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English for work abroad in 2023

Boost your business English and learn about job interviews and working in Europe and the U.S.

Start date

November 2


2 weeks


starts at $ 47

In this marathon, you'll learn everything you need to know about working for an international company in English. You'll also learn how to write a résumé, communicate with colleagues, conduct business correspondence, hold meetings, and defend projects. Accompanying all of this is a generous collection of up-to-date business vocabulary for you

Areas in which you’ll gain proficiency during the marathon:

How to look for the job of your dreams abroad

You'll learn about the most effective career resources, fill out your LinkedIn profile, and learn how to manage your responses

How to create a CV and cover letter

You’ll prepare your CV and cover letter according to recommendations from Amazon HR

How to successfully pass an interview in English

You will master the art of communicating with foreign recruiters and pass a job interview in English

How to communicate effectively in business

You'll gain an understanding of corporate culture and expand your business vocabulary

How to pitch in English

Discover how to present yourself and your projects in a way that works in foreign markets

This course is for you if

  • you are preparing for relocation and want to get an offer in an English-speaking country

  • you want to work with abroad and earn your salary in a stable currency

  • you need to improve your English to feel confident at work and in meetings with colleagues

  • you want a promotion or want to change your professional direction

To get the most out of the marathon, we recommend that you enroll if your current level of English is Intermediate or higher


Valeria Pop

  • Senior Tech Recruiter at Amazon
  • Over 14 years of recruiting and HR experience
  • Was recruiting employees for KPMG, British American Tobacco, Faurecia, Amazon, and for Silicon Valley IT startups
  • Lived and worked in Uzbekistan, Russia, France, the USA, and Germany

Olga Ivanova

  • Career consultant specializing in preparation for interviews in the EU and US markets in such fields as marketing, sales, and finances
  • Lived and worked in the USA for 9 years
  • Member of Beta Alpha Psi (USA) alumni community for business and finance

Marina Mogilko

  • Co-founder of LinguaTrip, which went through 500 Startups Accelerator
  • Raised investment in Silicon Valley
  • 10 million followers on social networks
  • Leads a multicultural team of over 100 people
  • Is an entrepreneur and lives in the USA

Anastasia Ivbule

Professional linguist and polyglot

  • Graduated from Boston University with a degree in linguistics
  • For over 10 years she has been teaching English and preparing students for exams
  • Passed TOEFL with 119 out of 120 and IELTS with 9 out of 9
  • Speaks five languages and is also learning two more

Venya Pak

Guru of pronunciation and spoken English

  • Certified teacher from Los Angeles (TESOL)—author of his own language methodology and four textbooks
  • Created his own pronunciation technique so that native speakers can understand you the first time you say something
  • Lives and works in the USA

Plus, you'll get more in the Master and Pro packages:

Guides for documents and presentations

You’ll get instructions and templates for making your CV, cover letters, and project presentations

Footnote text

Access to a community of like-minded people

You'll meet other participants of the marathon and improve your business skills in a professional environment

Footnote text

Livestreams with experts

You'll get firsthand experience and answers to your questions from experienced professionals working in the US and European markets

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Checking of your CV, cover letter, and other documents by native speakers

The number of symbols to be checked depends on the package

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Analysis of your CV by our experts

They'll improve its structure, correct any mistakes in English, and provide you with valuable advice on how to present your skills and experience in the most advantageous way possible

In the PRO package

Mock interview with a career expert

Our expert will learn about your career goals and prepare a list of questions. They’ll then conduct a mock interview with you in English and give you advice accordingly

In the PRO package

Personal sessions with a career consultant

The perfect opportunity to write a good résumé, prepare for a job interview, and find out tips on how to get a job abroad

Your CV analysis

We'll improve the structure of your CV, evaluate your experience for its relevance to the job, and help you present yourself in an appealing way

In the PRO package

Interview preparation

You'll discover how to give the right answers to those tricky questions job recruiters ask, and be able to pass your job interview.

In the PRO package

Marathon Program

  • 12 lessons

Lesson 1

Let's expand your networking correctly

You’ll pick up useful business phrases / You’ll learn to create an “elevator pitch” / You’ll improve your self-presentation skills / You’ll learn to reach out on LinkedIn

Lesson 2

Writing the perfect CV for foreign companies

You'll find out about the structure and power-phrases that will help you pass the screening by HR and get invited to an interview / You will also discover how to fill in the following sections: experience, education, achievements, hobbies, and contacts

Lesson 3

Writing a cover letter

You'll learn the proper structure and size of a cover letter / You’ll find out how to start it with a professional greeting / You’ll master the art of storytelling so that you attract the attention of an employer from the first sentence / You will get advice on how to prepare a letter that would be acceptable to a specific employer

Lesson 4

Creating a profile on LinkedIn

We'll take it step by step and see how to work with this network using the example of Valeria's own profile / You'll learn how to effectively find jobs through LinkedIn / You’ll find out how to set up your profile so that recruiters contact you first / You'll be shown how to promote your personal brand

Lesson 5

Preparing for an interview

You'll get a checklist for getting your dream job / You’ll learn what types of questions usually come up during interviews, and why behavioral questions are so important / You will learn how to speak confidently and coherently / You will be able to answer the most common HR questions

Lesson 6

Writing formal letters

We’ll reveal to you the seven essential elements of business letter-writing / You’ll also learn the rules for proper tone

Lesson 7

Mastering business communications in the U.S

You'll discover what ghosting is and how to react to it / You’ll find out when to end small talk / We’ll discuss the importance of inclusivity and tolerance / You’ll acquire the skill of how to read praise and criticism / You'll find out how to schedule and hold video calls / We’ll outline to you what topics are appropriate for discussion with colleagues at international companies

Lesson 8

Presentation of your projects and reports

We'll tell you about the right structure for a business presentation / You’ll learn how to deliver your message and not bore your audience

Lesson 9

Unpacking business abbreviations

You will understand your coworkers and sound like a professional / You’ll be able to write effective messages that save your company time

Lesson 10

Expanding your vocabulary: finance and sales

You’ll learn the vocabulary needed to discuss assets, liabilities, cash flows, financial results, and much more

Lesson 11

Expanding your vocabulary: marketing and advertising

You’ll master the vocabulary to discuss market characteristics, consumers, marketing tools, metrics for channel effectiveness and campaign performance, and much more

Lesson 12

Let’s talk like a wolf on Wall Street

A long shot, to touch base, on the ball, and lots of other up-to-date idioms to conquer corporate America

Packages and Fees


  • 2-month access to classes

  • 12 recorded lectures

  • Assignments after each class

  • Certificate of completion and discount for other LinguaTrip courses

First payment

47 $



  • 2-month access to classes

  • 12 recorded lectures

  • Assignments after each class

  • Certificate of completion and discount for other LinguaTrip courses


  • Templates for essential documents

  • Checking your English in every assignment and feedback from mentors

  • Access to a group chat on Telegram for networking and questions

First payment

67 $




  • 2-month access to classes

  • 12 recorded lectures

  • Assignments after each class

  • Certificate of completion and discount for other LinguaTrip courses


  • Templates for essential documents

  • Checking your English in every assignment and feedback from mentors

  • Access to a group chat on Telegram for networking and questions

  • Individual analysis of your CV by our expert

  • Personal session with career consultant to prepare for the interview

  • A mock interview with personal advice on preparing for the interview.

First payment

101 $



Enroll now

Start date

November 2


2 weeks

First payment

starts at $47

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