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English vocabulary marathon with Lucy and Linguamarina

Boost Your Vocabulary

Learn over 100 words and phrases in 2 weeks

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Any day


2 weeks


starts at $20.71

There is a number of words you should first learn to understand the locals. Whether you are keeping up with the news of your favourite Netflix show or enjoying a video of a famous Youtube-blogger, you run across words you couldn’t find in any dictionary.

It is real-life language use, and we introduce a course which will give you a chance to master both British and American English words and phrases.

What you’ll get by participating in our course

  • Feel more at ease in informal communication

  • Spice your vocabulary up and sound like an advanced native speaker

  • Get structure and recommendations that will allow you to make all the words your active vocabulary

  • Get to know the vibrant culture of England and the USA better


Marina Mogilko

  • Marina has passed multiple language tests with high scores: 117 out of 120 on TOEFL and 700 out of 800 on the GMAT
  • She was consequently accepted into MBA programs at five American universities
  • Marina now lives in Silicon Valley where she runs, as well as three YouTube channels with 7+ million subscribers
  • Leads a multicultural team of over 100 people

Lucy Bella Simkins

  • Lucy has taught English for over 7 years, with a speciality in British English grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary
  • She has over 10 million followers across YouTube and Facebook
  • She now lives in The Cotswolds, UK, and runs with her husband Will

The marathon is for you if

  • You want to impress friends and colleagues with a deep knowledge of English culture

  • You want to understand the speech in conversation, TV shows and movies

  • You want to have a better understanding of the real language

  • You want to sound like a native speaker

To get the most out of the marathon, we recommend that you enroll if your current level of English is Pre-Intermediate or higher.

Course includes

14 pre-recorded classes

You can watch the class anywhere and at any time within 2-months access. The only thing you need is access to the Internet.

Tests after each class

The tests consolidate the newly acquired knowledge and introduce you to different use cases of word.


You will have a clear studying reccomendations, which will support you in step-by-step learning of your new vocabulary.

Final test

The final test will allow you to evaluate the knowledge gained and see the gaps that need to be clarified.



2 weeks


One class every day


Each class includes 4 words from Lucy and 4 words from Marina with a test-based practice and writing tasks

Final test

The final test to evaluate the knowledge gained

Packages and fees

Hurry! Prices are about to go up!

Boost Your Vocabulary

  • 14 pre-recorded classes

  • Practice-based tests

  • Assignments after each class

  • Two-month access to the course

  • Certificate of completion


6920.71 $

Places left



Daniela Finozzi

Hi guys! I wanted to thank you all for your fantastic help during this marathon, especially @daria_tsynda and the good old shared quizlet set that accompanied me these last days. Hadn’t I used those cards, I wouldn’t have been able to get back on track so brilliantly after being that late because of work.

I’m a BE lover and one of Lucy’s former students; when I read about this joint course I was ticked by the chance to get a bit more into American culture through their spoken language explanation. It was great! My heart stays still on this side of the pond, but I hope I’ll have chance to master both languages like a native one day. Wish you all the very best of everything and hope our paths as language learners will cross again soon! 🤗


Thanks for the remarkable course!

I had a chance to learn in a different way than I am used to doing. Even though I am not used to speaking in English I bloody love studying. The course was a real challenge and I need to practice more and more. Thank you for giving me a spectacular 14 days of English.

Alejandro Salinas Meza

Lovely marathon!!

I really enjoyed the marathon!!! Each lesson was amazing and I love to have a questionnaire to answer after each lesson. I find it very inspiring that an English learner also teaches English, is a true role model and the platform is very easy to use.

Lily Wright

This is what you need!

I really like Marina and Lucy. They are amazing, both. It was an excellent experience to boost slang vocabulary. ❤️


My experience was really very nice and above all a lot of learning, since, honestly, it was my first time that I did a small online English course, so I learned many new words that will help me throughout my learning. I look forward to enrolling in one of your courses again.


I can't even was really awesome! Each day was helpful, informative and interesting. Best team! Best challenge! Best way to learn a language! Btw, we had a chat with all who enrolled in the course. And this one inspired me to keep going and learn the language deeper))) I really recommend this challenge to everyone!


  • I see that the classes are pre-recorded. How does that work?
  • Where do I find recorded classes?
  • And what about homework?
  • Which English level do I need for this course?
  • How long do the classes last?
  • I want a refund. Is it possible?

If you have any questions, email us at

We reply within 24 hours on business days.

Enroll now

Start date

Any day


2 weeks


starts at $20.71

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