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    All the benefits of a US or UK language school are now available online

    LinguaSchool trial week

    Best way to learn English!


    Any day

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    at: 30 $

    The easiest and fastest way to learn a language is to study it where it is spoken!

    But, what if you don't have the opportunity to study abroad right now?

    Welcome to LinguaSchool!

    We've created a new format for language learning that immerses you completely—it's as if you're studying English at an American or British language school.

    • Lessons with native speakers and mentors

    • Knowledge base of English language

    • International community of like-minded people

    • Inspiring, educational events and a cool community

    You are guaranteed to make progress

    • Upgrade to a higher level of English quickly

    • Overcoming the language barrier and lots of speaking practice

    • Step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the language

    LinguaSchool courses are suitable for students with a Pre-Intermediate level of English or higher.

    What’s LinguaSchool?

    Personalized learning programs

    After assessing your individual situation, we create a program that takes your needs into account. Your level, goals and even how much time you have for lessons will all be considered!

    Private lessons with native speakers

    Schedule one-on-one lessons with a tutor whose mother tongue is English! Depending on your program, meet with a native speaker once or twice a week at your convenience.

    Work with your mentor to consolidate what you've learned

    Your mentor will help check that you are understanding all that you are learning, answer any questions you have and provide you with feedback!

    Speaking sessions every day

    Real speaking practice on up-to-date topics with students from around the world. You can practice every day, and attend as many sessions as you like.

    A community of like-minded people

    Just like at a regular language school, you will be able to make friends with people from around the world, join our community, and become a world citizen—where language is no longer a barrier.

    Knowledge base of English

    You will have access to our English knowledge base! Extra resources and materials, like interactive handbooks, videos and podcasts, will help you brush up on any topic whenever you want!

    Benefits of LinguaSchool

    All the opportunities of a language school are now available online!

    Affordable price

    LinguaSchool has all the advantages of a foreign language school without the expenses of plane tickets and accommodation abroad

    Lessons with native speakers

    All tutors were chosen after a rigorous selection process, and your mentor is always available to answer questions and help you out.

    Practice 24/7

    Thanks to the large amount of practice we offer, English knowledge is absorbed more quickly and on a deeper level. You are sure to improve your level.

    Immersion in a new environment

    You will have access to our online events and meetups where you can connect with people from all over the world.

    LinguaSchool is Perfect for Those Who Want to

    Get a high-quality education, like they would at a language school in London or the USA, but without leaving home

    Improve their language skills comprehensively, with theory and plenty of practice to cement their knowledge

    Strengthen their English so that there is no longer a barrier to their success and can meet their goals anywhere in the world

    LinguaSchool courses are suitable for students with a Pre-Intermediate level of English or higher!

    Packages & Fees

    • one-week access

    LinguaSchool trial week

    • 1 week of studies

    • 2 private lessons with a native speaker per week

    • 6 group-speaking sessions

    • Access to knowledge database for independent study and extra practice




    • When can I start studying?
    • What level is the course suitable for?
    • Is it possible to get a refund after payment?
    • How to start learning?
    • Which course should I study first?
    • How to book a lesson with a tutor?
    • What do I need to do if I can’t book a lesson or if I’ve missed a lesson?
    • How to find the knowledge library?
    • How does our Speaking Club work?
    • Is it possible to extend my membership for a longer period of time?

    If you have any questions, email us at

    We reply from 10 to 19 Moscow time only on weekdays

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