teacher indeed. I appreciate Marina's lection on how to learn new words, in fact, I already use her tips and my vocabulary is increasing. Besides I have made a list of awesome adjectives to replace the frequently used ones. Particularly I enjoy the words exceptionally, adamant, and flawless. Thank you for the exciting and intence month, I am sure it will help me to achieve my goals.


Why did you choose this course? The teachers are the best, the performance is amazing. I enjoyed the partner activities and the cultural topics classes. Excellent 👍 I finished the course on time and the improvement in gramatical is significant Really is all is good, maybe is better for people with exclusive dedication. I feel more confident, day to day, Thank you💫


I would like leave feedback now.

Lingua team, thank you so much for this marathon. I'm really enjoyed of participating this course. It was soooooo helpful for me 💫

I have been studying English for the last 10 years. But over the last month, I have get as much useful knowledge as I have not get during these 10 years. Even if I haven't remembered all grammar rules and words that were given in the course, but at least I have a clear understanding of what the difference between tenses is and why there are so many of them in English. In addition I understand why modal verbs were invented. Finally and most importantly, now I know what prepositions and how to use them.

I will miss you, and I will definitely return to the next course, where there will be more practice of speaking. Many many thanks! ❤️

Tricia Lim

I know the course through Mariana's YouTube channel. I love her passion in English and she is so amazing. She is lively, not boring, practical, and the tips that she has been sharing on YouTube are very helpful. I decided to get it a try because of her. I enjoy the practical content and everything relate to our daily life. The sense of achievement to complete the course and I hope not to disappoint my teachers. Anyway, it is such a good course. Logical and easy to follow! I am confident! English is an instrument to help us achieve our goal. It is a lifelong process. Do not discourage when you sometimes do not sure about the grammar. Native speakers made mistake too.

Ксения Михневич


"From Intermidiate to Advanced"

Thank you LinguaTrip for such an excellent course to improve my English. I gained a lot of useful knowledge, and I hade many opportunities to practise it with my teammate. Our course consisted of many ways of learning. For example, 15-20 minutes videos, tests, speaking club, individual and team tasks, listening and speaking work. All this helped me to boost my English level.

Upgrade all of your language skills in a big way!

Close all language gaps

You will clear up any doubts left behind from your school days, stop getting confused and making mistakes.

Speak naturally by using the correct grammar structures automatically

You will figure out complex grammar and finally start speaking and writing in English confidently.

Expanding your vocabulary

You will learn how to quickly memorize new words and master all the necessary vocabulary to speak at an Advanced level.

Boost your speaking skills

You will overcome the language barrier and start speaking easily as well as understanding spoken English better.

Join the challenge, get better at English, and win prizes from LinguaTrip

Individual consultation with Venya Pak

Pronunciation private lesson with native

Two intensives of your choice

60% discount on any marathon

Subscription to the Lingua Speaking Club PRO for 3 months

Teams ranked from 6 to 10 will get a $50 discount for any LinguaTrip course. Everyone who participated in our challenge and completed the course till the very end will receive one of our e-books.

Perfect For

  • Those who have been stuck at Intermediate for a while and want to step up their game

  • Those who are stuck at Intermediate and are having trouble breaking through the "plateau"

  • Those who are studying in schools and universities and want to have a better understanding of the real-world use of the language

  • Those who work at international companies and want to become fluent

Challenge-marathon— is a course with a ranking system where all participants are divided into pairs. Those who complete all tasks rise to the top, quickly improve their English, and win prizes! The course lasts 7 weeks, without breaks or delays.

The main feature of the course is a system of individual tasks and homework you do in pairs, which will help you speak without stress and turn English into a skill.

How It Works


We will divide all the students into groups of two depending on their age, interests, and level of English

Ranking system

The mentors will check and evaluate special assignments. The points from them are added to the team's overall score.

Gift from LinguaTrip

Every team will take part in a prize giveaway. The more points you score, the higher your team's rank and the better your chances are of winning prizes!

Competition and motivation

This friendly competition is sure to keep you motivated! Because you won’t want to let your team down, you'll work harder towards your chance at victory!

The purposes of this marathon are to gain new knowledge, improve your level, and overcome your language barrier. Yes, there is a challenge mode (only in the STANDARD and PRO packages), but prizes are just a bonus! Please remember that they shouldn't be the main motivation for participating in the course.

Meet your tutors!

Marina Mogilko

  • Co-founder of
  • Lives in California and runs three YouTube channels with 11+ million subscribers
  • Marina has passed language tests with high scores: 117 out of 120 on TOEFL and 700 out of 800 on the GMAT
  • She was accepted into 5 American universities for MBA and graduate programs

Venya Pak

  • A certified teacher (TESOL) living in Los Angeles, California

  • Lives and works in the USA

  • Author of his own language-learning methodology and four handbooks

  • Graduated from a music college in Los Angeles, writes music in English—he has an excellent ear and perfect pronunciation

  • Runs his own channel on Youtube where he's been teaching real English for six years .

Angela Pirozzi

  • Native speaker born in the USA

  • Has been teaching English as a foreign language since 2013

  • Graduated with a master's degree in teaching English as a foreign language from Universidad de Oviedo (Spain)

Each participant of the marathon will have the opportunity to take part in a personal challenge: to complete tasks, to improve progress, and to win an individual consultation with Venya Pak!

Progress Guaranteed

Motivation and growth

You will develop a habit of learning English every day without fail — ranking system and prizes will help you with that.

Testing system

Our testing system before and after the course will show your progress and growth.

Speaking practice

Live sessions, streams and chats with the curators and your speaking buddies will help you dive into the language environment.

Regular homework assignments

There are individual and team tasks. The team tasks influence the progress and ranking of the team as well as the chance to win prizes.

Course Features

40 Lessons and Live Streams

New lessons open every day, and videos are available anytime, anywhere. Additionally, there will be group live streams with Venya where you can ask all your questions. You can watch them live or recorded.

Lecture Notes and Quizzes

After the course, you will receive lecture notes. Quizzes and listening exercises with new vocabulary will help you remember the material better. It will be fun and efficient!

Ranking System

To rise to the top and win the grand prize, you have to complete all individual and team tasks in a timely manner. The tasks for the ranking system are entertaining and based on the most relevant topics, allowing you to quickly upgrade all your skills.



Available for STANDARD and PRO packages

Certificate and Discount

All the students who pass the test at the end of the course will receive a certificate that they can add to their CV or use for visa purposes. Also, they will get a discount of $30 for another intensive course of their choice.

Prize Lottery

The winner takes it all! Winners will be able to upgrade their English skills, reach the Advanced level, and get awesome prizes from LinguaTrip. Are you in?


Available for STANDARD and PRO packages

Live Chat

For those who want more, there will be a live chat on Telegram. There, you can find answers to your questions, receive advice and chat with other students.


Available for STANDARD and PRO packages

Course Schedule

  • Pre-learning module available immediately after purchase

  • Week #1

  • Week #2

  • Week #3

  • Week #4

  • Week #5

  • Week #6

  • Week #7

Week #1

July 26


July 26

Introductory broadcast

July 27

Day 1 | Present Simple & Present Continuous

You will stop confusing tenses to describe actions in the present and will learn to choose them on autopilot.

July 28

Day 2 | Subject + verb agreement

Learn to use the correct verb form according to the subject of the sentence.

July 29

Day 3 | Appearance + character vocab

You'll learn and practice new vocabulary for describing people.

July 31

Day 4 | Relative clauses

You'll learn how to distinguish between different types of relative clauses and when to use commas. You'll stop making common mistakes.

August 2

Day 5 | Countable + uncountable nouns

We will give you advice to distinguish uncountable and countable nouns. Or is it advices? The confusion will end!

Week #2

August 3

Day 6 | Prepositions

You will master the entire system of English prepositions with the help of difficult tasks and popular combinations that can confuse not only language learners but also native speakers.

August 4

Day 7 | Food & Cuisine

Learning food and cooking vocabulary will be a piece of cake! You will also learn about food culture in the USA.

August 5

Day 8 | Past Simple & Past Continuous

You will clear up any Past Tense doubts and start using it correctly.

August 7

Day 9 | How to overcome a language barrier

You will get yourself out of your comfort zone and overcome the language barrier.

August 9

Day 10 | Modal verbs

You will stop confusing modal verbs and learn to use the correct constructions quickly in writing and speaking.

Week #3

August 10

Day 11 | Health and lifestyle

You will stop being "out of shape" in your English skills after learning more vocabulary about healthy lifestyles.

August 11

Day 12 | Adverbs vs adjectives + So/such & Enough/too

You'll learn when to use adverbs and adjectives, and how to correctly use so/such and enough/too.

August 12

Day 13 | Comparatives + superlatives

At this point, learning English will be getting easier and easier for you. You’ll work on comparative and superlative degree adjectives and adverbs and stop making mistakes.

August 14

Day 14 | Stop saying very (adjectives)

Finally understanding the English language can be very exciting! Or how about exhilarating? You’ll be done saying “very” and you’ll start using interesting adjectives as alternatives.

August 16

Day 15 | Past Simple & Present Perfect & Past Perfect

You have been learning a lot of English rules by now so it’s time to properly understand all the nuances of the past and present in English.

Week #4

August 17

Day 16 | Pronunciation (top 10 mistakes)

No more “Sorry, can you please say that again?” You'll learn what to do and what not to do so that listeners understand you the first time

August 18

Day 17 | Conjunctions & Linking phrases

You'll learn how to use conjunctions correctly.

August 19

Day 18 | Education + work vocab

Usually there is a learning curve when learning a new subject at school or a new system at work. It's the same with learning English. You'll practice new vocabulary about education and work.

August 21

Day 19 | Used to / be used to/ get used to

You’ll get used to using these grammar structures to talk about your habits in English.

August 22

Middle stream

August 23

Day 20 | Will & Be going to & Present Cont for future

You'll stop getting confused about choosing the right tense or grammatical construction for describing the future. You'll implement this grammar in your everyday speaking automatically.

Week #5

August 24

Day 21 | All other future tenses

You will learn how to convey all the nuances of the future in English.

August 25

Day 22 | Passive voice

The passive voice is needed and you’ll learn when you should use it.

August 26

Day 23 | Cultural Checkpoint: What is American work culture like?

You’ll be up to speed (familiar with current information) on all things related to American work culture.

August 28

Day 24 | Money + business vocab

Time is money! Don't waste any more time trying to learn money and business-related vocabulary on your own. We have all you'll need to know in this lesson.

August 30

Day 25 | Passive voice revision + have/get something done

You'll practice the passive voice and learn how to construct have/get something done.

Week #6

August 31

Day 26 | Infinitive + gerund

You'll become best buds with gerunds and infinitives and polish your understanding of their uses.

September 1

Day 27 | Phrasal verbs

You will learn the most popular phrasal verbs that you must know at an advanced level.

September 2

Day 28 | Zero and First conditionals

If you keep practicing English daily, you will become more and more confident. Figure out how to structure and use zero and first conditional sentences.

September 4

Day 29 | Second and Third conditionals

If you could speak English at an advanced level, how would that make you feel? Learn when and how to use second and third conditional sentences.

September 6

Day 30 | How to create a self-study plan

Studying is not over after these 5 weeks. You’ll create a study plan to continue studying English on your own. Remember: use it or lose it!

Week #7

September 7

Day 31 | Mixed conditionals

You’ll stop mixing up how to use mixed conditionals. Learn how to construct and use these types of sentences correctly.

September 8

Day 32 | Relationships vocab

As you get more and more confident with your English, it’ll be easier for you to develop relationships with English speakers! Learn and practice new vocabulary about relationships.

September 9

Day 33 | I wish/I’d rather

You will learn how to distinguish between the constructions I wish/I’d rather to express your desires and regrets.

September 11

Day 34 | Cultural Checkpoint: USA Road Trip!

Did you know that there are 5 main regions in the US? Take a road trip across the USA and learn more about geography, popular destinations and landmarks.

September 13

Day 35 | Outro + final broadcast

Time flies! Let’s wrap things up and watch the final live stream.

Packages & Fees

  • Reserve your spot

    in the marathon

  • marathon +

    Lingua Speaking Club Pro


  • 3 months access to classes

  • Pre-learning module with lessons to prepare for the marathon

  • Level test before and after the course

  • 40 pre-recorded lessons

  • Homework after each lesson

  • 2-month access to monthly general broadcasts

  • The option of freezing access for up to 2 weeks





  • Everything in BASIC


  • Homework checked by mentors

  • Access to a group chat with mentors for questions

  • Lecture notes

  • Challenge and lottery with amazing prizes from LinguaTrip

  • Additional homework with your buddy






  • Everything in STANDARD


  • 4 group Zoom calls for speaking practice





Reserve your spot

Start date

July 26




starts at $89

Reserve your spot for the online marathon "From Intermediate to Advanced "

How to participate:

  1. 1Reserve your spot
  2. 2Make the payment
  3. 3Get access to the lectures via email


  • I see that the lessons are pre-recorded. How does that work?
  • When are the live streams and how do I access them?
  • Where do I find pre-recorded lessons?
  • And what about homework?
  • It says that there are lecture summaries. Can I download them straight away after each lesson?
  • How can I freeze access to the course?
  • I want $30 discount for an intensive course from How can I get it?
  • I want a refund. Is that possible?
  • I want to win prizes! What do I need to do?

If you have any questions, email us at

We reply from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m Moscow time only on weekdays

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