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  • Online education·
  • Course for C1-C2

Online course with Anastasia Ivbule

From Advanced to Proficiency

Black belt in English: get closer to the level of native speakers in two months


July 8

Number of lessons



From $89

This marathon is an opportunity to get to the highest level of English. At Proficiency, you will be able to carry out international negotiations, engage in scientific activities, and freely understand and communicate with native speakers.

What you’ll get from this marathon

Communication on any topic

There will be no more complicated topics of conversation — after the marathon, you will be able to discuss politics, business, and science with foreigners. What’s more, you’ll be able to keep up a conversation on any life topic.

Eloquent speech at the level of native speakers

At the C2 level, it is all about context and culture. You will figure out how to make your vocabulary richer, and more accurately express your thoughts using compound words and metaphors. You will be able to speak as well as Harvard graduates.

Complicated nuances of advanced grammar

You will learn to build powerful and complex expressions, sophisticated phrases, and let your English shine using complex linguistic constructions in business or scientific activities.

Written English on autopilot

You will begin to correspond in writing with confidence and according to the rules of English. You won’t need to depend on dictionaries or textbooks to double-check yourself.

High-level knowledge

Not only will you be able to watch online courses, but also study in an English-language doctoral program, communicate in a professional environment, and achieve high results on international exams.

Language fluency

You will bridge language gaps, be able to use different styles of speech, convey subtle shades of meaning, and think and communicate in English in all areas: from personal to professional.

About Anastasia

• A tutor with a wide range of practical experience

• Passed TOEFL with 119 out of 120 and IELTS with 9 out of 9

* Has been teaching and preparing students for exams for over ten years

* Graduated from Boston University with a degree in Linguistics

• Speaks five languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, and Italian. She is also learning Hebrew and Turkish.

Video preview

We recommend taking this course after the «From Intermediate To Advanced» challenge marathon in order to build upon what you’ve learned.

Perfect for

  • Those who want to make a powerful leap and move on to a fluent level of language proficiency.

  • Those who work for foreign companies and want to communicate with foreign colleagues.

  • Those who want to be confident in their English for exams or studies.

  • Those who want to stop experiencing difficulties and start living, speaking and thinking in English.

Course Features

25 Recorded Lessons and Streams with the Teacher

Lessons open every day. The recordings are available anytime and from anywhere. You'll also get a two-month access to private streams of all our marathons. You can watch them live or recorded.


Access — three months from the start date.


After each lesson, you get homework from Anastasia in different formats. There will be tests and exercises in PDF-files. They will help you consolidate the material you have studied.


In addition to lessons and assignments, extra memos will appear on the platform for the most important topics, so that you can go back and repeat what you have studied.

Certificate and Discount

All participants of the intensive course will receive a certificate of participation that you can add to your resume and use while applying for a student visa.

Also, you’ll get a $30 discount on any course from LinguaTrip.

Live Chat

For those who need advice, there will be a group on Telegram. Use the chat group to ask questions and interact with your teacher and classmates.


Available for STANDARD and PRO packages.

Personal Advice from Anastasia Ivbule

A private lesson with the teacher of this course. In this lesson, you can get answers to all your questions about the English language.


Available for the PRO package.

Course program

  • Weeks 1-2

  • Weeks 3-4

  • Weeks 5-6

  • Week 7

July 8

1. | Starting with the basics. Mistakes that 90% of students make in their essays.

How to write a perfect essay. You will stop making mistakes that 90% of students make in their writing.

July 9

Broadcast with Anastasia Ivbule

July 10

2. | Advanced articles

You will be able to easily choose the right article, even in controversial and obscure situations.

July 12

3. | Idioms and metaphors

You will start using idioms and metaphors that will help you express your intentions and thoughts more accurately.

July 14

4. | How to use inversion

You will stop making mistakes in sentences with inversion and will learn to make them more emotional.

July 16

5. | Vocabulary: Education in the USA

You will be able to communicate comfortably with native speakers while studying in English.

July 18

6. | Vocabulary: The workweek

You will start communicating with native speakers freely on any work topic.

July 20

7. | Mistakes of professionals

You will stop making annoying mistakes that often happen at the Proficiency level.

July 22

8. | Phrasal verbs

You will be able to easily use phrasal verbs to conduct formal correspondence and negotiations.

July 24

9. | Vocabulary: Shopping at the highest level

You will begin to accurately describe styles and trends in clothes and shoes, as well as learn all the necessary vocabulary for shopping.

July 26

10. | Complicated grammar: Cleft sentences

You will understand how cleft sentences work and will be able to better place accents in your speech.

July 28

11. | Synonyms game 1.0

You will be able to make your speech more varied and richer and increase your active vocabulary.

July 30

12. | Set phrases

You will start using set expressions that will make your speech more elaborate.

July 30

Broadcast with Anastasia Ivbule

August 1

13. | Vocabulary: Politics & Law

You will be able to use advanced vocabulary to talk about politics and law.

August 3

14. | How to sound natural in any conversation

You will start talking like a native speaker and feel much more confident in conversation.

August 5

15. | Synonyms game 2.0

You will expand your active vocabulary with new words and will be able to express your thoughts even more accurately.

August 7

16 | Vocabulary: work for Google

You will be able to communicate freely with colleagues at work.

August 9

17. | How to become a writer

You will be able to easily write a story or narrative in English.

August 11

18. | Vocabulary: marketing and advertising

You will master the necessary vocabulary for communication in the field of marketing and advertising.

August 13

19. | Mission Impossible — inversion in conditional sentences

You will be able to easily and emotionally express your thoughts using inversion in conditional sentences.

August 15

20. | Synonyms game 3.0

You will stop repeating yourself and start expressing your thoughts more accurately.

August 17

21. | Vocabulary: science and technology

You will learn all the necessary vocabulary to communicate freely in the field of science and technology.

August 19

22. | Vocabulary: sports

You will be able to easily discuss sports and competition topics.

August 21

23. | Vocabulary: economy and business

You will begin to speak freely and discuss topics of economy and business.

August 23

24. | Structures with HAVE and GET.

You can freely use causative constructions with have and get.

August 25

25. | Vocabulary: healthcare

You will be able to easily make an appointment with a doctor, talk about what’s wrong and understand the doctor’s recommendations.

August 26

Final broadcast with Anastasia Ivbule


no name

Dear LinguaTrip team! Thank you for the great trip we had. That was my first marathon in English and now I'm excited to continue. Now I know what I want, what the course is next as well as staying more confident in my goals and plans. Also I'd like to thank you for the comfortable format, that was really convenient to learn. This marathon was a great start of the new journey. Now I know I can do more ) Thanks to all of you. P.S.: as to the new skills, my listening has improved as well as working with texts, so many idioms and new words are learned)

no name

The course was very intellectual, a lot of things were explained and analyzed in an interactive way, which made it easier to comprehend and interpret.

Kirill Popkov

The course is amazing. I am really excited and I feel that my English skills have improved. If you wanna boost your English skills to the native’s level, you should definitely buy this course. But there is still something that I don’t really like - there is a lot of information that you have to remember. In general I get a bang out of this course. It’s dope👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥

Olesya Mirzoeva

This course is my first purchase from the platform LinguaTrip. I am absolutely content with it. I acknowledge that sometimes some grammar structures are neglected; however, due to this course I have a deep insight when and how to use them in conversations. Now, I feel that it’s not rocket science. Also, the program allows you to build up massive vocabulary on specific topics and be more confident. I was thrilled that I could constantly get feedback from Anastasia with clear clarification of my mistakes that helped to stay on the right track, and worked on weaknesses. Doing homework made this course rather beneficial, as I could practice a lot and absorb new material. So, if you are a bold and enthusiastic person, this course will definitely lay the foundation for your unrivalled opportunities.

no name

Love Anastasia! I am stunned with her ability to convey all the knowledge that she has acquired throughout years of learning English to us. Also, very grateful to the LinguaTrip Team for just the way you are. I don't know whether I would be honoured enough having Marina read this, but she is amazing as well. Quite frankly, LinguaTrip is the only platform that I have been using for courses. It is interesting how ideas could slightly, but still change the world. Maybe not the whole one, but at least somebody's inner. Thank you for always being there, I shall repeat it again: LinguaTrip is the (!!) best educational platform for English on the Internet. Had it not been the idea once, I do not know how far I would have been now.

And would it be terribly unconstitutional of me to say how happy I am to be part of it?

Love ya

no name

The course was super useful and interesting. Especially some lessons related to business, because it's very important to understand the basics of how it all works nowadays. I would say I've never seen really good courses for high level language learning, so it's definitely a jackpot! Not only do articles and videos added to the lessons help you to exercise your proficiency, but they also give you valuable insights. Overall, the course helps you to dive into proficiency and gives you so much up-to-date vocabulary, shows the deepest aspects of grammar and teaches life English. Thank you so much!

no name

Firstly, I want to express my appreciation for the well-structured curriculum. The course content was comprehensive and covered a wide range of topics, providing me with a solid foundation in various aspects of the English language.

I found the interactive nature of the lessons to be particularly beneficial. The use of engaging activities and discussions not only made the learning process enjoyable but also enhanced my practical language skills. The incorporation of real-life scenarios and examples was especially helpful in understanding how to apply the language in different contexts

I also appreciated the flexibility of the course, allowing me to pace my learning according to my schedule. The additional resources provided, such as supplementary readings and practice exercises, were valuable in reinforcing the lessons.


Oh I liked the course so much! Very structured, bright and interesting 🧐 Anastasia is an amazing teacher! Thank you a lot👏🏻

I’m an English teacher and I always want to improve my language skills. Taking you course, I expanded my vocabulary and also boosted my C1-C2 grammar skills

Hence I can share my knowledge with my students and also increase price for my lessons 😌

Packages & Fees

  • Reserve your spot

    in the marathon

  • Add the membership to

    Lingua Speaking Club Pro


  • 3-month access to classes

  • 25 recorded lessons

  • Homework for each lesson

  • Three-month access to general streams

  • Discount for online intensives

  • Certificate





  • Everything in BASIC

  • Lecture notes

  • Homework checked by mentors

  • Group chat with Anastasia






  • Everything in STANDARD

  • Personal consultation with Anastasia







If you have any questions, email us at

We reply from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m Moscow time only on weekdays

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July 8




from 89$

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