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Intensive Course with Anastasia Eustace

Learn a British English Accent Online

Boost your pronunciation in two weeks

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from 32.70$

At school, they usually teach us British English. However, when we listen to English musicians or watch amazing Irish TV shows, we barely understand our favourites, like Kit Harington and Benedict Cumberbatch. It seems that they taught us a different type of English at school. That’s why we created this course on British pronunciation that will teach you to speak with perfect intonation, clearly articulate sounds, and how to understand a complex British accent. If you want to sound like a true Briton, this is the course for you.

What You Will Get From The Intensive

Articulation and intonation

You will learn to pronounce English sounds clearly and correctly and choose the right intonation.

Confident communication

You will gain confidence in spoken English, minimize your accent and get as close as possible to sounding like British native speakers.

Phonemic chart

We’ll explain to you what it is, how to use it and understand transcriptions of its symbols. It will help you to read and pronounce new words correctly.

Attention to detail

There are some English words that have different meanings but sound the same. With this course, you will learn to pronounce them correctly and avoid any serious semantic errors.

Our Tutor

• Professional Linguist and Tutor

She is a certified specialist in Linguistics and Teaching Methodology. At the moment, she is studying for her Master’s Degree in Cognitive Science at the University College London.

• Certified Teacher

She passed international exams such as TKT, CELTA, DELTA, CPE, and IELTS (8.5 points).

• Teaching Experience

Anastasia lives and works in the UK and perfectly understands the local lifestyle and culture. She’s been teaching English in language schools for over 6 years.

• Polyglot

She speaks fluently in Russian, English, and Spanish., and knows German, French and Hebrew at a decent level.

Video preview

About the course

"This course is suitable for both beginner and advanced English students. The former will be able to minimize their own accent and develop a beautiful British accent from the beginning and the latter will be able to dive more deeply into the technical details. Advanced learners will be better able to understand phonetically complex words and long sentences with tricky intonation. Do not be overly concerned the course might be too challenging for you; I’ve prepared lessons for all levels. If you feel that you are not ready to explore the phonetic chart yet, the other lessons in the course will give you a complete overview of the topic anyway."

Who Should Take This Course

  • Those who want to acquire a cool, British accent

  • Those who want to start speaking with confidence

  • Those who live, work or study in the UK and want to sound like native British speakers

  • Those who want to understand a complex British accent

How The Course Is Arranged

15 Pre-recorded Lessons

One day — one lesson. You can access recordings anytime from anywhere.


3-month access

Additional Memos

We’ll provide you with memos to help you better memorize the material.


*Available for Master and Guru packages.


There will be homework from Anastasia after each lesson. It will help you to develop a cool, British accent.

Certificate and Discount

All students will receive a certificate of course attendance and $30 off any other course at

Live Chat

There will be a chat on Telegram for those who need extra advice. You can ask your questions and chat with Anastasia there.

The American Pronunciation Set

Those who book the Master++ package get access to two amazing courses on American Pronunciation: “Learn to Speak English Like an American” and “Boost Your English Listening Skills”.


  • First Week

  • Second Week

Lesson 1 | Nice to meet you

We’ll explain why pronunciation matters.

Lesson 2 | Aspiration and glottalisation

Let’s figure out voiced and mute sounds.

Lesson 3 | V vs W

Learn to pronounce these sounds correctly.

Lesson 4 | Sound and mute TH

Sort out the sounding of «in the», «at the», «on the».

Lesson 5 | Light or dark

Learn to pronounce sound L.

Lesson 6 | Intrusive R

The idea [r] of, I saw [r] it.

Lesson 7 | H, N vs NG

Learn to pronounce these sounds correctly.

Lesson 8 | Vowels a-a: and i-i: which ones are long and which are short?

Articulation and minimal pairs.

Lesson 9 | Vowels o-o: and u-u: which ones are long and which are short?

Learn why court and caught sound similar.

Lesson 10 | Earth sound

What is this about?

Lesson 11 | æ vs e, shwa

Discover these sounds.

Lesson 12 | Sound like a native speaker

Tips on rhythm and logical accents in sentences.

Lesson 13 | British intonation

Affirmative sentences. What the listener feels when you intonate correctly.

Lesson 14 | A bit more about Intonation

What’s so special about intonating questions.

BONUS Lesson 15 | British vocabulary

Differences in pronunciation.

Packages & Fees

Hurry up before the prices increase!


  • 15 pre-recorded lessons

  • Homework after every lesson

  • Discount for another intensive course

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Access to your personal account for three months


10932.70 $



  • 15 pre-recorded lessons

  • Homework after every lesson

  • Discount for another intensive course

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Access to your personal account for three months


  • Additional memos

  • Access to a private chat on Telegram where you can chat with fellow students and ask curators your questions (есть в master и master pro)


12938.71 $




  • 15 pre-recorded lessons

  • Homework after every lesson

  • Discount for another intensive course

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Access to your personal account for three months



19959.70 $





If you have any questions, email us at

We reply from 10 to 19 Moscow time on weekdays.

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2 weeks


From 32.70$

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