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Intensive with Anastasia Ivbule

A2 Basic Grammar and Vocabulary

From A2 to B2

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Any day


2 weeks


From 26.70$

Course liquidation! Last chance to buy an intensive at a 70% discount!

About Anastasia

• She Passed International Language Exams with Exemplary High Scores

Anastasia’s teaching is based on practice. She passed TOEFL with a score of 119 out of 120 and IELTS with a perfect score of 9 out of 9. She’s been teaching English and preparing students for exams for over 5 years now.

• She Graduated from an American University

She studied linguistics at Boston University in the USA.

• She Speaks Five Languages

Anastasia knows Russian, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. She is also learning Hebrew.

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Anastasia Ivbule

What Will You Get?

Working Smarter, not Harder

Save time and effort as you learn by structuring and using the knowledge you already know in very practical ways.

Valuable Vocabulary for Communication

After the course, you’ll be able to speak confidently with native speakers on basic (and even some intermediate) topics, such as food and global warming.

The Secrets of Indirect Speech

Learn how to tell stories in English like a PRO. Go beyond normal, boring conversations and learn what it takes to truly connect with others.

Tricks and Lifehacks to Speed Your Learning

Learn to acquire and memorize new words quickly, using practical “learning hacks” that make it easy to remember them.

Bonus Material

Learn a wide assortment of vital vocabulary for anyone who’s looking for work.

All About Basic Grammar

Learn how to correct your mistakes and apply your new skills with confidence, for great results.

This Course is Ideal For:

  • People who already know the basic topics and want to move onto new levels of proficiency.

  • Anyone who feels confused as to the basics of English grammar.

  • Those of you who’re already learning English, but are either feeling stuck in your progress, or lacking the necessary confidence to speak comfortably.

  • All of you who want to speak English clearly and with great pronunciation, but fear that you aren’t ready to do so yet.

How We Deliver the Course:

14 Recorded Classes

You can watch the records wherever and whenever you want. The only thing you need is an Internet connection.

One Live Stream Every Month

You can watch them live or in the record. You will get access to all live streams for three months. Including the new ones which will take place after your intensive course has already finished.

Practice Tests and Tasks

You will get homework from Anastasia after each lesson. There’s also practice tests, giving you more opportunities to practice, and original vocabulary exercises.


Access to your personal account, with all tasks, will be valid for three months.

Certificate and Discount

All participants of the intensive course will receive a certificate of participation. It entitles them to discount $30 off any other intensive course.

Last chance

You can buy this course till the end of the liquidation. Access to the course is valid for three months from the date of payment.

Amazing discount

For only five days, you can buy this course at a 70% discount. There won't be another chance like this!

Course contents:

  • Lesson 1

    Discussing our hobbies.

  • Lesson 2

    Learning how to learn? Vocabulary, tips and useful resources.

  • Lesson 3

    Zero conditional and First conditional sentences. Figuring out our desires and learn to make conditions.

  • Lesson 4

    Speaking about the future with when / as soon as / unless.

  • Lesson 5

    Conditional sentences: the comeback. Dreams about future VS regrets about past.

  • Lesson 6

    Vocabulary for traveling and something else.

  • Lesson 7

    Passive voice: what is it and how to use it?

  • Lesson 8

    Learn to chat about food like native speakers. (And ensure that waiters will understand us).

  • Lesson 9

    Indirect speech. Learning to tell stories so that everyone listens and nobody interrupts.

  • Lesson 10

    Adjectives with -ing и -ed. Discussing the differences and saving time for memorizing them.

  • Lesson 11

    What’s the FOMO? Speak about social media and in social media.

  • Lesson 12

    Learning to look for (and find) a job in English. Useful vocabulary from real-life cases and not outdated English textbooks.

  • Lesson 13

    Used to/ get used to/ be used to — what’s the difference?

  • Lesson 14

    Global warming. It’s an important topic anyway. Perfect for ice-breaking.

How much it costs?

Discount $10!


  • 14 recorded lessons

  • Access to new live streams for three months

  • Discount for online intensives

  • Certificate of participation

  • 3-month access to personal account with homework.


8926.70 $



  • 14 recorded lessons

  • Access to new live streams for three months

  • Discount for online intensives

  • Certificate of participation

  • 3-month access to personal account with homework.


  • Additional textbook with clear grammar rules and useful exercises


10932.70 $




Leonid and Irina

My wife, Irina, and I started to learn English with Anastasia from Elementary level. After a few months of studies, we had significant progress. We’ve tried a few chain language schools, but everything felt wrong. Anastasia presents the material in a great way: easy, clear, and comprehensive. The programme was great as well, all topics were arranged logically. We are very happy with our course and grateful to Anastasia for her work. Tutoring is not easy, so we say a huge thanks to her!


Anastasia is a true professional. She perfectly knows her subject, clearly explains everything and provides the examples on the spot. Classes are interesting and useful. During the lesson, we take notes and write down new words. All materials are provided in digital format, so you don’t need to buy anything. Homework is solid and provides the opportunity to fully recap the lessons. I’ve learned about many new applications for learning the language. With pleasure, I will keep learning to reach my goal and pass the exam.


I’ve wanted to learn spoken English for a while, but have not met the person who could cover all the gaps in my school lessons of English and help me to move further in my studies. I saw Anastasia’s intensive course, “English for Beginners”, and decided to give it a go. And, I’m pleased with the results! Anastasia clearly explains the material, gives quite a lot of homework, which is not boring, and checks and corrects everyone.

Oleg Dolgaev

I studied in the intensive course, “English for Beginners”, with Anastasia Ivbyle, which lasted for four weeks, from 18 to 11 July 2018. It helped me to recap and improve my English knowledge. For the first time, I’ve been studying online and I have only positive thoughts about it. I had the lessons twice a week, which I believe is very convenient when you have many daily work meetings and almost no spare time. Another important feature is that you receive the personal emails with all recordings, so you can access them at any time of day or night, and watch the lessons in full, online. And, the access to these recordings is not limited in time! The lessons, themselves, were supposed to last for an hour, but everything was so interesting that we did not fit this timeframe, and spent much more time on them) For all these I’m grateful to the amazing tutor of this intensive course, Anastasia. Each class was filled with grammar, but everything was presented so clearly and simply that we did not feel tired or exhausted. All presentations were visually balanced with text and images, so it helped to better comprehend all covered topics. There were many examples and grammar tasks in each class. The participants of the intensive course send their responses directly into the chat of the course, and Anastasia reads and corrects all of them

Varvara Bisler

I crazily liked the intensive course with Anastasia! Everything was explained in detail. Homework was not boring, and it was fun to work on it. It’s a pity that the course finished so quickly, but I’ve learned a LOT of new things for myself. Now I’m the best English student in my class ;) And my marks improved a lot :) Huge thanks to Anastasia!



If you have any questions, email us at

We reply from 10 to 19 Moscow time on weekdays.

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